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every time the inner cynic in me starts questioning if we’ve set our hopes too high about a canon force bond, i remember that that’s literally the only possible way Kylo will find them on Ahch-To.

think about it. the ENTIRE PLOT of TFA revolved around the First Order being unable to locate Luke or Ahch-To. they tried everything; there’s nowhere left to look and no other information for them to find. so what’s changed since TFA? 

Rey is there.

all logic dictates that Rey is the key to Kylo finding Ahch-To at long last. and the only way for that to work from across the galaxy is through their mysterious connection.



US Patent No. 685,957: Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, NIKOLA TESLA, a citizen of the United States… have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy…

It is well known that certain radiations–such as those of ultra-violet light, cathodic, Roentgen rays, or the like–possess the property of charging and discharging conductors of electricity, the discharge being particularly noticeable when the conductor upon which the rays impinge is negatively electrified. These radiations are generally considered to be ether vibrations of extremely small wave lengths, and in explanation of the phenomena noted it has been assumed by some authorities that they ionize or render conducting the atmosphere through which they are propagated. My own experiments and observations, however, lead me to conclusions more in accord with the theory heretofore advanced by me that sources of such radiant energy throw off with great velocity minute particles of matter which are strongly electrified, and therefore capable of charging an electrical conductor, or, even if not so, may at any rate discharge an electrified conductor either by carrying off bodily its charge or otherwise.

My present application is based upon a discovery which I have made that when rays, or, radiations of the above kind are permitted to fall upon an insulated conducting-body connected to one of the terminals of a condenser while the other terminal of the same is made by independent means to receive or to carry away electricity a current flows into the condenser so long as the insulated body is exposed to the rays, and under the conditions hereinafter specified an indefinite accumulation of electrical energy in the condenser takes place. This energy after a suitable time interval, during which the rays are allowed to act, may manifest itself in a powerful discharge, which may be utilized for the operation or control of mechanical or electrical devices or rendered useful in many other ways.

Figure 1 is a diagram showing the general arrangement of apparatus as usually employed.

Fig. 2 is a similar diagram illustrating more in detail typical forms of the devices or elements used in practice.

Figs. 3 and 4 are diagrammatical representations of modified arrangements suitable for special purposes.

…It will be found that when the radiations of the sun or of any other source capable of producing the effects before described fall upon the plate P an accumulation of electrical energy in the condenser C will result. This phenomenon, I believe, is best explained as follows: The sun, as well as other sources of radiant energy, throws off minute particles of matter positively electrified, which, impinging upon the plate P, communicate continuously an electrical charge to the same. The opposite terminal of the condenser being connected to the ground, which may be considered as a vast reservoir of negative electricity, a feeble current flows continuously into the condenser, and inasmuch as these supposed particles are of an inconceivably small radius or curvature, and consequently charged to a relatively very high potential, this charging of the condenser may continue, as I have actually observed, almost indefinitely, even to the point of rupturing the dielectric. If the device d be of such character that it will operate to close the circuit in which it is included when the potential in the condenser has reached a certain magnitude, the accumulated charge will pass through the circuit, which also includes the receiver R, and operate the latter…


Okay so i have this headcanon or a prompt or wish or whatever and it goes like this:

Imagine a new villain in National City, wreaking chaos and destruction, SuperFriends and the DEO are after it but none of them seems to have any success. Kara used her super strength but couldn’t take it down, Alex used her guns and weapons but failed, Winn used his tech smarts to get the thing but couldn’t, James used his Guardian gear, J’onn used his psychic abilities. But no such luck. 

They’re all at the DEO trying to hack up a plan to take this thing down when Kara gets a call from Lena.

