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Kagami and GOM finding out their s/o is a teacher in an all boys school and she keeps getting hit on and asked out. And her main persuer is someone who is just like them back in hs. (They are adults now) I love your blog btw!

Thank you so much! I hope this works, i will admit I struggled a bit
(b/n)= boy’s name

Aomine: You weren’t the type to hide anything from your husband, nor were you the type to tell him everything either. The fact that you were a teacher for an all boys school had him teasing you every now and then on how you’d probably get hit on. You told him there was this one particular senior that would hit on you constantly. Aomine took it as sarcasm but when he was picking you up from work, he noticed a cocky boy orbiting around you with a mischievous grin on his face. “How about it Aomine sensei,” the boy leaned in awfully close to you. You backed away slightly and looked at him with an irritated smile, “I told you already. I’m married.” You heard the police car slam shut and turned your attention to your navy-haired husband, “Speak of the devil,” you smirked. Aomine wrapped his arm around your waist and reeled you in close to him, “Hm? This the kid you were talking about ___?” The boy clicked his tongue in frustration as he turned his back to the two of you, “Not like I care. Well, I’m going home, sensei. I’ll get ya tomorrow,” he yawned and muttered to himself. “(B/n)-kun, don’t you have soccer practice,” you asked. “Don’t need it. No one can beat me other than myself,” he chuckled, slowly fading from your sight. A sigh slipped from Aomine which instantly drew your attention to him, you watched as his pursed his lips and scrunched his face, “I hate to admit it but the damn brat is like the high school me.”  

Kise: It was the first time your model husband had come to pick you up from work. He patiently waited for you in the car, uncontrollably jittering in his seat. Once his yellow orbs laid eyes on you, he was quick to leave the car and call out for you, “___cchi!” Unfortunately for him, you didn’t notice because you had your hands full with a student who was weeping at your feet. You tried to console him and apologize for the sudden outburst but you were already married. You let an exasperated sigh and crouched down to his level, “(b/n)-kun, student and teacher relationships are forbidden. Plus,” you paused and pointed toward your husband who was jogging toward you with a worried expression, “I have someone whom I love.” By the time Kise got to you, he asked if everything was alright. You assured him that everything was fine, so he reeled you in by the waist and greeted you with a peck on your temple, “___cchi I missed you.” The boy had beads of tears still resting in the corner of his eyes as he then pointed at Kise and declared, “I’ll definitely get Kise sensei,” just before he ran off back to the school, leaving Kise in a stunned state. You chuckled which had perked Kise’s interest, “Ne, ___cchi, what’s so funny?” The two of you began to make your way to the car, “(b/n)-kun reminds me of you from high school. Maybe I’ll transfer to a coed school instead next year,” you sighed. Kise turned around and scanned the crowd of students that were still left. Not a single female in sight, “W-what?! This is an all-boy’s school?!”

Akashi: Your redhead husband knew much of what you did, as well as where you worked. The fact that you were working in an environment swarming with males didn’t faze him. You were his and he was yours. But to his surprise, when he had come to pick you up, a student of yours was walking along with you to the front gates. You didn’t notice but Akashi did. The way the boy talked to you and the grin on his face all pointed to one thing: he liked you. “___,” your husband waved as he stepped out of the car. “Seijurou,” you smiled as you walked over to him to give him a peck on the cheek. His red orbs went from you to the boy. You introduced him as one of your top students and chatted amongst one another for a bit longer. Akashi gestured for you to get into the car first and once he had closed the door he turned his attention to the senior. “I would advise you stay away from ___,” he warned. The student gave him a mischievous grin, “You may be an adult but your age is far from intimidating.” He started walking away only to stop and turn to look at Akashi, “You better hold onto her tight. I have a thing for picking rare flowers, regardless whose garden it is,” he smirked and continued his way home. Akashi got in the car and let out an annoyed sigh, “He’s like a replica of me from high school. How troublesome.”

