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Some white slurs and why they're actually harmful

First: This post is not meant to equate racial slurs against white people with racial slurs against any other people. In the western world, white people are not oppressed, we never have been (as far as I’m aware), and I absolutely recognize that. 

Second: I am not using this post to justify using racial slurs against people who throw slurs at you first. I did make a post about that before, but I’ve come to realize it’s a pointless endeavor. Using that sort of language just escalates racial tension. From here on out, I’m basically done using racial slurs against anyone.

This post was made purely to explore the kind of racial prejudice against whites that people justify by dehumanizing white people. By thinking of white people as the oppressors, white people become the enemy. After awhile. white people are viewed as monsters. 

Hatred towards white people begins to seem justified, as white people are seen as inherently morally inferior. Even those who contribute nothing to racism are seen as beneficiaries to something that their race is directly responsible for. Many even believe that white people created racism specifically to put racist systems into place.

Here is a list of racial slurs that I have personally experienced being used against white people with explanations as to why they are harmful and not simply rude comments.

  • Cracker: A shortened version of whip cracker. It implies that the person in question is an oppressor. This can be used to easily dehumanize white people by recalling slavery in the west.
  • Mayo: A slight against white people’s pale complexion. Also used to imply that white people are bland, boring, and have no culture. This can also apply to various other food related slurs including cracker (food), white bread, whipped tub of butter, and just about any other white food/condiment. This one is harmful because it justifies attacking white people for participating in any various cultural activities.
  • Honkey: A shortened version of honkey tonk, a musical genre. This one is meant to imply that white people are all unsophisticated, country hicks. Possibly inbred. A way of making whites seem inferior, similar to the slurs whites used against blacks during slavery.
  • Peckerwood: This one is used less often. Specifically refers to red headed white people and their resemblance to woodpeckers. The rarity of this one and the fact it mostly refers to appearance probably makes it one of the least harmful, but still worth noting due to Irish and Scottish people commonly having red hair.
  • White devil / demon: Used to imply that white people are evil or of the devil. Probably the most convenient way to dehumanize white people.
  • Pasty: This one is purely a comment on white people’s complexion. I could see this one being more harmful towards white-passing people who are non-whites. 
  • Crusty: Unwashed, trashy, dirty. This one is not necessarily reserved for whites only, but I’ve seen it a lot. Similar to honkey, it’s used to make white people seem lesser, inferior. 
  • Becky or “stereotypical white person name”: This one is seemingly the most harmless, but is deceptively harmful. Similar to when a white person calls a black guy “Tyrone”. It’s meant to enforce stereotypes about white people. All white girls are “Becky” because they are spoiled, uncultured, preppy bitches. I’m sure a feminist shouldn’t have a problem seeing why this one is harmful.

I know a lot of people are going to disagree that these are slurs. That’s okay! I’d just like an explanation as to why. Also, if they are not slurs, are they somehow justified to use by that measure? Is it justifiable to use specific racially charged words against white people because of past events that current millennial whites had nothing to do with?

Also, I’d imagine many people will object to this because they do believe even millennial whites to be oppressors of their people. I’m just wondering if it’s really fair to call someone an oppressor who is not only not actively participating in your oppression, but also very often is directly opposed to benefiting from your oppression.

To close, I know I’ve made mistakes. I honestly don’t think my old post about white slurs was wrong, but it was written in an inflammatory way. Part of me wanted a negative reaction and I got it. Hopefully we can put that behind us and move on to what I actually intended to say as outlined in this post.

Maybe this time we can find some common ground. There’s no reason whites and blacks can’t live together in today’s liberal society.