“Are you okay?” Was how Lena greeted her very-newly claimed girlfriend although they hadn’t told anyone yet. Lena had joined in on a few game nights and everybody seemed to be warming up to her albeit slowly except Winn who had become some sort of a best friend to Lena, the concept of having one, still very strange and unfamiliar to Lena. After having watched all the news broadcasts of the failed attempts to take down the new villain and being scolded by Jess to go home twice, Lena finally decided to check in on her girlfriend and offer her own help.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine, just really frustrated and angry at not being able to do anything about this new threat”

“I can help” Lena said already thinking up of all the ways she could take this thing down.

“What? No, Lena. You don’t have to worry about this. There’s nothing you can do. Anyways I don’t want you in harm’s way” Kara replied causing Lena to frown. What did Kara mean? Didn’t she think Lena capable of dealing with this threat? Before Lena could argue, Kara had said a quick goodbye and hung up.

Lena stared at her phone still frowning. After a few moments of pondering, she called for Jess and gathered the things she needed.

She’ll show Kara and everyone else. With that thought, Lena Luthor set out to face the newest villain of National City.

*insert Lena being a genius, learning the villain’s weakness, hatching up devices to render him powerless and ultimately defeat him*

Lena coughed a little and walked away from the smoke where a body was lying unconscious. It wasn’t even ten seconds before black vans pulled up and the ‘thud’ alerting Supergirl’s landing was heard. Lena turned around to come face to face with Kara, Alex, J’onn, Winn and James. She stayed rooted to her spot. She was aware of the cameras recording around her. J’onn was the first one to move. He offered Lena a simple firm handshake and nod which Lena presumed was his way of saying either “Thank you” or “Good Job”, she wasn’t sure. The next was, Winn, who gave an excited laugh before bounding towards Lena and giving her a high-five. Before he could say anything and probably bombard Lena with questions, James came forward putting an arm around his shoulders.

That was amazing, Lena” James remarked, giving Lena his usual charming smile and walking away with Winn wriggling under his arm.

Next was Alex, who kept glancing back at Kara who was still rooted to her spot doing nothing but staring at Lena with slightly wide eyes.

That was bad-ass, Luthor. But you might want to go talk to that one before she explodes” Alex commented clapping Lena on the back before walking away.

Kara finally seemed to snap out of her stupor and not long after she was standing in front of Lena, her piercing gaze quickly looking Lena up and down. Probably checking for injuries. Lena stood rigid, her arms crossed.

Never do that again. Understand?” Kara said pulling Lena in a hug. Lena tried resisting but eventually gave in, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend.

Then never tell me what I can or can’t do” Lena said stubbornly. Kara pulled back looking at her girlfriend with shock before her eyes crinkled and she dissolved into laughter, her voice ringing out even in all the noise surrounding the two of them. The cameras were all pointed in their direction now, all of National City confused with the sight they were seeing.

A Super and A Luthor.

You are entirely something else, Lena Luthor” Kara exclaimed, looking at the woman in front of her with all the love in the world. Lena’s smirk shifted into a genuine smile when she saw the love and awe in Kara’s eyes.

Both women forgot about the rest of the world in that instant and pulled each other in a searing kiss.

The entire city was enveloped in a silence.

I KNEW IT! MAGGIE, YOU OWE ME 50 BUCKS” Alex’s voice rang out among the silence before eventually everyone started clapping and hooting for their beloved heroes.

Ep 10 Shoddiness (Spoilers)

I’m procrastinating on some design homework for this but I just can’t focus unless I get it out. Thus I’m going to elaborate on why I don’t like this episode… and why Dan Harmon should stop writing.

Key points:

  • character inconsistency
  • rapid and unsubstantiated changes in interpersonal dynamic
  • underwhelming content for finale

That last one needs no further explanation except that the Ricklantis Mixup should have been the finale. I was blown away by that episode and it’s definitely my favorite of all three seasons. No surprise that it’s also top of the episode ranking list on IMDB.

Now, I can see why people might like the episode. The main plot was funny and we got to see Rick really unload some badassery with his gadgets and wit. I laughed a lot. It’s important, however, to not overlook the misdirection and ultimately how it can invalidate character progression or principle plotlines.

