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reasons to read/watch One Piece

  • there’s an 8 foot tall talking singing skeleton with an afro who makes bad puns all the time what’s there not to love
  • there’s a 7 foot tall cyborg who hates pants and says super a lot and he’s powered by cola
  • sky islands
  • at one point someone turns into a giraffe and it’s hilarious but then the giraffe guy actually cuts a building in half because he got pissed at everyone (including his own partner) for not taking his giraffe form seriously. one of his attacks was called “pasta machine
  • the main character is canonically asexual/aromantic. one time he saw the world’s most beautiful woman half naked and his response was “Huh? Why are you naked? Where’s the food?”
  • this series will make you cry over boats and whales. and dogs. and reindeer. and hats
  • none of the main characters have a real romance or romantic relationship with anyone
  • USOPP his whole introduction arc is about him lying to a girl to make her feel better because she had depression, and it was working. (his “lies“ are larger than life stories about him as a kid pirate)
  • there’s a guy named Buggy the Clown and he actually looks like a clown but not out of choice he was born with a big red nose and he gets pissed whenever people mention it (or sound like they mention it)
  • exploding ghosts
  • evil ventriloquist puppet pigeons that may or may not actually be evil
  • one guy’s devil fruit power is to eat anything and then turn into what he eats and it’s actually a pretty dangerous power
  • all the emphasis is on familial love and friendship
  • did i mention that one character is a tiny cute reindeer who’s also a very, very good doctor
  • ANCIENT CONSPIRACY THEORIES like there’s this whole century of history that’s been erased by the World Government and its forbidden to study it
  • there are also these things called Poneglyphs that are indestructible stones with ancient language written on them and they come from that blank century and no one is allowed to study them. the World Government says b/c of the Ancient Weapons that the Poneglyphs talk about (which are real) but in reality they don’t want the information on the people and country the stones originated from to become known knowledge. the world government literally burned down an entire island and wiped it from the map for doing this
  • devil fruit powers okay some of them are really cool like turning into fire or magma or causing earthquakes, but then there’s stuff like turning into a giraffe, slowing things down, being rubber, returning from the dead, controlling/becoming a ghost, controlling shadows, SPROUTING LIMBS FROM ANY SURFACE, secreting poison, being able to cut people up without killing them and switching their body parts around and switching their personalities. one character can control hormones and another can turn his hands into giant scissors. and the thing is, ALL THESE POWERS ARE STILL REALLY DANGEROUS
  • Water Luffy. Luffy is impaled by a giant hook at one point and almost dies and then like literally a day later he shows up with a giant barrel of water b/c the villain’s weakness is water. but the villain can also absorb water, so Luffy does the logical thing and CHUGS THE WHOLE BARREL OF WATER UNTIL HE LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN WATER BALLOON AND THEN HE STARTS LEAKING FROM THE VERY SERIOUS WOUND THAT NEARLY KILLED HIM AND SAYS “AHH!! I SPRUNG A LEAK!!”
  • this quote: “When does a man die? When he’s struck by a deadly disease? No. When he’s shot through the heart with a pistol? No. when eh eats soup made from a poisonous mushroom? No!! A Man dies… when people forget him.”
  • you’ll cry over that mushroom
  • Luffy’s idea of an insult is calling a guy who uses three-sword style “four -sword style”
  • also one guy holds a sword in each hand and one in his mouth and it’s badass as fuck i kid you not
  • literally no plot device is forgotten like everything mentioned at one point WILL COME BACK. one time a character was shown in a tiny panel in a super short flashback in chapter 13 or so, and then like 400-500 chapters later TURNS OUT THAT RANDOM BACKGROUND CHARACTER IS ACTUALLY A MAJOR CHARACTER
  • Angels!! Giants!! Dwarfs!! Long armed people!! Long legged people!! Minks!! Fishman!! there’s so many different species it’s great

anonymous asked:

I have just seen your One Piece in Hogwarts AU,I wonder if you can doodle Ace and Marco in that AU. I'm curious in whih house they would be

Hi there! I actually thought about your question for a good while. At first I thought the calm and reliable Marco should be in Ravenclaw because I think it takes wisdom to be the commander of the first division (and now the new captain) of the Whitebeard Pirates. Well but later I remembered that his Devil Fruit power is Phoenix!! What can be more Gryffindor than that? lol.

