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A list of terms explained.

Capitalism: your mum washes your clothes.
You pay her a dollar.
She complains.
You call the police and claim she’s rioting.

Communism: your mum does the washing. You do the washing. Every night you salute a photo of your dad.

Socialism: your mum does the washing. You do the cooking. Everyone is theoretically happy.

Fascism: your mum does the washing whilst fearing for her life.

Nazism: your mum does the washing. You gas the laundry room.

Feudalism: your mum does the washing and pays you tax.

Liberalism: you watch your mum do the washing and feel really really bad.
“Something.must be done” u say.
Something may or may not get done.

Libertarianism: your mum does the washing. You believe you did it.

Religion: your mum does the washing. You thank god.

Atheism: your mum does the washing. You make a YouTube video demanding peer reviewed evidence she did, in fact, do the washing.

misogyny: you hate your mum whether or not she does the washing.

Patriarchy: your mum doesn’t exist. The washing is mysteriously done.

Men’s rights activism: your mum does the washing.You call her a whore.

Matriarchy: your mum does the washing. You do the washing. you are really happy pilling your weight in the house.

Gamergateism: your mum mentioned in her blog she did the washing. You doxed her.

Feminism: your mum insists you grow up and do your own washing.

White feminism: your mum hired a woman of color to do the washing.

Anti feminism: your mum has left you. A year later, You wrote “fucking whore” with the dirty clothes on the floor.

Hollywoodism: you are Colin Farrell. Your mum is Angelina Jolie. There is sexual tension. An unnamed black maid does the washing.

Islamophobia: your mum does the washing. She left out a sock. You brand her a hygiene terrorist.

Racism: your mum does the washing. She blames black people.

Cultural appropriationism: While your mum does the washing, You steal her dirty clothes mimic her in public. Public gives you money.

Colonialism: you barge into mum’s room. Claim you “discovered” it. Dump your dirty clothes on the floor.

Geekism: your mum does the washing and the cosplay outfit. You build a robot that plays chess and cricket. You sell robot to Google.

Neo capitalism: your mum does the washing.
You pay her a dollar.
You get her to do your mates washing.
Your mate pays you £50.

Corporationism: your mum considers not doing the washing. u pay your mate £35 to lobby on ur behalf. No dice. u sue for “emotional sabotage”.

Americanism: your mum does the washing. It’s in the constitution. END OF DISCUSSION.

Ableism: your mum is doing the washing. She has dementia. You call her a “retard.”

Mis-genderism: “cheers dude” you say, as your mum does the washing. She tells you she’s not a dude. “Whatever dude”, you say.

Mansplaining: your mum does the washing. You tell her how best to do the washing.
You have never done the washing.

Sexism: of course your mum does the washing.

Cat-calling: your mum does the washing.
You wolf whistle at her. You are oblivious as to how fucking creepy this is.

Rape culture: it’s mum’s fault she does the washing/she asked to do the washing/she doesn’t do the washing as much as she says she does.

Egalitarianism: that one time you did the washing is proof its all equal and no one needs feminism any more.

Hip hop: everyday im hustling/ every day I’m hustling/ when I bring the basket/mama put the washing in.

Callout culture: your mum’s washing is problematic so you unfollow/block/subtweet/dose her mentions in acid.

Homophobia: you think it’s unnatural that your mum doesn’t do the washing. Against gods will, even.

Hotepism: Black women are queens. The white man is a devil. The black race must open their eyes.
Mum does the washing.

Narcissism: You look good in the clothes your mum washed.

Brexit: you refuse to put your clothes in the basket
In retaliation, your mum no longer does your washing
You wear smelly clothes.

Alt Rightism: your mum does the washing. All the clothes are white
She also has to wear a pepe costume. Because you find it funny.

Polling: there’s a 70% chance you will do your washing on Saturday night
Come Sunday morning it was all done by your mum.

Corbynism: your brother wants to radically change who does the washing
Your brother also hangs out with anti semites and looks shabby.

NASA: Your mum washes your astronaut suit and we only find out 50+ years later.

