devil doctor hamster zero evil bear

Here is my submission for the current Doctor Who BBC America Tumblr contest in which one has to draw Matt Smith as a devil doctor and Karen Gillan as a ‘hamster prisoner zero’ and Arthur Darvill as an 'evil bear.’

So! Here’s the Doctor as an old fashioned classy devil, accompanied by Prisoner Zero disguised as Amy Pond in a Hamster suit (but note prisoner zero’s evil alien tail sticking out!) and Rory as an evil bear. 

And of course, Amy and Rory are acting as the classic 'angel and devil’ on the shoulders to the supremely evil devil Doctor! 

(And yes the Devil Doctor is carrying a Sonic Pitchfork. OF COURSE!)

I haven’t posted any drawing in a while and my exams are sort of over, so… The Devil Doctor, Evil bear Rory, and Hamster Prisoner Zero Amy. Ginger Doctor is evil Doctor.

Not American so no contest for me; just wanted to join the fun!

Let's Make a Deal, Doctor

Craig Owens was not quite sure what to make of the mysterious note taped to his front door.  It asked him to bring a bag of pine chips and honey out to his back yard and, “Don’t panic” signed, the Doctor.  Confused and excited at the same time due to the Doctor’s apparent return, he grabbed a jar of honey from the kitchen and a bag of crisps–hoping it would be a suitable substitute for whatever purpose called for “pine chips”.

“Doctor!” he cried, opening his back door, “You’re ba–what the?”

An enormous bear, which Craig took to seem incredibly evil due to the fiery burn of his eyes, was reared on its hind legs and bellowing a malicious roar toward the Doctor.

“Craig!  Good, you’ve got honey–Rory is apparently allergic to alien shellfish.  Amy here is good for now.  We’re on the run since she’s transformed into Prisoner Zero; don’t worry, I turned her into a rather irate hamster.”  The Doctor appeared rather calm to Craig; in fact, he looked rather bored.

“Doctor, what the hell is going on?”

“Hell?” asked the Doctor, “Certainly, I’ve had to make a deal, Craig … a deal with the devil. ”