Firstly, let’s address character inconsistency.

I’m talking about Morty here. We ALL want Morty to progress, to grow, to go somewhere, to change a little… but we want to SEE it. We want to be there to see the growth along the way. When there are gross changes in character that haven’t been substantiated by a turning point or haven’t been eased into, writers invalidate the very concept of growth. We end up feeling empty while the characters feel less “real.”

Morty here is incredibly confident, talks back to the president, doesn’t care about his selfie, doesn’t even say a single “aw, jeez” in this episode (if he did I seriously missed it)… AND… did you catch where he snaps at Rick with his body language while on the phone? I was shocked. (It also felt uncharacteristic of Rick to just take that.)

It all feels so alien and is a big change from the previous episode. –Oh wait we didn’t see Morty in the previous episode. I mean the episode before that. Although, wait a minute. Summer completely reset both Rick and Morty to a state before ever going through the mind blowers, so we can’t reference that. The episode before was the Ricklantis Mixup and all we saw of them was before and after entering Atlantis. Which leaves us with Ep 6: Rest and Ricklaxation. –No wait. Morty wasn’t his actual self in that whole episode and seemingly returned to normal unconfident Morty afterward.

Episode before that was the Jerry episode. This is the last time we see full normal Morty go through any kind of plot that could progress his character before the finale. That was five whole episodes ago, AND unfortunately he was a sub-plot in that episode, not a main.

Why is this important? Good shows ease into character changes, not just pop them on viewers and make the excuse of “well he must have progressed off screen for the last 4 episodes.”

Remember the first episode of the season and how it began with Rick seemingly explaining to his family “and that’s how I broke out of prison”…? We were all pissed for a moment because we thought writers took the lazy off-screen-progression route and left us out of the whole damn escape. That’s what I mean. Morty in this episode has progressed to a point that feels very out of nowhere with the excuse of “well he’s been adventuring a lot with Rick off-screen.”

Here’s another character/inconsistency issue.

Morty didn’t only talk back to the president and act like a little mini-Rick the whole episode. He also did something that should not have been used so lightly in the plot.

There are quite a lot of times in the series where something serious happens, Morty has had enough and he threatens Rick that he won’t go with him, that “this is it.” Each of those times so far have made sense considering what was at stake or what Rick put him through. Morty threatening to end adventures is not something used lightly and normally has substantial reasoning.

In this episode, however, Morty is completely willing to give up adventuring, abandon his grandpa and live in the woods with his family–something pretty huge–*without* a substantial reason. It’s great that his parents got back together but was that really enough to warrant using that plot point? It feels like an incredible stretch and just messes with the realism and relatability that other episodes have established.

Let’s talk about that interpersonal/family dynamic.

The end of the episode was the grossest part for me. We see the dynamic between Rick and the group completely turned upside down and somehow Rick ends up being treated like the black sheep of the family. It was weird. It was alien. It was frustrating to watch and I seriously wanted him to snap and just shoot all of them…… revealing they were all clones.

Why is Rick’s status here such a problem? Some people say it was refreshing to finally have his family treat him like dirt instead of bowing down to him, but refreshing isnt at all what I would call it. This is yet another flip-switch that forces a rapid change without substantial reason. We didn’t witness some big meaningful turning point that set them all as equals. We didn’t witness any valid reason for condescending upon Rick, any feasible plot point for the power to change hands.

Secondly, the vast majority of us didn’t get on this ride to see Rick treated like Doofus Rick. We fell in love with his command over life and the universe, his no fucks attitude, his disrespect for authority and being told what to do. It feels like the entire family just kinda crapped on him today for no good reason and he took it, uncharacteristicly.

Last but not least…

The last weird thing is that Rick even compromised to settle things with the president rather than put him in his place. The president didn’t even learn a lesson or have any growth himself. This is really unlike Rick and unlike prior writing where antagonists realize where they went wrong (or of course just kicked the bucket.)

