devil themes

Lungs is earthy and organic, running through a forest, it’s bloody, flowers, fruit, animals, birds; Ceremonials is heavy, deep and flowing, the ocean, rivers, drowning; How Big How Blue How Beautiful is the sky, storms, clouds, it’s big but light like air. The next album is going to be fiery.

I think Atlus was really smart to make The Devil the theme card for Persona 5, in the same way way that Persona 3 was themed around Death.

Because let’s be honest here – the protagonists of the modern Persona games have always come off as pretty manipulative, if not outright sociopathic.  A character has to be in order to contort themselves into the perfect confidante for every situation and max out all of those social links.  You could consider it a prerequisite of wielding the wildcard power.

The brilliance of using The Devil is that it makes this into a feature, not a bug.  Akira is in training to be the ultimate charismatic rebel leader and gentleman thief.  He frees others from their sinful ambitions by taking them for himself.  Of course he charms everyone!  That is literally the point of him!!  He’s not hiding it.

I find that it makes him a lot more likeable, conceptually, than the eerily perfect main character of Persona 4, who made himself hero and idol to all his earnest friends.

meet chittaphon leechaiyapornkul aka nct’s ten.

ten was born on february 27, 1996. he is nct u’s rapper and main dancer (but tbh his voice is really good too ;A;). he is from the tropical country of thailand. 

he has two parents (ofc) and a little sister named tern kulisara leechaiyapornkul.

ten and tern are the best of friends. they tease each other a lot and get along well. it may seem like they hate each other’s guts but, really, ten loves his sister so much and vice versa.

his height is approximately 1.72 m.

ten studied in shrewsbury international school where he studied art.

ten has always been a talented child. he learned dancing, gymnastics, guitar playing, singing and designing even before entering sm. and if you dig deep enough, you’ll find videos of young ten doing embarrassing things. (exhibit a)

in 2011, he joined the show teen superstar thailand and won the title ‘teen popstar’ which also helped him in entering sm entertainment.

ten is the first and only thai trainee that was introduced through the predebut team smrookies; and, so far, the only thai member of nct.

ten debuted in april 2016 through nct u with the single 7th sense alongside taeyong, jaehyun, doyoung and mark.

if ten wasn’t an idol, he’d probably be an architect/designer.

ten likes to drink americano but taeyong tries to stop him because “it has too much caffeine in it.”

taeyong said in an interview that he thought ten was cute when he first met him. he also said in a fanmeeting that ten told him to call him ‘mr. chittaphon.’

ten is closest to doyoung out of all of them. they are sometimes called the ‘tom and jerry couple’ because they always bicker. they won the ‘best harmony’ award in the first episode of victory with red velvet and nct.

ten likes to dance next to yuta.

if he had to choose someone, he said he’d let mark meet his sister (they’re the same age).

ten is very thankful to johnny because he helped him in learning korean when they were trainees.

ten likes to play with the ‘kids’ (nct dream).

he participated in the show ‘hit the stage’ where he won 4th place in ‘devil theme’, 8th in ‘this love’ theme, 1st in ‘uniform’ theme, 3rd in ‘the fight match’ and 5th in the final. (he, u-kwon and chungha came in 4th-6th place. if you add 4 + 5 + 6 then divide it by 3, you’ll get 5 so he’s in fifth place.)

so, in short, ten is very talented and a total cutie pie.

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Caveman WIP

The next prompt for my Theme Series will be focused on cavemen! I scrapped the devil theme for now because I want the next few ones to be consistent in lighting. 

This is Crogg! I’m no expert but I really I wanted to make him look like the neanderthal/denisovan species- from the huge nose and brow bone, lack of chin, and posture.