And about Ace, I feel he’s the same with his little brother Luffy, both in Gryffindor, for they are both the brave and generous kind of person to me. And also Gryffindor corresponds to the element of fire. The colours scarlet and gold match with the Fire Fist Ace perfectly.

So those are my answers! I think they are both in Gryffindor! And I believe they are in the same Quidditch Team and Marco think Ace is his one and only unbeatable chaser!

like I mean it’s cool that there are other characters with weather-references and inspiration but Nami is distinct in that her connection to the weather is not merely combative nor is it derived purely from some external source (like Devil Fruits). The foundation of Nami’s power lies in her mind & intellect (science/intuition) which then gets manifested outwardly through both her Clima-Tact and her navigational abilities. Nami neutralized and redirected Monet and Enel’s elemental attacks, respectively, and discovered Cracker’s weak-point (and her fight with Khalifa, too!) using her clima-tact not through sheer force or power/domination - rather, she did something better: she nullified their devil fruit powers using her own abilities.

And, take Nami’s clima-tact away, you don’t take her intellect. She’s survived without an official weapon for a while. She’s a navigator, a cartographer, a meteorologist. Nami is intimately and inextricably tied to the weather and it’s almost like she was fated to be. ‘Tis why Arlong, who views humans as inferior, admitted that this human child could do what no one, Fishmen or men alike, could do. He called her powers God-given, called her maps his treasure, said she was necessary to secure Fishmen supremacy. Vivi said she’s never before encountered such navigator - observing that Nami not just ‘predicted’ the weather but physically felt it. Perhaps it’s also why Luffy was drawn to Nami so deeply and refused to let her go. 

So you like those anime pirates

I was looking through someone’s blog to try and find the one piece ask meme they reblogged, but it was too far back and i’m impatient so i just made my own ‘cause i’m a literal trash can. so have these one piece asks in no particular order

copy/paste these emojis into the ask box of your local resident of anime pirate hell and watch them slowly disintegrate as they’re forced to choose between things they love. fun for the whole family

⛵️ - Fave pirate ship? (like boat ship)
🔫 - Fave canon arc?
🚽 - Least favorite canon arc?
💩 - Least favorite character? (in general)
🙅 - Least favorite Straw Hat?
😀 - Most favorite Straw Hat?
😍 - OTP?
💀 - NOTP?
🙇 - A headcanon about <insert character>
☠ - Fave pirate symbol?
🏰 - Fave marine?
❌ - Least fave marine?
👾 - Fave villain?
🎾 - Fave battle?
😭 - Saddest scene?
😆 - Funniest scene?
😜 - Funniest character?
😳 - Any crushes?
👌 - Fave character design?
🃏 - Who has the Best Hat? (the true question)
🖍 - Fave filler arc?
🗡 - Least fave filler arc?
🆚 - Sub or dub?
☯️ - Anime or manga?
⏰ - How long have you been into One Piece?
🍎 - Fave Devil Fruit power?
🍏 - Would you eat a Devil Fruit if you had the chance to?
🐼 - Fave side character?
☔️ - Scene that made you cry the most? (not necessarily the saddest scene)
🌧 - Saddest backstory?
😎 - Funniest joke?
😱 - Most attractive character?
😐 - Most annoying character?
😕 - Scariest character?
👍 - Most powerful Devil Fruit power?
🗣 - Got any theories for how it’s all gonna end?
👏 - Fave techniques of <insert character>
🙏 - Favorite episode?
😏 - Favorite scene?
👂 - Favorite quote?
🙌 - Are you up to date?
❓ - What unanswered questions do you have related to One Piece?
▶️ - Fave opening?
🔙 Least fave opening?
👀 - Fave eyecatcher?
🏝 - Fave country/island visited?
🎆 - Something you can’t wait for??!!
🔝 - “One Piece is better than <insert something else you also like>”
🔍 - What do you think the One Piece is?
🔪 - A character who fills you with frustration?
💓 - Which character do you relate to the most?
™️ - How has One Piece changed you?