And are we really to believe that the president has a stalemate with the smartest man in the universe? The writing just defies everything we’ve come to know about Rick. He can topple an entire *galactic* federation but here they put him on a sort of “par” with the American government? Rick is a good three or four steps ahead of the elaborate scheme of Zigerian scammers, and we’re expected to believe he never knew about illegal satellite spying? Rick has a device that rendered all squirrels inert for a radius probably about a block in size and we’re expected to believe him and Morty would really just walk down the mine shafts shooting infestations individually with guns?

Again, it wasn’t the presidential or political plot that I disliked. There was so much about this writing that just doesn’t fit, is disappointing, underwhelming and defies previous character abilities/personality. It feels like it was a throwaway episode merely meant to align things the way they want it for next season: have Beth and Jerry back together without any issues, drop the idea of Beth being afraid of Rick leaving (but why drop that?), and set Rick up to be more indebted to the family, not have as much power over them. It sounds like they want to neutralize all series subplots (no more family drama, no more father daughter conflict) and get back to, as Beth mentioned, a more streamlined plot with just Rick and Morty.

While I do want them to show more of the main characters and stop going on these side escapades, having father-daughter conflict makes the show a lot more meaningful. Having Beth Summer and Morty want to stay in Rick’s life because they love him makes the show more meaningful. Completely erasing that dynamic and now having the family shit on Rick and not care whether he stays or goes, having Morty be so willing to abandon adventures instead of be caught in dissonance between keeping his family happy and keeping Rick around…

Idk about you but that doesn’t sound like the Rick and Morty I want to watch…

New transistor concept developed

Transistors, as used in billions on every computer chip, are nowadays based on semiconductor-type materials, usually silicon. As the demands for computer chips in laptops, tablets and smartphones continue to rise, new possibilities are being sought out to fabricate them inexpensively, energy-saving and flexibly. 

The group led by Dr. Christian Klinke has now succeeded in producing transistors based on a completely different principle. They use metal nanoparticles which are so small that they no longer show their metallic character under current flow but exhibit an energy gap caused by the Coulomb repulsion of the electrons among one another. 

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magicalcrusaderfruit  asked:

“Hey! I was gonna eat that!” think that'd be more Xaja to Theron ;P

If Xaja had known that pregnancy was going to feel like this, she probably would have been a bit more paranoid about making sure that implant she’d had was still functioning properly. Apparently the five years in carbonite, while it hadn’t aged her, had rendered the device useless. She was just surprised she hadn’t gotten pregnant sooner.

And there’s still another thirty weeks left of this, she grumbled to herself as she gingerly walked through the cantina and armour repair stations in the main portion of the base. With the war being officially over (despite the rumours of uprisings and rebellion against the Alliance in some regions of space, which she’d sent Korin and Torian to deal with in her stead), she and Theron had moved their quarters from the subterranean room by Hylo’s base into the above-ground saucer with the rest of the command crew, leaving the old room as a hideout bunker. Sunshine and fresh non-recycled air did wonders for Xaja’s stress levels- and apparently such things were good for the baby in her womb too.

She still wasn’t sure how morning sickness was supposed to benefit the baby, or her ridiculous food cravings. Senya had just laughed when Xaja had complained, which the former Jedi decided was not a positive sign. And her dad had just patted her shoulder in passing, which also wasn’t a hopeful sign (especially not with that smirk).

The good news, she decided as she made her way down the hallway, pausing to greet two Alliance officers who saluted when they saw her, is that the kid’s finally decided it doesn’t need a ridiculous amount of crunchy cheesy foods. Theron should be happy to know that his kid apparently wasn’t going to require its father to go finding such foods at two in the morning for the time being for its mother.

The bad news was that the kid had apparently decided its mother needed sweet and spicy. At once. She was reasonably sure muja fruit and spice peppers weren’t supposed to be a good combination, and she could only imagine Theron’s horrified look when she ‘fessed up to this craving. But right now, it sounded like the best thing in the world.