Toxic Masculinity: Your brother helped your mum do the washing so you called him a pussy to his face/drank all the beer/demanded a fight etc.

Same sex marriage: Your mums do the washing.


Beautiful Devil has an adorable mini-me by Revolutionary 

The bright white filly was born during the Super Bowl at Patchen Wilkes Farm :)

Devil His Due 1989-2017

Devil His Due’s confirmation, Photo (X)

Devil His Due (KY)

April 18, 1989 - May 22, 2017

Devil His Due, four time Gr.I winner and sire, has been euthanized following infirmities of old age. He was 28, and had been pensioned since the fall of 2013 at his home Margaux Farm. 

The black stallion was bred in Kentucky by Peter Blum and was raced by Lion Crest Stable. He was sired by the famed Devil’s Bag, and out of the Raise a Cup mare Plenty O’Toole. He was trained by the late H. Allen Jerkens during his racing career.

Devil His Due did not race as a juvenile, but made up for it by running 15 times as a sophomore, racking up wins in the Gr.I Wood Memorial and Gr.II Gotham Stakes, a race in which he dead-heated for the win with Lure. Devil His Due finished 11th in the 1991 Kentucky Derby behind longshot winner Lil E. Tee. He also finished third in the Gr.II Jim Dandy Stakes and second to Thunder Rumble in the Gr.I Travers. 

He saw his best racing days as a four and five year old, winning the Gr.I Pimlico Special, Gr.I Gulfstream Park Handicap, Gr.I Suburban Handicap (twice), Excelsior Handicap, Gr.II Brooklyn Invitational, and Gr.III Broward Handicap (now Skip Away Stakes). Devil His Due hit the board in several other top races, some he had won before: Pimlico Special, Woodward Stakes, Whitney Handicap, Jockey Club Gold Cup, Cigar Mile, and Oaklawn Handicap. He was retired after going winless in three starts as a six year old, though finishing second in the Gr.III Westchester Stakes and Pimlico Special.  

Devil His Due retired with a record of 41: 11-12-3 with earnings of 3,920,405. At the time of his retirement, he was fourth on the list of all time earnings. He raced drug free, over a total of 44 miles worth of racing. 

Devil His Due stood stallion duties at Margaux Farm. He sired 2005 Dubai World Cup winner Roses in May and graded stakes winners Spite the Devil and She’s a Devil. He is also the sire of minor stakes winners Devil Time, Stop a Train, and Hostility. From 1,048 foals in 18 crops, Devil His Due sired 673 winners who have amassed earnings of more than $53 million. An influential broodmare sire, Devil His Due produced the dams of twenty stakes winners. 

anonymous asked:

do you think annie hates reiner and bertl?

Annoyed and distant with them, yes. Hating them to the point of defecting and changing sides? Hell no.

She hanged around with the other cadets in Reiner’s flashback, but I got the feeling she wasn’t very… concerned by the discussions. 

Reiner’s flashback - Ch. 93

She’s in the group but at the same time you could almost portray her with earbuds and the picture would still be the same. Even in Ymir’s memories from the same chapter, she’s as detached as ever.

Big Bro Reiner - Ch. 93

She isn’t even staring back at him this time. 

Only reason why Annie is part of the group is to accomplish her mission and get back to her father. Zeke even underlines it very well: Annie can do fine on her own. That’s why she tried to capture Eren in the forest by herself, and could’ve almost succeeded if it wasn’t for Levi interfering. 

We haven’t seen her with Reiner and Bertolt in Marcel’s flashback but I assume she was with them because of that anime scene in episode 2 and because there wasn’t any other opportunity than the breach for her to get in.

Annie taking bread rations - Ep. 2

Makes me very curious about how she reacted to Marcel’s death. Not very well I imagine, and that means she has to bear with two boys susceptible to fuck the mission up. That’s what happened when Trost was breached…

Annie getting mad at Reiner - Ch. 77

And she doesn’t view Bertolt in better regards either, since the latter is constantly stuck with Reiner and doesn’t oppose him when he’s pushing his teammates to fill up their mission. 