Beautiful Devil has an adorable mini-me by Revolutionary 

The bright white filly was born during the Super Bowl at Patchen Wilkes Farm :)

Roleplaying Races: Tiefling

First, Reptoids, and now, we continue with our first planetouched race here on the blog: the tiefling!
Tieflings are, for the uninitiated, the descendants of a link between mortals and fiends. This may be from the taint of fiendish influence in one’s family, such as contact with such beings or exposure to unholy power; or more classically, from the literal union between a mortal and an evil outsider.
The direct result of such unions are usually half-fiends, with tieflings being the descendants of those, but outsider influence is funny like that, and true fiends may beget tieflings, or mortals with fiendish abilities such as sorcerer bloodlines, or any number of other things.
Similarly, tieflings come in all shapes and sizes, since they can arise from nearly any mortal race (though the default in most settings is human) but also because their fiendish nature can manifest in a multitude of different ways, everything from classic demon horns, spade tail, and cloven hooves to more exotic traits and disturbing deformations. Furthermore, many tieflings also show evidence of what fiend classification or type has influenced their blood, further adding to the variation in their appearance, even changing their natural abilities if it is strong enough.

The typical tiefling, whose heritage is non-specific, is resistant to many forms of energy, capable of both seeing into darkness as well as channeling it, not to mention having a stronger connection to fiendish sources of magical power. They are also typically clever and agile, though their fiendish natures make it hard for them to interact with others.
From there, tieflings branch out in two major categories, the first being a wide array of alternate racial traits that represent the mutability of their biology and upbringings, such as those who seem human outwardly to the point of counting as humanoid, to those with wings, claws, strong prehensile tails, and even those with magic derived from antipathy towards good… or from turning away from evil.
The second way that they branch out is in terms of heritage, which change what sort of attributes they are naturally gifted in, what skills come easily to them, and even what magic is inherent to them. Such as the kyton-blooded shackleborn, who are tough and charming, but lack empathy, and can entrap foes in strands of supernatural fibers like webbing. Or the destructive and brutish demonspawn: the pitborn, who possess might and strong personalities, but are quick to anger and don’t often take time to think, relying on their own might and destructive natural magic to get by.

While they are at the same time more and less than mortals, tieflings, just like anyone else, just want to live out their own lives. Some do embrace the dark powers that sired them, but others instead fight against the forces of evil, and more still choose not to get involved in such things if they can avoid it.
Of course, when you clearly have fiendish heritage, you sometimes don’t have a choice in the matter. Universally viewed as agents of the fell powers, even the most goodly of tieflings has to endure revulsion, festishization, distrust, and outright threats and attacks from their fully mortal contemporaries. Even those who know of the equal capacity for both good and evil that tieflings possess might hold them to unfair and sometimes impossible standards of conduct, and shame them for even the smallest lapse.
Combine all that animosity and pressure with a soul geared towards evil, but able to choose otherwise, and you have individuals at war with both themselves and those that hate and fear them.

Tieflings come in so many different varieties that really any and all classes suit them, from mighty warriors that channel the power of the lower planes into their strikes, arcane caster of fiendish nature and otherwise, divine casters that either serve dark powers or rail against them, stealthy sneaks, and even masters of the mind who channel dubious power or else find strength in rising above it.
Though the struggle between good and evil is a common thread with many members of this race, it would be doing them a disservice to say that it defines them as individuals. Poorly-written “Brooding loners who struggle with their inner demons yet somehow not really do anything” are a dime a dozen, and every tiefling PC and NPC has the potential to be much more, since everyone is shaped by their experiences.
Ask your what the sum of the best and worse things that happened to them is. Were they marginalized for their nature? To what extent and how? What sort of life have they had so far? Who are their friends and their enemies? How have their experiences made them into who they are today?

There’s a (Thankfully rapidly fading) stereotype that tieflings, drow, and other typically evil races are for players that want to play an edgy loner type, only to end up not being edgy at all due to how mainstream “edginess” has become. However, I am here to tell you that no one has the right to mock your choices in creating your character. If you want to play with tiefling mechanics or feel the story you want to tell with this character would work best if they were the literal spawn of hell, then more power to you.

If you want even more thorough details on Tieflings, check out such sources as Advanced Race Guide and Inner Sea Races!

Junkrat x Reader

Haven’t tried my hand at this, but thought I’d make it Tumblr exclusive for now and see if it’s well received. . If you want more, I can do so, otherwise hey, it was fun writing! 