If I can’t have caf right now, I can at least have that! (She was still grumpy that the doctors on staff had banned her from having caf. Apparently it wasn’t good for the kid, and she’d had to fight to be able to have tea at least.) She palmed open the door, already planning on finding the muja fruit she knew was still available in the small kitchen unit as of this morning and stealing a couple of the spice peppers from Theron’s side of the cooler unit.

That plan went out the window when she saw Theron leaning against the counter, muja fruit in one hand and datapad in the other. “Aw, darn,” Xaja said as she let herself into the apartment unit, making Theron look up inquisitively mid-bite. “I was gonna eat that.”

Theron’s eyes darted down at the half-eaten fruit in his hand, then back at Xaja as he sheepishly extended his hand and swallowed the bite in his mouth. “Sorry? Wait, I thought you were craving cheese.”

“Your kid can’t make up its mind.” Xaja rubbed her hand against her sore lower back as she gently shook her head and pushed the fruit back at Theron. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll find something else. That wasn’t the last one, was it?”

“Uhhhh….” Theron looked even more sheepish. “… I’ll just get See-Two to find more. Anything else you and the squirt want while I’m at it?”

“Umm…” Xaja glanced at the cooler, then back at Theron. “Spice peppers?”

“… Please tell me that’s separate from the muja.”

“… Hey, it’s your kid, dear!” Xaja sighed at Theron’s expression, which looked to be equal parts disgusted and horrified. “It can’t be that bad. Dad was telling me about some of my mother’s cravings…”

“How bad were those?”


“…. Muja and spice peppers. Oookay. I’m on it.”

…anyways everyone should watch leverage for a fun show that has well-rounded female characters that are respected by all the members on their team, never slut-shamed, never used only as a romantic plot device, and never rendered useless because they’re female. also i’m p sure no love triangles

what more could you want then a found family team of thieves with kick-ass female characters who take down capitalist asshole companies

Alpha Kids Overwatchstuck Roles And Abilities

Jane Crocker - Support (Healer)

3dent Staff

  • Connects to and heals players as long as they are within Jane’s sight/range

Grandma’s Cookies

  • Edible health items that can be left for other players with a ten second life, and act as low level health packs

Deploy Seb

  • Lil Seb scurries out to locate nearby health packs for Jane

ULT: Resurrect

  • 3dent Staff charges as it heals, enabling a total resurrection of fallen comrades when fully charged

Roxy Lalonde - Defense (Sniper)

Medium/Long Range Bolt Action Rifle

  • Fires off five bullet rounds and Fenestrated Planes

Fenestrated Planes

  • Provide quick transport via portal windows. Windows will remain open for five seconds before automatically closing, and close behind her after use

Engage VOID

  • Arm brace cloaking device provide three seconds of undetectability for herself and surrounding teammates and render honing devices of other players useless

ULT: 360 No Scope

  • If timed correctly, Roxy can fire as she emerges from the Fenestrated Planes, spinning one full revolution in place and firing off a rapid, rhythm-based round of shots and hitting all targets in the area

Dirk Strider - Offense (Melee)

Unbreakable Katana

  • Cuts down any foes in his path, dealing precise and high damage


  • Deflects projectiles with lightning fast parries and sends them flying back towards the attacker

Shadow Image

  • Charged high speeds result in a shadow-clone with a three second life. Clone does not inflict damage, but is meant to confuse and mislead foes.