Nb: Another translation was “you dumb assholes”. Looking at the Japanese raw, the original sentence was “ふざけるな!!クソ野郎!!”. The second word can be either singular or plural there. Since she was looking at Reiner, we can assume the insult was directed to him, but Reiner refers to he and Bertolt as plural, implying Bertolt is just as guilty. 

Still, I wonder if Annie and Reiner had a rocky past. Now that we learned how uncompromising Marley is with their warriors, that makes chapter 77 look like the model student is reporting the bad girl to the teacher. Just replace detention by her father being sent as a pure titan to Paradis. After Reiner blamed Annie for saving Connie when he did the same 30 chapters ago, and when doing so in Annie’s case didn’t get her suspected from being an infiltrate, I can’t help but think Reiner went overboard. I mean, his case could easily be interpreted as him willingly giving away information to the devil race as well. Bertolt witnessed him “going overboard” multiple times, yet didn’t use the same tactic. 

Threatening warriors with discipline is effective enough and Reiner uses it at his advantage. That whole sequence in chapter 17 can take a whole different meaning because Reiner was imitating Marcel and Annie was aware of how Reiner truly was or at least what his real intentions were. Reiner mostly wants Annie to get in line and not space off in her mission while Annie hates being bossed around. 

Reiner commenting Annie’s position - Ch. 17

Annie realizing her failure - Ch. 31

Though her failing to become a Marlean warrior is more due to the fact she was too soft-hearted and should’ve offed Armin when she had the chance. No mistakes are allowed there.

I’m not the only one who had pointed out how much these two panels from ch. 77. and ch. 78 are alike, but the main thing here is not the fact that their facial expressions, sweating are similar, but the motivation behind their words are exactly the same as well. 

Both of them had to LIE. Annie definitely never considered Marco a piece of shit, but she had no choice in front of Reiner and Bertolt, she had to act like a cruel person. Armin never beleived his race “devil”, but it was a way to manipulate Bertolt. In ch. 78. he also tried to bring up Annie once more, like in ch. 49, but he didn’t succeed with it for the second time. (But she mentined Annie,that’s all what matters. XD)

Let’s just admit it, Annie and Armin both SUCK AT LYING. :D :P 

Finally, look at their faces, they are under a huge amount of distress, and their gestures perfectly match their words, which are statements functionally, not questions. Annie held her head up, to show Marco she’s the one in the higher position, and Armin lowered his gaze as if he’d surrender to Bertolt. Not to mention they all were on rooftops in both situations. (Isayama is “very original” idk… :P)

Honestly, I’m a huge Aruani trash , and I don’t mind overanalizing these two. XD At least we can’t deny they are quite similar in many ways. ;) 

Manipulative blondies.

Roleplaying Races: Tiefling

First, Reptoids, and now, we continue with our first planetouched race here on the blog: the tiefling!
Tieflings are, for the uninitiated, the descendants of a link between mortals and fiends. This may be from the taint of fiendish influence in one’s family, such as contact with such beings or exposure to unholy power; or more classically, from the literal union between a mortal and an evil outsider.
The direct result of such unions are usually half-fiends, with tieflings being the descendants of those, but outsider influence is funny like that, and true fiends may beget tieflings, or mortals with fiendish abilities such as sorcerer bloodlines, or any number of other things.
Similarly, tieflings come in all shapes and sizes, since they can arise from nearly any mortal race (though the default in most settings is human) but also because their fiendish nature can manifest in a multitude of different ways, everything from classic demon horns, spade tail, and cloven hooves to more exotic traits and disturbing deformations. Furthermore, many tieflings also show evidence of what fiend classification or type has influenced their blood, further adding to the variation in their appearance, even changing their natural abilities if it is strong enough.

