@scowtee-ely @eliana55226838 My teacher was picking on my foot. “Are U studying animation? Stop playing games and go Study!” So, well, I started to animate Bendy for training, and! this was the result, Ah! one more thing, I don’t know the name of the artist that made the little comics, this was animated using the comics as a base like a, Storyboard. <3

This animation was made in Adobe Animate CC 2015.

anonymous asked:

Have you taken Thalia to see New Rome? How does she feel about the Romans?

percy: honestly, i thought she’d be more angry.
jason: gods, no. she knocked someone out, that was bad enough.
percy: uh-huh. jason, if someone threw a brick at tyson
nico:  — or hazel
jason: …point taken.


Has this been done before or……

I’m hoping their reunion goes something like this XD

The desings of Joey and Henry belongs to @doodledrawsthings  (amazing desings btw)


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