have fun answering these dumb questions and feel free to add your own if your heart so desires



on a side note, ever since Big Mom’s Devil Fruit powers were revealed, i’ve always wondered how anyone would be able to withstand her attacks if she ever wanted to take away their lifespan… so, it was actually very interesting to find out that the fear of death/dying is what ultimately makes someone vulnerable to her attacks. now, i’m a little less worried about Luffy getting any years shaved off his lifespan, since that boy pretty much fears nothing… except of course the fear of losing those near and dear to him.


I didn’t include everyone ‘coz some had “doubles” You guys made Ace have babies with everyone, guys while I couldn’t fit others in the world properly.

I would’ve included ZoSan’s and FroBin’s daughter and the ShanksMihawk twins but they have no devil fruit. But oh god ZoSan baby vs ShanksMihawk baby in a sword fight and then Laffy goes all ROOM and cuts everything hahahahaha *runs*  But that’s not possible coz devil fruit powers can’t be inherited

More of the One Piece babies here.  


-Drawing must be submitted to @ask-the-skellyman
-Drawing has to be of a sandcastle and muse must be in the picture too whether kneeling , standing or whatever by it
- Drawings must be submitted before the end of Sunday. I will make a post saying the competition is over.
- No devil fruit powers can be used to create sandcastle


Submissions will be looked at by event organizers and winner(s) will be chosen in the following days.


Marines Ch40 Preview

Riskua eyes the craft warily, gingerly stepping onto the little deck.

It’s a relatively small boat, barely more than a dingy really, and it reminds her of the little craft Ace pilots with his Devil Fruit.

Slicer is also powered by Sabo’s wind powers, but Riskua is not exactly feeling… secure in that knowledge.

After all, she’d witnessed the test runs, and though those disasters had happened a year ago, (she distinctly remembers them because she’d been the one pulling Sabo out of the water each time he’d accidentally capsized the boat or launched himself off) being able to remember those early days doesn’t exactly fill one with confidence.

“Stop worrying, Ri, I’ve taken Dragon-san across the Calm Belt in Slicer.”

Well, their glorious leader isn’t dead yet, so she supposes it can’t be that bad.

Gingerly taking a seat, Riskua slides her bulky backpack from her shoulders, pulling the brim of her deerstalker hat down. Its weight is no longer familiar, absent as it has been from her head these past two years, but she’ll soon familiarise herself with it again.

“So, do we need to meet up with Luffy right away? Because I was thinking, if we’re travelling-”

“We’re not going looking for adventure, Sabo.” Even if the idea of waving goodbye to her blond best friend is filling her with anxiety.

“Not what I was gonna say, and adventures with me are the best. You know that. Anyway, what I was going to say, is maybe before we go find Luffy, we could drop by and see Ace?”

oraclic  asked:

Hi~♡ How would Zoro, Law, Sanji, and Ace react if they accidentally saw s/o changing out of their clothes? You can write anything you want. I hope this is okay, thanks (^-^) and if it's not okay please just ignore me haha have a nice day!

Thank you so much! I absolutely love this request! I’m going to do this a little differently and write their reactions as little paragraphs. I think it works best for this sort of thing. I hope you have an amazing day! Enjoy xx



His cheeks flushed bright red. A strangled sound escaped from his lips, alerting his s/o to his presence. A smile danced on their lips.

“Like what you see, Zoro?” He didn’t mean to. Honestly, he can’t believe he did it. He nodded. He scratched the back of his head and turned his burning face away.

