devil may cry 4 edit


Before his death, The Dark Knight Sparda fell in love with a human woman named Eva, who gave birth to identical twin sons, Vergil and Dante. Half-demon and half-human, the twins were born with supernatural abilities as well as white hair and blue eyes, all traits derived from their father’s strong Demon blood. They are collectively referred to as the Sons of Sparda.


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You’ve seen me doing DMC3 Dante derps, Vergil derps, Nero derps and Markiplier derps, now it’s time for DMC4 Dante derps.
These are the last of the derps I will do for the Devil May Cry series. I would do DMC1 & 2 and the anime, but there’s not really much to see compared to DMC3 & 4.
The first batch comes from missions 1-12.
Second batch comes from missions 13-15.
Third batch comes from missions 16 & 17.
Last batch comes from missions 18 to the end, with the inclusion of the Special Edition derps from Lady’s and Trish’s cutscenes.

You’ve seen me do the Markiplier derps and the Dante derps, now it’s Vergil’s turn, mwahahaha.
I apologize for the low quality on some of the images. They were either too small or turned out that way.