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This is a Crossover That Definitely Needs to happen At Some Point in the Future

Unpopular Game Opinion

DmC: Devil may Cry is a fun, exciting, crazy game that I love to pieces.

Now, I completely understand why old-school fans hate it. It’s not to everyone’s taste, and no one should belittle you for your opinion. You are not dumb for liking or disliking something in art. It’s just that I love DmC’s level design, art direction, ease of combos, insane narrative, and hardcore attitude. 

I love all the Devil May Cry games I’ve played. DMC 1 is fun for it’s simplicity, balls to the wall combat, as well as it’s gothic atmosphere. DMC 3 is probably the best overall game in the series, for it’s anime style, difficulty, tight structure and pacing, and character interactions. DMC 4 is fun for Nero’s character/combat, Dante’s hilarity, and numerous combat attacks that can be set off in NUMEROUS ways. DmC has the fastest gameplay, the most user friendly mechanics, and is the most fluid game overall. 

You can disagree with me. I understand. No harm done. Just enjoy what you love. Take care. And just remember: DEVILS NEVER CRY.


Welcome to hell.