(that rhymes btw, thought I would let you know)

This year, we have:

-Dirk as Zelda and Jake as Link (AKA the ones I’m most proud of!!!)
-Jane as a devil and Dave as an angel (they can be your angle or yuor devil)
-Roxy as a dog girl and Jade as a catgirl (they switched shirts as part of their costumes btw, and Jade isn’t wearing cat ears bc she already has dog ears lol)
-and finally, John as a ghost and Rose as a grim(dark) reaper (it would have looked better/more obvious if I had given her a scythe, but then I would have had to put an arm on her AND made a scythe for her and like. haha no.)

also BONUS! a grimdark reaper!

Let me know if you want me to sprite costumes for Kanaya, Karkat, and Calliope as well! 

also, let me know if you want me to post anyone individually or want versions with the sprites facing the “proper” way lol

(btw nothing has to be shipping unless you want it to, its totally up to you whether you want to see any of them as ships so yeah, there’s that.) 

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good things that depeche mode did at the hollywood bowl 

- being called “dee-peh-shee mo-day” by warpaint 

-  dave spinning around like the fucking tasmanian devil 

- dave spinning around with the microphone stand 

- dave dragging the microphone stand around like he’s walking a dead dog 

- dave flapping his arms, slapping his hands on his knees, and then putting his hands behind his back while facing the drummer 

- martin being shy and humble when everyone cheered for him after his songs

- martin singing “judas” live  

- andy’s little dad sways 

- dave grabbing his crotch, my sister saying “did he just grab his crotch”, and me saying “yeah that’s normal” 

- dave rubbing his crotch on the microphone stand, how sleazy

- letting us sing the chorus of “everything counts”, “enjoy the silence” and “personal jesus”

- andy’s nice small gestural dance moves and clapping

- putting up a concept video of a non-cisgender person while playing “walking in my shoes” 

- hugging each other after they all bowed towards the audience 


“JoIn Me, MoThErFuCkEr. :o)”

“ ㅡㅡ 凸” 

사제? 암튼 그 퇴마하는 사람(…)인 데이브랑 악마인지 타천사인지 어쨌든 타락돋는 겜지AU! 

사실 악마랑 타락천사 중에서 뭘로 할지 엄청 고민했는데 도저히 결정할 수가 없어서 걍 둘다 그려버렸슴당! 근데 아직도 어느 쪽이 더 어울리는지 모르겠음…누군가 좀 골라줘여…

대충 성검 들고 사악한 마귀를 때려잡는 영능력자(물리) 데이브랑 데이브를 타락시키려고 자꾸만 따라다니면서 꼬시는(=귀찮게 구는) 고위악마 혹은 타천사 겜지같은 느낌입니다.

음 OTP가 최애컾을 의미하는 말인가요? 아무래도 텀블러 보니까 그런 뜻인 것 같던데 그럼 제 OTP는 겜뎁인듯 합니다…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

그리고 겜지 머리 대체 왜 저렇게 생겨먹었죠 그리는데 어려워 죽는줄

확마 바리깡으로 밀어버릴라

exorcist Dave&devil or fallen angel Gamzee AU!

I can’t decide which one is more fits for Gamzee, devil or fallen angel, so I drew both. And still I can’t decide.

Um I imagined exorcist Dave who beats devils with sacred sword, and devil or fallen angel Gamzee who tries to corrupt(=bother) Dave.

Is OTP means favorite ship? Then I think GamDave is my OTP! \(◎▼◎)/

And drawing Gamzee’s hair was really difficult…I want to give him a hair cut