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every time the inner cynic in me starts questioning if we’ve set our hopes too high about a canon force bond, i remember that that’s literally the only possible way Kylo will find them on Ahch-To.

think about it. the ENTIRE PLOT of TFA revolved around the First Order being unable to locate Luke or Ahch-To. they tried everything; there’s nowhere left to look and no other information for them to find. so what’s changed since TFA? 

Rey is there.

all logic dictates that Rey is the key to Kylo finding Ahch-To at long last. and the only way for that to work from across the galaxy is through their mysterious connection.

Alpha Kids Overwatchstuck Roles And Abilities

Jane Crocker - Support (Healer)

3dent Staff

  • Connects to and heals players as long as they are within Jane’s sight/range

Grandma’s Cookies

  • Edible health items that can be left for other players with a ten second life, and act as low level health packs

Deploy Seb

  • Lil Seb scurries out to locate nearby health packs for Jane

ULT: Resurrect

  • 3dent Staff charges as it heals, enabling a total resurrection of fallen comrades when fully charged

Roxy Lalonde - Defense (Sniper)

Medium/Long Range Bolt Action Rifle

  • Fires off five bullet rounds and Fenestrated Planes

Fenestrated Planes

  • Provide quick transport via portal windows. Windows will remain open for five seconds before automatically closing, and close behind her after use

Engage VOID

  • Arm brace cloaking device provide three seconds of undetectability for herself and surrounding teammates and render honing devices of other players useless

ULT: 360 No Scope

  • If timed correctly, Roxy can fire as she emerges from the Fenestrated Planes, spinning one full revolution in place and firing off a rapid, rhythm-based round of shots and hitting all targets in the area

Dirk Strider - Offense (Melee)

Unbreakable Katana

  • Cuts down any foes in his path, dealing precise and high damage


  • Deflects projectiles with lightning fast parries and sends them flying back towards the attacker

Shadow Image

  • Charged high speeds result in a shadow-clone with a three second life. Clone does not inflict damage, but is meant to confuse and mislead foes.

ULT: Flash Step

  • A rhythm and timing based high-speed chain attack that leaves Dirk invulnerable to damage as he moves, hitting every opponent in sight unless interrupted

Jake English - Support (Shields/Boosts Damage)

Twin Berettas

  • Pistols have a rapid fire and medium range, used mostly to back up other players or to protect Jake in a pinch and build up the power of the HOPE Matrix

HOPE Matrix

  • This program in Jake’s skulltop helmet emits a field of revitalizing energy that increases the speed and strength of teammates


  • As Jake’s and locked on teammate’s kill streak increases so does the strength and range of the HOPE Matrix


  • When the strength of the HOPE Matrix is at maximum capacity, Jake is able to unleash a tremendous shielding energetic field that renders nearby teammates invulnerable for five seconds and boosts the strength of their abilities for ten seconds

…anyways everyone should watch leverage for a fun show that has well-rounded female characters that are respected by all the members on their team, never slut-shamed, never used only as a romantic plot device, and never rendered useless because they’re female. also i’m p sure no love triangles

what more could you want then a found family team of thieves with kick-ass female characters who take down capitalist asshole companies

In 2003, Harris Corporation unveiled the Stingray, a sleeker, smaller version of Rohde & Schwarz’s earlier model, and it came with an aggressive push into the US market. Intelligence agencies began using them overseas to surveil targets or identify their devices. US Marshals put Stingrays in planes and flew them over cities, collecting tens of thousands of phone numbers in search of a single fugitive’s phone. Over time, the devices trickled down to local police departments, where they could be used to track down anyone from murderers to purse-snatchers.

But purchasing the device came with a catch. Every time an agency bought a device from Harris, they signed an agreement to keep it out of public court records. If Stingray methods were ever entered into evidence, Harris argued, criminals would catch on, rendering the device useless. Agencies still got court orders to use the devices, but they usually looked like a vaguely worded request for phone records. In most cases, the judges never knew what they were signing and defendants never knew how they’d been caught.

—  Daniel Rigmaiden, incarcerated for tax fraud (he made money by filing tax returns for the recently deceased) uses the scant resources at his disposal to prove the existence of Stingrays, a previously-secret tool of law enforcement, used to track cellphones. We wrote a bit about Stingrays in the book, but they’d still have been secret if it wasn’t for this guy!