12 blogs you should follow in 2012

this is a list in no particular order of people you should follow this year.

Kristyn - Somehow manages to make posts about fandoms without being annoying like fandoms are.

Allison - If you prefer a single, super quality post every two weeks, this is the blog for you. Also, she owes me a custom stuffed bear.

Paige - Her tumblr is what tumblrs wanna be when they grow up.

Courtney - This is a fun place to visit. Although there is an awful lot of Phoenix Right going on, this stands to be the funniest content around.

Rosie - Sweet, honest humor, wonderous foods and kitties. Rarely is there such an excellent blog run by such an excellent person.

Maggie - The blog of one of the greatest vegans ever. If you like my blog you’ll love her. Our conversations are like mental masturbation, but left handed. Ya know, the stranger.

Dann - If England was a real place, this would be a blog from a girl who lives there.

Wombatfractal - Knows how to use republican memes.

Kirstie - This is a scary scary blog that has lots of gifs and bright colors and violence.

Jess Bones - If Satyricon and Padme had a baby, it would smell like this blog does.

Dorian - There is no such thing as good and bad music. Only music that Dorian plays and music that Dorian does not play.

Emily - This is what the inside of a wasp nest looks like. From the inside.