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When your friend makes fun of you for watching anime but obsesses over tv shows.


Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (Part 6)

Excerpts from the DVD commentary for The Impossible Planet (with David Tennant, Shaun Parkes [played Zachary Cross Flane], and Will Cohen [visual effects producer] )

Will Cohen: This - not that I often go into fan forums or anything, but this scene caused a bit of controversy.

DT:  Did it really? Why?

WC: …and a certain amount of delight amongst fans because - the sort-of domestic conversation that you have with Rose Tyler.

DT: Ahhh

WC: Talking about mortgages and settling down.

DT: Right

WC: It was the subject of many threads.

Shaun Parkes: They didn’t like that?

WC: Well, there was the usual split

DT: For and against?

WC: That’s what makes it brilliant

DT: Part of this is, of course, as the series goes on there’s a cranking-up of this whole idea of the Doctor and Rose being inseparable and talking about things like this is part of that, I suppose.  Just so the finale of the season, which - if you’re listening to this commentary I presume you know what’s coming for Rose - it’s just to, you know, make that feel all the more painful and poignant when they’re finally torn apart forever.  In fact, I think it’s episode nine when the devil says,“The young girl who will die in battle very soon,” was the first bald reference to what was coming at the end.

SP:   Ooooooohhhhhh

DT:  Yeah, you got it?

SP: But she didn’t die… but she did…

DT:  Well, she sort-of died, didn’t she?  She’s dead in the real world.

SP: She’s dead in the real world.  Hmmmmm.

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I find it absolutely beautiful when and anime character reveals his/her true form and/or powers in an anime. The feeling you get is incredibly addicting and I just can’t get enough of it. 

100 anime characters from the 60s 70s and 80s

Coming 05/07/2017

Title: When Your True Destiny Is To Lead

Author: @anonymousantonym Ao3 

Artist: @kuwlshadow

Rating: Explicit

Archive Warnings: Noncon/dubcon

Major Tags: AU – Canon divergent, AU – Endverse!divergence, Twincest, Threesome, Anal sex, switching, barebacking, slow burn, established Cas/Jimmy, hidden relationship, some relationship angst, unsupportive!Sam, tentative relationship building, Angel possession, in-vessel non-con (referenced), 2014!Dean(ish), minor character death, canon typical violence, gore, blood, angst, Bi Dean, Gay Cas, Gay Jimmy, Voyeurism, canon typical injuries, tattoos, branding, imprisonment, hurt!Dean, multiple POV, tiny moments of fluff, somnophilia.

Pairings: Dean x Castiel x Jimmy, Castiel x Jimmy, Michael x Raphael (referenced)

Post Date: 7th May, 2017


When Henry Winchester started the apocalypse by sacrificing himself to save his son’s life, he had no notion of what his action would bring about.

If he had known, he wouldn’t have imagined that heaven would lose.

Now, in 2017, Henry’s grandsons; Sam and Dean, are struggling to survive in a world where Lucifer walks the Earth, demons and the rabid victims of the Croatoan virus destroy everything in their path, and angels are selfish, scared and frightened.

It’s been eight years. Eight years since Dean, Sam and the others came together to form Camp Salvage. Eight years of hunting and fighting, of protecting the men, women and children who look up to them, and Dean is tired. He’s tired of being responsible for so many people. But there isn’t an end in sight. The Devil toys with the planet, and they don’t have long to go until the Croats kill them; one by one until there is no one left.

Dean is done. He’s had enough of fighting losing odds.

That is, until they hear word of an angel. The first since the guardian angel who let their grandfather die.

Dean puts his game face on once more, leading a team in search of answers, or help, or simply retribution.

What they find, instead, sends them into a tailspin that can only end two ways; wholesale destruction, the final, true end of all things, or the longest of shots; they win.

With some unexpected tactical advantages—a pair of vessels, mysterious creatures only a few can see, and a rogue god on their side—maybe Dean finally stands a chance: not just to survive, but to find a reason to want to.


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