Kuroko: Like Akashi, Kuroko knew of your work place and its environment. He trusted you and you trusted him. It was till the day Kuroko picked you up from work was he little on edge. “____,” he called, startling you in the process. “Tetsuya, jeez you scared me,” you giggled. “Kuroko sensei,” a familiar voice called you from behind causing you to jump. “Jeez what’s with you guys scaring me out of nowhere,” you sighed, “What is it (b/n)-kun?” He began asking you questions regarding today’s lesson and homework and of course you helped him the best you could. He kept pressing questions and opinions. “I’m sorry (b/n)-kun, but I ought to head home,” you apologized as you begin looping your arms with Kuroko’s, “I think my husband has waited long enough. We’ll chat more tomorrow.” “No, my apologies Kuroko sensei. Have a good evening,” he bowed before vanishing from your sight. You turned to your bluenette husband and apologized on the wait only to receive a smile from him. “I think (b/n)-likes you, ___,” he commented. You cocked an eyebrow at him in confusion, “How can you tell with that stifled expression?” He chuckled softly, “I thought it was obvious. It’s kind of weird, he’s like my high school self. So I guess it makes sense that I can see past that expression of his.”

Murasakibara: Your lanky purple-haired husband waited for you patiently under the shade of a cherry blossom, happily munching on pocky while he waited for you. Through the strands of his hair, he saw you making your way to the gate accompanied by a student. “Mura sensei, why not,” one of your students asked as he towered behind you. You looked at him, getting more irritated by the second, “Because (b/n)-kun, we are teacher and student. Plus I’m married,” you held up your hand to show him the wedding ring that coiled around your ring finger. You spotted your husband watching you from behind the brick wall, “Atsushi,” you waved happily. Without you knowing, the senior’s expression quickly transitioned to a frown at the sight of your husband, crushing the sucker between his teeth. “___chin, you finished everything,” Murasakibara asked you as he finished the last pocky. You nodded and watched as his eyes averted to the student behind you, “Eh? Who are you?” You explained to him that this was one of your students, but kept to yourself that this was the one that fawned over you. But Atsushi could tell, “Mmm. Stay away from ___chin, or I’ll crush you,” he warned as he pulled you into his arms. The student looked at him with an irritated expression of his own, “I’ll definitely make Mura sensei mine,” he mumbled as he began sauntering away.

Midorima: Honestly, your carrot top husband felt unsettled after he heard you taking up a teacher position in an all boys school. But he would be the one to encourage you to do your best and support you all he can. The day he decided to pick you up from work, a disgusting feeling sat in the pit of stomach as he watched a spectacled student chat with you. Midorima stepped out of the car and began to walk over to you. “Midorima sensei, please take this,” he handed you a pair of chopsticks. “Eh? What’s this (b/n)-kun,” you asked as you observed the chopsticks. “It’s your lucky item for today. I had not gotten the chance to give it to you this morning,” he replied as a faint pink hue colored his cheeks. “___,” you turned to your husband, “Are you ready to go?” You looked at him with a warm smile and nodded, “This is surprise. Who’d think you would be let go early, Shintarou.” He pushed up the frame of his glasses then extended his hand to you, “Apparently we were overstaffed so they let me off early. Let’s go home.” You gladly took his hand turned back to your student for a brief second, “Thanks for the lucky item (b/n)-kun, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Midorima cocked an eyebrow at the boy who gave you a warm smile and asked him, “What’s your sign?” The student lifted the frame of his glasses back to place, “Cancer.” Your husband looked at him for a few seconds longer with his green orbs before taking you to the car, “Another Cancer, how tedious.”

