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King Dice/The Devil Headcanons

- the devil HATES clothes , one time he tried on one of king dices shirts and felt like he was suffocating

- King dice has a jazz band called knockerout .

- The devil gets mad when people talk while kd plays

- They both don’t know how to cook, they just order take out and drink whiskey

- The devil get emotional when he’s drunk (crying, hugging, etc)

- King dice just gets crazy when he’s drunk (throwing beer bottles across the room, making dumb bets, etc)

- The devil doesn’t have any parents , he kinda … just appeared out of nowhere , so when the two met when they were little he would sleepover over at dices home

- Human au, instead of owning a casino, they have a prank channel and everyone on YouTube hates them

  • Fact:  King Dice is working at the casino out of his own volition, as beating him does not produce a soul contract
  • Fact:  The Devil refers to him as a “good-for-nothing lackey”
  • Fact:  King Dice kinda sucks at fighting, since dragging him into a one-on-one fight ends very quickly
  • Fact:  King Dice helps manage the casino (and by extension, probably the casino’s money)
  • Conclusion:  The Devil keeps King Dice around because King Dice is his sugar daddy

Sup y’all here’s the Casino Staff and King Dice’s group of executive officers

Yes I’ve been thinking about this for a while, so here are my crackshot at designing the fam. There’s caption underneath the pics 


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“One of these is a precious little cinnamon bun and the other’s aren’t,wonder which one.” -Squigg 

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