Slow burn, so far only Junkrat, yourself, and Roadhog mentions. Slow buildup. Possible NSFW if requested. Thus far no smut, just character introductions. 

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Shaelynn Kartasasmita, The Hellish Eyed "Ghost"

Name: Shaelynn Kartasasmita

Codename: Rabbit’s End

Nickname(s): Hellish-Eyed Ghost, The Devil from the Heavens

Race: Human

Nationality: Naturalized Indonesian, formerly Irish

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Occupation: Contract Assassin

Affiliation: Neutral

Type: Support


Shaelynn is well-known for her heterochromia on her eyes, which one being purple and the other one is blueish gray and she has sharper canine tooth than the average man, and she has bunny-like central incisors. Aside of that, Shaelynn seems to have long, dark, unkempt hairs with blood-red colored left-side bangs around her forehead. Shaelynn weighs around 55kgs and stands for 160cm, she prefers bras over clothes and usually combined it with a torn denim jacket with a lot of patches on it and likes to wear very short jeans with black fishnet stockings with her thongs showed around her pelvis area, which is a taboo in Indonesian culture and customs. She’s rather cold and rarely talks with people she doesn’t know and enjoying her peaceful times with listening to classical music and hanging out at underground punk rock bars or any places that she considered as “the lonely and darkest place to think.” She has several stitches on her face, notably the “torn up lips” stitches that sewed across her lips and “upside-down hexagram” stitches which sewed around her face with some strange satanic symbols between it, and for those who looked to her left in horror and several reports of unconsciousness. Aside from heterochromia on her eyes, she also appears to have blood-red sclera. Which according to several residents, she was called “Jurig Panon Naraka” in Sundanese, roughly translated as “The Hellish-Eyed Ghost.” But, the residents, especially the boys make an exception for her as she’s considered as “foreigner in Priangan.” Around her back, she has a Pentagram tattoo and an upside-down cross carved into her flesh and several other symbols of satanism on her, that also carved into her flesh and several Pagan chantings on the shoulder painted in blood. Although she tried to remove it, it appears to stays there as long as she roamed the world.


Shaelynn’s personality is rather lawfully evil. She is known to kill or torture those who cheated on her or trying to fight with her in front of their family and friends, while she’s still obeying all the rules, customs, and laws that applied to the individual parts of the world she have been to. She always solves problems with force or violence. She likes to finish her problems up close and personal. Behind all of that negativity and the dark persona she had, she’s often considered as “Jurig dari Kayangan.” Which translated into English as “The Ghost from the Heavens,” she might be not good looking as people thought but, deep inside she’s a sweet, friendly, warm-hearted girl who seeks adventure together and making new connections of friends throughout her life. She lived all alone and wanting to have a company is one of her biggest dreams she couldn’t achieve alone and to fulfill it, she needs help from those who willing to work with the evil-yet-adorable girl. Throughout her life, she developed several phobias, two out of three were Anuptaphobia and Erythrophobia, fear of being single and fear of blushing. She is immature when she’s emotionally attached to her dearest people and acts childish towards everything when she’s around them.


Shaelynn Kartasasmita was born in Ireland, August 21st, 2043 to an American father and an Irish-German mother, she was supposedly a young, energetic girl, as so her father thought about it. The family was a part of the satanic culture and use Shaelynn as their sacrificial tool. By paralyzing her and carved satanic symbol on her back and particularly all around her face to communicate with the Underworldly beings, but the communication failed and thus banishing young Shaelynn to the other part of the world. She was found by a wife of the Governor of Sumedang, Euis Kartasasmita who at that time were observing her tea plantation with her Husband, Prabu Adiwidjaja Kartasasmita II. Shaelynn was now under the care of the Kartasasmita Family in Sumedang, Indonesia.