Kagami: Your redheaded husband really didn’t say much about where you worked because work was work, not all the time do you get to choose where you worked and with who. He would definitely support you and would save you from boys who were trying to get their paws on you. When he picked you up from school, he noticed a senior walking along with you to the gate. “___,” Kagami greeted with a toothy smile which had you sending one back. “Taiga,” you went and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Who’s this,” he asked as he nodded toward the student. You introduced the two to one another and began chatting away. Kagami actually grew fond of the kid since they had similar hobbies. The senior checked his cell phone and looked at it with a startle, “Ah! I have practice. It was nice to meet you Mr. Kagami.” He turned around but only to turn back and march up to Kagami, locking his eyes with his. A red splitted eyebrow raised in curiosity, “What is it, (b/n).” The boy’s complexion slowly turned to a deep red, “I-I think you’re c-cool, but I definitely won’t l-lose to you when it comes to Kagami sensei,” he stuttered and then turning around and began sprinting toward the gym. You looked over at your husband who was blushing slightly, “Taiga,” you called. His face turned a darker shade as he reeled you into his arms, “The kid has guts but he’s gonna have to get past me first. It’s weird because it feels like I’m fighting against my old self,” he nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck.

@loveaoka requested one with an angel Kagami and devil Aomine! This had the potential to become insanely long and I really didn’t want to go into “multi chapter” alley (at least not right now), so this happened. XD

Also how good is Adam Lambert’s latest album?! Yeah I know it was out months ago but still!! I’m hooked~ hopefully one day I can hear him live~~ *swoons*

Dark grey eyes stared down at Kagami, arms folded over a silken white robe and feet brushing the marble floor lightly as twin silver wings held the figure upright. “Your friend is causing mischief down on Earth, Taiga. Fix it.”

Kagami grumbled. “Why do I have to-”

“Because he seems to only listen to you,” the archangel narrowed his eyes. Himuro Tatsuya did not take kindly to his dear angels mingling with the underworld filth. It would only lead to severe consequences, and their segregation was necessary. “You’ll go down there, and tell him to stop. And then you will say goodbye and never see him again.”

Kagami’s eyes widened. “But-”

“At least I’m giving you that much,” Himuro said softly, waving his hand, and the last thing Kagami saw before landing on Earth was Himuro’s tense expression.


Aomine whistled happily, peering down from the roof he was on while rolling up his sleeves. A bucket of water sat next to him and he picked it up slowly. “Three…two…one…huzzah!” he saw the girl walk out of the building and tilted the bucket to see the water slosh out and fall down spectacularly…only to stop in mid-air. To his shock, it flew straight back up and hit him right in the face. He spluttered, stumbling back and blinking his vision clear to see a silhouette floating above him, the sun its backlight.

Fiery red eyes glared down at him, forked eyebrows scrunched in displeasure. Tanned feet touched the ground as the large golden wings folded behind the figure. White silky material fell over his shoulders and clinched loosely at his waist by a golden rope. The dress brushing his knees and teasingly revealing small snippets of his skin as he moved towards Aomine. He threw out his hand and muttered something under his breath.

Aomine felt his human disguise shatter, as the clothes he was wearing morphed into tight black pants. Dark tattoos swirled on his neck, back and arms and a black tail flicked the water off in annoyance. His pointed ears twitched and his sharp canines peaked from his teeth in a sly grin.

“Hey there, Kagami. Doesn’t it get a little airy in that dress of yours?” he smirked, peering under Kagami’s clothing.

Kagami slapped his hand away, his cheeks red. “Aomine, you asshole!”

Aomine ran a hand through his hair. “Not like I haven’t seen it before.”

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Akakuro, hell + blind date...? :3 Sounds absurd but... I just wanna see it if you don't mind.

“Tetsu you have to do this.”



“It’s actually quite rare to hear you beg. Let me consider.”


Kuroko gave in, “Fine fine I’ll do it. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to go to your own blind date. How bad could one angel be?”

The table was set in a stone room, a neutral zone for angels and devils alike. It was emptied out for a specific blind date between an angel and a devil. As Aomine had said, the angel was already waiting.

The red-haired angel smiled at Kuroko, “You must be Aomine Daiki.”

