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F: things that should be simple and easy rarely ever are.

Devil Frank will be taking over this page by early April, it’ll possibly be renamed as “askdevilfrankie” idk, i’ll let you guys come up with the name. the page isn’t going anywhere, neither are the band members (as long as you guys request them to be with devil frankie in a drawing)

stay tuned




Luffy (So cute in the new photo) 500 million Berries

Zoro (this epic in the new photo) 320 million Berris

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Robin (Why is this dancing? imaginations will be mine haha) 130 million Berries

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Franky (It is not, but it is still super cool haha) 94million Berries

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Usopp (Wait! The god usopp?! LOL) 200 million Berries

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Sanji (YOU HAVE A PHOTO! IT HAS NO DRAWING! Even that now seems a perv haha) 177 million Berries

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Nami (how this girl who leaves posing in two cartels which has done it?) 66 million Berries

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Chopper (so cuteeee) 100 Berries

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Brook (have put the poster of his last concert that’s lazy haha) 83 million Berries

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These are new photos and new rewards for the Mugiwaras

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@gardenvarietyunique tagged me in a 10 different characters in 10 different characters in 10 different fandoms so let’s do this. Disclaimer is that I’m in like, 0 fandoms consistently and kinda avoid them outside of fanart so hold onto your butts:

  1. Contact: Ellie Arroway 
  2. Bob’s Burgers: Regular-Sized Rudy 
  3. Bojack Horseman: Mr. PeanutButter
  4. DC Comics: Big Barda 
  5. Marvel: Kamala Khan 
  6. Adventure Time: B-MO
  7. Steven universe: Amethyst 
  8. Futurama: Robot Devil 
  9. Grace & Frankie: Brianna 
  10. Brooklyn 99: Rosa 

This was fun and also really difficult to pick one person from DC comics since I love/have weird gay crushes on like 90% of the female characters but ANYWAYS I tag @the-vaudevillain, @zadester, @toobloodysweet, @virgheauxoxo, and @8-bitonionring if y’all wanna do it 

since i will be devil frankie for halloween, i want someone to take a picture of me climbing on everyone and riding on their shoulders (because i always tend to draw him riding on everyone’s shoulders) salkjdalskjdsla it’ll be perfect.

so yeah….someone needs to get on that