Playing with happiness and confusion…

First of all, I never played 10 days with my devil before. That’s make me confuse with many Kanji, why devil guys want to make Tempura? Specifically from human! WWWWW

However, the character’s voices always pop-up during prologue, make me happy.

Especially, Ono Tomoki San voice, Teshimano ’s CV in bokura no kiseki!

The animation also cute! But MC avatar…. Not cute enough!!

By the way, I thought that this app would come in English, and a little bit shock, so I have to bring dictionary while reading again….


Heaven’s Kiss
[the demon boy band]

with their comeback album featuring the hits:
Steal Your Soul
Just One Kiss
Angels vs. Demons
Who Do You Choose?

[[but for real, look hot cute they are <3 and Cerby!!~]]