“You must be Kagami Taiga.”

When the angel stood, he was only slightly taller than Kuroko. The devil swore Aomine said the angel was taller. 

They sat opposite each other and exchanged smiles. That was it.

“How’s work?” ‘Kagami’ started.

“Little dark, little gloomy. Alright I guess. How’s your work?”


Kuroko chuckled, “Is that all you can say?”

“This is a rather awkward topic to start with, Aomine.”

Kuroko smiled, “Perhaps if you actually met the real ‘Aomine Daiki’, you’d be more entertained. He’s better at holding conversations than I am.”

‘Kagami’ started laughing.

The devil tilted his head with a plain face, “Do you find something amusing?”

“Perhaps if ‘Aomine Daiki’ actually met ‘Kagami Taiga’, maybe they’d make a good match seeming they came up with the same tactic to send decoys for their blind date.”

When Kuroko realized what ‘Kagami’ meant, he laughed too.

“Idiots aren’t they?”

“Yes.” smiled ‘Kagami’, “I don’t know how Aomine is like but I enjoy your company. May I know your name?”

“Kuroko Tetsuya. And you?”

“Akashi Seijuro.”

They shook hands again, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Pleasure’s all mine.”

Akashi reached his hand out to Kuroko’s left cheek, “I’ve been meaning to say that your eyes are quite mesmerizing to look at. Such a natural color.”

Kuroko returned the compliment by brushing Akashi’s fringe, “Your hair captured my attention when I first saw you. It has a nice hue. Much unlike the fire I see.” And buried his fingers into the lock of hair above Akashi’s ear, “I could burn your face right now.”

“Why don’t you?” Akashi caressed Kuroko’s cheek directly, “I could use my divine gift to vaporize you.”

“Why don’t you?” Kuroko mocked back.

Akashi’s eyes softened, “You are a beautiful creation. I would never destroy such a thing.”

Kuroko felt his stomach churning. He had never been complimented before. Kuroko pulled his hand back and broke eye contact, “This is misleading. We were not the ones set up for this blind date.”

Akashi grabbed Kuroko’s hand, “We could be.”

“I am not fond of false hope, Akashi”

The angel slyly kissed the back of Kuroko’s hand, “Neither am I, Kuroko.”

Kuroko felt uneasy but… as a devil, he felt no…ill intentions from the angel. Akashi looked playful but he was genuinely asking for hope between them. If Kuroko agreed, they would be the first to give it a shot. Akashi was very easy on the eyes. If Kuroko were to start getting committed, Akashi didn’t seem like a bad first choice.

With newly founded determination, Kuroko pulled Akashi towards him from their connected hands. Caught off guard, Akashi jolted forward until he was inches from Kuroko’s face.

Kuroko leaned in, closer and closer but never made contact, “Try me.”

Akashi’s momentary shocked expression turned into a smug one, “With pleasure.”

You could say the first blind date between an angel and a devil was successful. 