ULT: Flash Step

  • A rhythm and timing based high-speed chain attack that leaves Dirk invulnerable to damage as he moves, hitting every opponent in sight unless interrupted

Jake English - Support (Shields/Boosts Damage)

Twin Berettas

  • Pistols have a rapid fire and medium range, used mostly to back up other players or to protect Jake in a pinch and build up the power of the HOPE Matrix

HOPE Matrix

  • This program in Jake’s skulltop helmet emits a field of revitalizing energy that increases the speed and strength of teammates


  • As Jake’s and locked on teammate’s kill streak increases so does the strength and range of the HOPE Matrix


  • When the strength of the HOPE Matrix is at maximum capacity, Jake is able to unleash a tremendous shielding energetic field that renders nearby teammates invulnerable for five seconds and boosts the strength of their abilities for ten seconds


I’d like to get into something a little controversial today. Most of you will dismiss this post as the fantasies of some nerd, many will read it with apprehension, but for the few of you out there who know what I’m talking about I hope this article brings some clarity, knowledge, and awareness your way.

Psychic abilities and the laughable hippie-dippie “Energies” have always been a part of my life since I was a small child, most of us have had these experiences when we were kids before. Experiences like getting a bad feeling about something that turned out to be right, getting visions of a future event that actually happens, feeling vibration or fields around objects or your body, some of us have the ability to know what someone is about to say before they even say it, seeing colorful auras around people that other’s did not see. Most of us have some metaphysical(mystical) experiences like these in our childhood before it was stomped out of us by other’s telling us “it’s not real!” or “Wow you’re very imaginative.” But i have news for you…

It WAS real! It IS real, and if you’ve held on to that suspicion you are not alone. But enough banter lets get to what you want to read.

What is “The Matrix”? What is “The Force”? Without delving into anything esoteric this all pervading, all surrounding, binding and driving energy is fundamentally what you are, what we all are. We are consciousness. The old proverb “I think therefor I am” really gets to the point that the only thing you truly know is that you exist and everything else is up to interpretation. As morpheus so adequately puts it, “What is real? How do you define real… Real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” When you delve into the question “what is reality” you’ll find some interesting answers. Take your phone for example, or your computer you are using to read this? Is it really there? Of course it is! You can see it right?


What you are actually seeing as your phone, as your computer is a holographic interpretation generated by your brain (sounds crazy right? But hear me out) the light(energy/information) of your phone enters your eye and reflects off your retina, which translates that information into electrical signals which is sent to your brain(the processor). Based off of this electrical information your brain sorts out what is important to the coherent image and what is not, based on what your brain has deemed relevant about your device(it’s color, it’s boundaries, it’s texture) your brain simulates the experience in front of you just as it does with everything else.


Let’s look at the facts, when talking about this I love to bring up the visually impared & hallucinations. A man who is colorblind and cannot see red & green hues has no conception of them, if it weren’t for the fact he was coexisting with people who have that sensitivity it would forever elude him and nothing would be out of the ordinary, yet because he literally “Renders” life differently does that mean his life is any less real? Of course not, he’s here isn’t he?! What about hallucinations? We’ve all seen the schizophrenic hobo yelling and swinging at people/things that just aren’t there. What’s happening is the processes in the brain used to create his holographic simulation of reality are at best malfunctioning. He is generating beings into his experience of reality that aren’t there. But they are so clearly there to him none the less. Who’s to say you are different? That what you experience as being there is actually there? What is “There”?

Now it get’s interesting

A quick google search into quantum physics may bring up some confusing and in all likelihood “boring” articles but quantum physics. Since it’s creation the study has been challenging our view of reality on every fundamental level. There’s an experiment you should know about called the double slit experiment, take your time, look it up It’s best to fully understand it’s implications than take my word for it. But long story short of this experiment hints at some disturbing results. “Reality” vanishes into a state of non-physical probability when not being observed. Why is that? Because it’s not being rendered by any one consciousness. How can something be if there is nothing perceiving it?

Ah now you’re starting to see(hopefully)

You’ve been fed a lie since birth, a subtle lie, and a convincing one at that, but you are not your body. I repeat, You Are Not Your Physical Body…. In fact you aren’t even your thoughts or your emotions. “Then what am I Mr. Knowitall!?” I’m getting there don’t worry. Are you ready?

