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For the talking point thing, I associate "Little Talks" by Of Monsters of Men with Chibitalia and Holy Rome a lot! This one is obvious with the name and all but I associate "The Soviet" by mewithoutYou with Russia lol, and "The Devil Drives" by Murder By Death just like, with everyone in general

OH NOOO i never made that chibitalia and holy rome connection for little talks but ur so right?!?! like guessi’lldie.jpg:

the soviet’s lyrics are p interesting; i don’t really understand them all at face-value but on a more poetic, visceral level, this line stood out to me as being v russia:

!! ‘the devil drives’ does get that general sad ‘fuck we’re immortal and the faces of our nations so we have to directly live w/ the consequences of war and politics Great’ thing i like about aph….. these two bits in particular

man i really like that

England's 'Marshmallow' Song 悪魔を呼びそうなイギリスの唄
Hetalia Character Songs

Um, “sweet dreams” everyone! X3

I checked the lyrics in English, and yes, America is right. It really does feel like Iggy’s summoning the devil. 

Or Russia, again….