devil never cry

Dante was one of my early video game crushes tbh.

Dante, Hwoarang from Tekken, Squall and Raiden. Tiny me had their pictures slapped all over my school books, I was nuts for these games, I completely thrashed them when my brother got bored of his PS2 and logged hundreds of hours replaying and unlocking all the things. I may be the one person who enjoyed DMC2 (At least until my brother bought me DMC3 for Christmas one year, then my whole world got flipped upside down)

Calling on Thranduil fans!!

Do you listen to music when you create works about Thranduil? Did you hear a song or composition that reminded you of him and/or his story? If so, share it!

We thought it would be fun to create a master youtube playlist with music that inspires or reminds us of our favorite Elf king. We hope this playlist would help inspire Thranduil fans by hearing something they may have never heard before OR just to sit back and relax, daydreaming about our king. We want to include YOU, his biggest fans, in the playlist.

Here is how you can participate:

To submit your favorite song/music score for consideration, simply reblog with song links, submit via submit box, or comment below.

Please limit your submissions at the present to five. If we need more recommendations near the deadline, we will request more.

The deadline for submissions will be JUNE 18.

Once we have collected the songs and created the playlist, we will share on the dtp blog. What we hope to accomplish with sharing a playlist is inspiration, relaxation, and conversation. We all love Thranduil, and we all love music. So why not combine our two loves? Thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to discovering new music and inspiration through this project.


Some examples from us here at DTP that we shared amongst each other:

Memories, Within Temptation:

Saturn, Sleeping at Last:

Deep Within the Corner of My Mind, Melody Gardot:

One Day, Melody Gardot:

I Will Remember You Still, Mists of Avalon:

Shall Never Surrender, Devil May Cry 4:


浴衣編 Mari Ohara 。.:☆

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