Without any fear nor suspicions about Shaelynn, they brought her to the census center where they officially add Shaelynn as their newest family member. Thus, renaming her Shaelynn Kartasasmita I. Shaelynn’s life in Sumedang is rather dark and mysterious, she never talks nor replied someone if they want to chat with her and ignoring them completely and continue what she was doing to avoid any social contacts on her. Her adoptive parents faced her with sincerity and provided her full access to all of their legacy, and she learned everything from the Kartasasmita’s personal historian, Ki Umar Djajawidjaja III. He told her everything he knows about Sumedang and the Kartasasmitas, although she is not enjoying every lecture Ki Umar gave her, nevertheless, she mostly knows where to go and where to avoid. Her mind and thoughts are full of curiosity and decided to go where she should go according to Ki Umar Djajawidjaja III and learn everything by herself. She is able to speak two languages, her mother tongue, English and her newly added language, Sundanese.

She’s attending her first school at five-years-old to enrich her Sundanese vocabulary and to smoothen her tongue when she talking to the elderly, to her fellow classmates, and to her younger friends. Aside from learning Sundanese in school, she also taught by Ki Umar Djajawidjaja III more about Sundanese language, and also to its culture and customs, and how should she behave when meeting with elderly, her friends, and her younger friends. Her friends called her “Si Sétan Geulis” or in English “The Beautiful Devil,” because she had all the satanic material on her back and obviously around her head. She found it as a compliment rather than mockery, and beautiful is a reference to her baby-face.

Shaelynn developed her phobia of being single and getting a blush when she was fourteen-years-old, one boy named Udin Kartawidjaja fell in love with her and occasionally flirting with her when he had a free time to see her at the class. Udin once recalled that she’s “standing out from other girls,” and instantly fell in love the next day he met her. All the girls and boys who didn’t know her immediately make her famous throughout her primary high school years, and she is always getting herself blushing when Udin talk some sweet things about her, which at the same time disgust her and become her first big obstacle to overcome. Her father did know about this and had a serious talk with Shaelynn, and he decided to let her choose whose going to be her companion bound by marriage on her own.

Shaelynn rejected Udin because she didn’t like “those who will play with her feelings,” and eventually forget about him several months after Udin proposed her to be his last bit of happiness. After she’s moving on from Udin, Shaelynn developed another phobia, the fear of being single. Anuptaphobia. This happened to her when she’s on the way home and saw all the cute couples sitting underneath the banyan tree surrounding Sumedang’s town square. She ran home and immediately go to bed, wondering and imagining if she could get her one boy who will protect and treat her good.

A dark side of her developed when she was missing after she attending Ajeng Suryadinata’s birthday in Kota Kulon Region, Shaelynn was kidnapped by three local thugs and were raped and beaten for six days, the information reached the Kartasasmita a little bit late. She was held in an empty warehouse, and the thugs demanded an enormous amount of money to give her back to her parent’s hands. The Royal Family shocked with this news and asked the locals to seek this warehouse and eradicate the thugs in all costs. As soon as the news spread, Shaelynn knows that the criminals always slept very very late and wake up in midday and she uses this as an advantage to escape. Late at night, when she was told to rest, Shaelynn sneaks up a piece of the blade that Shaelynn stole from the big thug named Acéng and thinking about a plan to escape by killing all the three thugs who were raping her for five straight days. Since then, her mind broken and all she can think is retaliation to those who harmed her and needs to be killed at all costs. By dawn, she already killed three of them and left their guts opened to be eaten by maggots and stray dogs. She used their blood as a coverage of her being heavily beaten. Since then, Shaelynn developed her merciless and rather a psychopathic personality. She’s now more attracted to the dark side of the world, which according to her family is “using all black and acts cold as a graveyard” towards everyone she met.

Since her first torment and rape, and as she grew older and went to secondary high school, she was the “Average Judy” with a slight improvement in her intelligence and physical endurance and was the school’s favorite girl. She occasionally told people about her story and how to avoid such things as she became more aware of her friend’s safety, especially those who are female. She lived among Muslims, and she already knew their culture and customs, although she isn’t taught it directly by Ki Umar Djajawidjaja III, she knows how to behave around them and how to dress like them – wearing formal clothes, even she didn’t like it. Shaelynn should follow any culture and customs around her neighborhood, one wrongdoing can lead her to her demise and people would likely to leave her alone in the dark instead guiding her to the light. Aside from social teachings, she also gave an intensive training for two years how to wield a blade as soon as she reaches sixteen-years-old. At first, she didn’t know what to do with the blade and swing it uncontrollably and land a scar on Ki Umar’s chest. One night, she remembers that the blade she used to kill three thugs that raped her before and continued her intensive training how to wield a blade with Ki Umar Djajawidjaja III.