“I-uh. You…no. Wait. I-” He stammered. His beloved walked over and wrapped their arms around his waist, bare chest pressing against him and planted a kiss on his flaming cheeks. 

“I should do this more often.” If possible, Zoro’s face got even redder. He nodded. Again. 

“What are you doing to Y/N-chan?!”

“Get out Sanji!”


He smirked. Law leaned against the doorway, arms crossed against his chest. His eyes wandered the beautiful form of his partner. They trailed down their back and down further, resting upon their behind.

The only warning his s/o had of his actions was his quiet voice.

“Room.” And before they knew it, Law had his arms wrapped around them, pulling them flush against him. He smirked down at them. He placed a kiss on their red cheeks and chuckled.

“Why didn’t you invite me, Y/N?” Rolling their eyes, they pulled away from him to finish getting dressed. Smirking, Law continued to use his devil fruit powers to bring his s/o back into his arms. They finally gave up and allowed Law to wrap his arms around them. They were, however, surprised when Law put his beloved hoodie on them. Wide eyed, they stared up at him. He smirked.

“I couldn’t have anyone else looking at your body, now can I?”


Instant nosebleed. After dealing with the unfortunate reaction. He stared. His s/o could feel his gaze on their body. Honestly, he just couldn’t believe that they were his beloved. His s/o turned around and stared at the man. His eyes were literally hearts, a dreamy look on his face. They laughed.

They held out a hand towards him which he gladly took. He lifted them off the ground in a big embrace and swung them around.

“Y/N-chan! You’re so beautiful! You are the light of my life! You are an angel! Y/N-” They shut him up by smashing their lips against his in a passionate and loving kiss. Sanji grinned. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

“Now get out Sanji”

“…..but Y/N-”


Ace (baby)

The instant he spotted his s/o undressed form, the room got several degrees warmer. Also their bed started catching fire. 

“Shit.” Ace rushed to the bathroom in which they kept a bucket filled with water,  specifically for this occasion. Quickly putting the fire out, he turned towards his lover, still naked and staring at him, and blushed. “Sorry, Y/N!” He grinned a sheepish smile and turned around. After all, he was a gentleman. He quickly left the room and waited for Y/N to finish changing.

Upon leaving the room, Y/N immediately went up to the raven haired man and pulled him into a kiss, as an award for his good behaviour. Even if he burnt the bed. Again.

“I’m not telling Marco or Whitebeard about this. It’s your turn.” Ace gasped and as his partner pulled away and hurried away from the steaming room.

“Y/N!” He chased after them. He would not hear the end of this.

Ransom pushed into Canon

Where Ransom is pushed into Canon, the exact same place and moment that Canon!Rosinante was about to be killed.

So I did some editing to the format, and I wrote everything that’s from Rosinante’s POV (AKA below the line-break). The lovely Anon wrote the stuff from Ransom’s POV. 

This was great fun, I’m glad you’ve let me add to it.

There is something extremely wrong with the situation happening in front of him.

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Eustass Kid headcanons
  • He got his devil fruit power right before his journey.
  • He met Killer on the first island that he sailed to. He’s his first crew man.
  • He actually wanted to get a cat for his ship (for killing mice) but he was worried that its bad for his image as a fearsome pirate.
  • He’s very good at mathematics.
  • He takes good care of his teeth and even flosses.
  • Killer’s helmet was designed by him.
  • He loves homemade food.
  • The reason why he and Killer hate curry udon is that Kid tried to cook it once and it tasted horribe, so Killer decided to do this job from there on.
  • In our world he would be Scottish.
  • He’s a very heavy sleeper. It takes you some time to wake him up.
    But he stands up early, though. Around 7am.
  • His room is a mess but his desk is always clean.
  • He sleeps naked. Or in the clothes that he passes out in after a party.
  • His tongue can touch his nose.
  • He loves any kind of meat. Especially steak.
  • Kid would get along with Zoro, Franky and Brook pretty well.
  • He has freckles.
  • He loves black coffee and whiskey.
  • His favorite genre of music is heavy metal.