The typical tiefling, whose heritage is non-specific, is resistant to many forms of energy, capable of both seeing into darkness as well as channeling it, not to mention having a stronger connection to fiendish sources of magical power. They are also typically clever and agile, though their fiendish natures make it hard for them to interact with others.
From there, tieflings branch out in two major categories, the first being a wide array of alternate racial traits that represent the mutability of their biology and upbringings, such as those who seem human outwardly to the point of counting as humanoid, to those with wings, claws, strong prehensile tails, and even those with magic derived from antipathy towards good… or from turning away from evil.
The second way that they branch out is in terms of heritage, which change what sort of attributes they are naturally gifted in, what skills come easily to them, and even what magic is inherent to them. Such as the kyton-blooded shackleborn, who are tough and charming, but lack empathy, and can entrap foes in strands of supernatural fibers like webbing. Or the destructive and brutish demonspawn: the pitborn, who possess might and strong personalities, but are quick to anger and don’t often take time to think, relying on their own might and destructive natural magic to get by.

While they are at the same time more and less than mortals, tieflings, just like anyone else, just want to live out their own lives. Some do embrace the dark powers that sired them, but others instead fight against the forces of evil, and more still choose not to get involved in such things if they can avoid it.
Of course, when you clearly have fiendish heritage, you sometimes don’t have a choice in the matter. Universally viewed as agents of the fell powers, even the most goodly of tieflings has to endure revulsion, festishization, distrust, and outright threats and attacks from their fully mortal contemporaries. Even those who know of the equal capacity for both good and evil that tieflings possess might hold them to unfair and sometimes impossible standards of conduct, and shame them for even the smallest lapse.
Combine all that animosity and pressure with a soul geared towards evil, but able to choose otherwise, and you have individuals at war with both themselves and those that hate and fear them.

Tieflings come in so many different varieties that really any and all classes suit them, from mighty warriors that channel the power of the lower planes into their strikes, arcane caster of fiendish nature and otherwise, divine casters that either serve dark powers or rail against them, stealthy sneaks, and even masters of the mind who channel dubious power or else find strength in rising above it.
Though the struggle between good and evil is a common thread with many members of this race, it would be doing them a disservice to say that it defines them as individuals. Poorly-written “Brooding loners who struggle with their inner demons yet somehow not really do anything” are a dime a dozen, and every tiefling PC and NPC has the potential to be much more, since everyone is shaped by their experiences.
Ask your what the sum of the best and worse things that happened to them is. Were they marginalized for their nature? To what extent and how? What sort of life have they had so far? Who are their friends and their enemies? How have their experiences made them into who they are today?

There’s a (Thankfully rapidly fading) stereotype that tieflings, drow, and other typically evil races are for players that want to play an edgy loner type, only to end up not being edgy at all due to how mainstream “edginess” has become. However, I am here to tell you that no one has the right to mock your choices in creating your character. If you want to play with tiefling mechanics or feel the story you want to tell with this character would work best if they were the literal spawn of hell, then more power to you.

If you want even more thorough details on Tieflings, check out such sources as Advanced Race Guide and Inner Sea Races!


Westfalen - Devil’s Race (1985)

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Black Wall Street Tulsa Oklahoma 1921 Full Documentary

The Tulsa Race Riot was a large-scale, racially motivated conflict on May 31 and June 1, 1921, in which whites attacked the black community of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It resulted in the Greenwood District, also known as ‘the Black Wall Street’ and the wealthiest black community in the United States, being burned to the ground. During the 16 hours of the assault, more than 800 whites were admitted to local white hospitals with injuries (the black hospital was burned down), and police arrested and detained more than 6,000 black Greenwood residents at three local facilities, in part for their protection. An estimated 10,000 blacks were left homeless, and 35 city blocks composed of 1,256 residences were destroyed by fire. The official count of the dead by the Oklahoma Department of Vital Statistics was 39, but other estimates of black fatalities have been up to about 300.

The events of the riot were long omitted from local and state histories. “The Tulsa race riot of 1921 was rarely mentioned in history books, classrooms or even in private. Blacks and whites alike grew into middle age unaware of what had taken place.” With the number of survivors declining, in 1996, the state legislature commissioned a report to establish the historical record of the events, and acknowledge the victims and damages to the black community. Released in 2001, the report included the commission’s recommendations for some compensatory actions. The state has passed legislation to establish some scholarships for descendants of survivors, economic development of Greenwood, and a memorial park to the victims in Tulsa. The latter was dedicated in 2010.