Akashi's case.
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun, Aomine-kun skipped practice again.
  • Akashi: Even I couldn't stop that dark man.
  • Aomine: Oi! I'm right here, you know!
  • Kise: Dark man-ssu!! Hahaha!
  • Aomine: Oi, Kisee, don't laugh like that!
  • Midorima: How about you shows up in the practice starting tomorrow-nodayo?
  • Aomine: Don't care, don't wanna-nanodayo.
  • Midorima: Stop copying me!
  • Murasakibara: Hey, hey, guys~ I was thinking about Aka-chin last night.
  • Aomine: So? Everyone does. We all couldn't stop thinking about that devil man.
  • Midorima: Even I think about Akashi. Wondering what kind of punishment he would do us the following day-nanodayo.
  • Kuroko: Me too.
  • Kise: Murasakibaracchi, why were you thinking about Akashicchi?
  • Murasakibara: When Mido-chin and Kuro-chin changed their honorifics... I was imagining Aka-chin doing the same thing.
  • Everyone: ....
  • Kise: Uwaa, I wanna hear Akashicchi calling me Ryouta-kun!!
  • Aomine: Me too! Me too!! It's been a while since someone called me Daiki-kun or Dai-chan!
  • Midorima:'s not that I want Akashi to call me like that too. I feel like joining-nodayo.
  • Kuroko: Me too.
  • Murasakibara: Shall we~
  • ----
  • Kise: Ready, Kurokocchi? Remember, don't tell him your purpose.
  • Aomine: You know that Tetsu cannot lie.
  • Midorima: He doesn't have a choice, does he?
  • Murasakibara: Just go on with it.
  • Kuroko: Alright.... Akashi-kun!
  • Akashi: Hm? Tetsuya, what's wrong?
  • Kuroko: I... I was... uh... you know... um...
  • Aomine: See?! See?! Tetsu couldn't lie!
  • Midorima: He's way too honest-nodayo!
  • Kise: I guess we don't have a choice... Akashicchi! Akashicchi!
  • Aomine: What is that stupid doing?!
  • Midorima: Leave him be. He will be the only one who'll be punished by Akashi.
  • Aomine: I guess you are right.
  • Kise: Akashicchi, I dare you to call us with honorifics-ssu!
  • Akashi: ....
  • Kise: Please don't kill me!!
  • Kuroko: ... don't kill me either.
  • Akashi: Honorifics, huh? Even those three as well?
  • Aomine, Midorima & Murasakibara: !!!
  • Kise: Yes-ssu!
  • Aomine: Oi!!
  • Midorima: D-don't involve us!
  • Akashi: ....
  • Everyone: ....
  • Akashi: Alright, Daiki-kun, Ryouta-kun, Tetsuya-chan, Atsushi-kun, and Shintarou-kun, your training methods had increased 5 times. Thanks Ryouta-kun for this.
  • Everyone: ....
  • Kuroko: T-Tetsuya....-chan?
  • Midorima: W-what the hell-nanodayo...
  • Aomine: That devil can be adorable...
  • Kise: I'm dying-ssu!!
  • Aomine: Then die!
  • Murasakibara: My heart throbs even though he increased our methods...
  • Everyone: ... yeah.
  • Aomine: It was worth it though.
oversized sweaters [aokuro]

Day 6: Wearing eachother’s clothes 

Pairing: AoKuro 

Rating: M [for light mentions of sex honhonhon baguette]

Summary: Never trust Kuroko Tetsuya. He is a devil in disguise and Aomine will be the first to testify for that statement. Doesn’t make him any less adorable, though. 

Part of the 30 Day OTP Challenge consisting of multiple OTPS. 

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Confessions of The Human Secretary (AkaKuro Platonic Fanfic) -PART 5-

Time to kick things up a notch. As we get closer to the end, you’ll start to see this story for what it really is. This story may be a little cracky but that’s not gonna stop us from making you guys ‘feel’ something about life and friendship.

We hope you enjoy this chapter~ P/s: Nina and I made a promise to meet someday at the land of the rising sun. What a time to be alive honestly. But seriously, enjoy the new chapter~ It’ll be a while before the next update.

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Entry #2411

I do not see the appeal in aesthetic purposes. Who even taught him that? Why did he even thought that filling the office with different things each floor be called ‘aesthetic’? How did he even get the floors to be filled in one night?

On the good side, the cheesy 12th floor was easy to clean. It blended well with the nachos on the 11th floor. Aesthetic-ly well.

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Knb pick up lines

Akashi “bby I can scissor you all night”

Kagami “my jumps aren’t the only thing That’s unbelievably long”

Imayoshi “I’m not just a devil on court”

Aomine “the only time I’m fast is in basket”

Kise “wanna help me with a naked photo shoot?”

Midorima “my balls never misses its target”

Murasakibara “wanna taste my lollipop?”