You are the part of yourself that’s always been there which you’ve thought about the least. You are what is behind the eyes, you are what is behind the thoughts, behind the feelings and sensations. You are that which experiences. That which is experiencing. “What? I still don’t get it” okay hold on. Lets label it to give you some clarity. You are the Observer, that which is observing the world through your body and through your brain…. Yeah kinda crazy. And it a bit imperceptible I know..

“So what’s the point? You said the force is real! I thought we were gonna be talking about jedi!?”

Don’t worry young one, you will be a jedi, I promise you. Patience is key.

So if reality is a holographic matrix constructed by my brain and I am the observer how does that make me a Jedi? When you look at your phone, when you look at your device, it is rendered into existence as a hologram for you to experience and OBSERVE. That image of the device is directly an extension of yourself, your brain generated it after all. What is the difference between generating this device in “real life” and one you generated in a dream? Obviously the one in that supposed dream of yours isn’t real and the other one is real right?! Nope… We just back tracked. Were you able to hold that device in your dream? Did it look real? You thought it was real until you woke up from the dream right? Well thats because your brain uses the same processes to render dreams as it does to render “real life”!

“Wait wait wait, so basically you’re telling me life is just one giant dream which somehow everyone is existing in and creating together?! That nothing is actually "Real” and that everything I see is just an extension of my brains ability to render it. That’s what you’re saying? That’s ridiculous!!!

Now you’re getting it!!!

“Even if that is true I still don’t see how that makes me a jedi or gives me force powers!”

All things in good time padawan, you’re already taking your first steps into a larger world, just keep going. When you see the houses in your neighborhood, when you see the trees growing by the sidewalk, when you see the clouds and stars in the sky the image you see is directly created/rendered within your brain and has become an extension of your being in the process. “Well what if I look at my friend Jody!” Yes she is an extension of you as well! And your arch enemy Devon at work, he’s another extension too! “So we are all extensions of one another?” Exactly. “So you’re saying we are all one?” Essentially. And this oneness, this universally binding matrix that is everything extending to and creating everything is “The Force”. “Fine but how does this allow me to throw objects across the room?” Again patience is key, because before you can access those abilities you need to acquire an understanding of how it all works. Life essentially is one giant dream, the same rules apply and you can change your experience simply by mastering the intent and focus of your consciousness. When you think something that thought affects your perceptions and thus your rendering of reality. It extends to and affects everything around you (since everything around you naturally is an extension of yourself) when you think hatefully towards a coworker is it no coincidence they will often feel the same disdain? When you think positively about someone, hold them in high regard is it no coincidence that person naturally has a better standing with you? These feelings transcend words, they transcend conversation and are directly felt by your other extensions that are Jody and Devon… Even if they are unaware of it.

I know I know, you want physical evidence, you want to feel the force flowing through you, and I don’t plan on leaving you empty handed so if you have read thus far here is your reward. I’m going to detail for you a simple exercise that will allow you to feel The Force of consciousness that extends from your body and out into the matrix.

1. Take both of your hands and place them in front of you with both palms facing each other.

2. Make sure that your palms are separated by 1-2 inches and are not touching in any way.

3. With one of your palms fixed in place keeping it completely stationary slowly start to move your adjacent palm in a circular motion very slowly.

4. Slowly build the circles larger and larger, then with your stationary palm listen and feel for any sensations you pick up from your moving palm.

The first few attempts at this practice may be fruitless(but not necessarily) and with continued practice you should be able to very distinctly feel your energy(the force) from your circling palm rebounding and influencing the stationary energy(force) from your fixed palm.

Everyone can do this, and it works much better practicing with someone else than on yourself. But if you do not feel anything after the third try it is likely because your mind is filled with what I call “Cross chatter”. The constant onslaught of noisy thoughts that pull you out of the moment, the here and now. If this is the case try meditating for 20-30 minutes a day and try again with a calmer mind 2-3 days later.

The more you practice the more sensitive you will become and the easier it will be to feel “The force” with practice these sensations will become stronger, with meditation your understanding of these sensations will deepen, and the more mastery you will have over your extending consciousness.