After Prabu Adiwidjaja Kartasasmita had dethroned and replaced by Raden Inu Amidjayana I, he ruled Sumedang somewhat fair, and people loved him so much, but not Shaelynn who prefers her adoptive father to lead Sumedang. One day, she has enough money to bought a dagger, and she chooses the Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger for Rp 8.150.000 and uses it as her personal self-defense weapon. Soon after she bought the blade, her mind completely changed, from defending herself from danger to kill a governor. She plotted against the new governor as she found him uninterestingly rule Sumedang with all the money he had to win people’s heart. She then began to threaten all the Raden Inu’s allies, either by putting her dagger to their throats or to search their complex by herself and not to forget to kill all of them.

Prabu Kartasasmita knows this and expelled Shaelynn from the Kartasasmitas and told her to not ever coming back again to the family or to Sumedang. As soon as she’s expelled from the family, she found a refuge at Gunung Kunci, once used as Dutch’s fortification to defend Sumedang from the Omnic attack and now it’s completely abandoned, and no one would go inside it. She is expelled from the Kartasasmitas at the age of eighteen, where she already mastering her blade works. Two months after her exile, she launched her attack against Raden Inu Amidjayana and succeed killing him when he was sleeping and by the next morning, the city was burned to the ground, and all-out civil war broke within few days after the Assassination of Raden Inu. Accusing the Kartasasmitas of the murder while at the same time blaming the corrupt chief deputy of Sumedang Police Force, Chief Dedi Wijaya. Shaelynn went missing afterward, and since then no one knows her whereabouts. People began to spread rumors that she’s presumed dead or went crazy and began to terrorize other folks in the different part of the region.

How the civil war broke out and people rioting after the assassination never explained, and several years after her disappearance, Sumedang was destroyed, and only one survivor survived the war to tell the tale. The Kartasasmitas and the Amidjayanas were nowhere to be found after the Indonesian Task Force were deployed to the scene. One resident who barely escapes the scene told the Task Force that she saw a mysterious figure perched on the flagpole as it watched Sumedang consumed by flame and the blood of those who died, and then it was never found or seen again. Both families were presumed missing or killed in action.


-      Throwing, Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger (-24 HP per throw, 48m/s ROF)

-      Melee, KA-BAR USMC, Composite Damascus Steel (-21 HP)

-      Rifle, SS-V2 Assault Rifle (-15 HP, 30 rounds, 20m/s ROF)


-      Keen Eyes (+15% to damage to throwable and projectiles for 3.5 seconds, CD: 15 seconds, catchphrase: “Gotcha, mate.”)

-      Oblivion Runner (+5% to movement speed for 5 seconds, CD: 25secs, catchphrase: “Run for your life!” *hellish cute giggling*)

Ultimate Move:

Ska Vibe, Baby! (+15% damage, +5% movement speed, catchphrase: “Date Trap, baby, Date Trap *hellish cute giggling*)


  • Devilish Eyes
  • Blademaster
  • Bloodthirst


  • Handsome Boys
  • Sweets
  • Danceable Ska Vibes
  • Sunsets

Today’s Dalí Tarot Universal reading 03-14-17: IX of Wands, VIII of Wands and The Devil

While running a race, the time ticks by, and the track seems to lengthen. Stretching on and in with what seems like no progress. But as you turn a corner everything seems to speed up. The end is in sight and you seem to have a final burst of energy. Tread carefully, the end may not be the ending you thought. Don’t get caught up in the thrill of the finish line and realize it’s not where you wanted to be. In the course of your running, you might have made a wrong turn, turning the race to your goal to a race to something foul. There’s still time to redirect and alter course. Don’t end the race until you’re sure of what lies over the ribbon.