This energy is always around you, it exists in many various forms and fields extending from you, one of which is the Aura. In a state of normalcy your aura extends 1-2 inches above your skin with varied thickness at certain points, but once you learn to feel the force you will learn to feel your aura (physically) as well. I’ve found that the aura is very responsive to sounds, you can literally feel sounds reverberating throughout your aura with enough practice (I’ve gotten to the point where I can feel it almost constantly throughout the day as long as I’m not too busy and pre-occupied) when you get to this level I highly advise you explore a new taste in music. you wont just be listening to music through your ears, but through your aura as well, you’ll notice how certain music causes different vibrations and different emotional states. You’ll be aware on a much deeper level how music affects you and can lift you into higher states of awareness or lower states of isolation and solitude ^_^ your tastes will change and you will begin to gravitate towards specific tones, melodies, and vibrations that elicit euphoria!

Continue your training young padawan, your potential is unlimited! And never stop seeking a higher level of understand and reality!!!

I apologize for the vagueness of this article but the subject of consciousness is such a large topic for discussion it would be impossible to give all the answers in one post. Hold onto your questions, and hold onto your skepticism as well. Seek answers to these questions and maintain that degree of high skepticism until you experience these phenomena for yourself! The answers will come in time but you must be in an active pursuit if the truth!

Here's the full text of Johnny Karate's legal disclaimer from 'Parks and Rec'

From the law offices of Fwar, Dips, Winshares, Gritt, Nelsson, Woba, Eraplus, Zswing, Rângé-Factor, Heart, Babip, Pecota, Vorp, & Eckstein, LLC:
This document (the “Disclaimer”) is binding in perpetuity. It ensures that Channel 46 (the “Company”) and its parent company, Sweetums Corp., as well as Sweetums Corp’s parent company, Academi, cannot be held legally responsible for any views or actions made by/on “Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show” (the “Show”). The actions of or opinions expressed by, Johnny Karate a.k.a. Burt Macklin a.k.a. Jonathan Karate a.k.a. Andy Dwyer (the “Host”) or his wife, Mrs. Karate a.k.a. Janet Snakehole a.k.a. Judy Hitler a.k.a. April Ludgate-Dwyer (the “Producer”) do not necessarily represent those of the Company. This statement also applies to any and all alter egos or characters generated now, or in the future, by either the Host or the Producer, as well as their cast members, current or future, and their dog Champion a.k.a. Dog World Champion a.k.a. The Three-Legged Wonder Dog a.k.a. Tripod Jones (the “Dog”). 

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Alternate First Meeting

a.k.a that one car AU that I talked to diomiota about.

What if Harry was tasked with the mission of infiltrating a deeply rooted and extensive drug ring based in London? And his way in would be starting with one lowly branch, located under the name of Dean’s Auto Repair Shop. A seedy in the hole in the wall, it’s the best place to start, he supposes.

With a remote device ready to render his car engine useless and a silent bullet to one tire, Harry places his bait at the shop. Only to see this stupidly gorgeous young chav strolling out the shop with an oil stain on his chin with a puzzled look on his face. His name tag says, “Eggsy.”

“Are you needin’ directions, sir?”

Harry recovers in a split second and explains his situation to him, which makes the other even more confused.

“Here? A posh gentleman like you with a cah like that want service ‘ere?” Eggsy questions, suspicious, but nevertheless he shrugs and agrees to check out the car.

In hindsight, bringing an issued Kingsman BMW was a bad idea.

When Eggsy opens up his car hood and bends down to check it out, Harry does not discreetly check out his ass. Much.

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anonymous asked:

Naegi finding security camera footage of Fukawa and Togami's last moments before getting their memories wiped. They are seen hiding in Fukawa's dorm. Junko and Mukuro break the door down and use the memory wiping device on Fukawa, rendering her unconscious. Togami, thinking that they had killed Fukawa, screams and punches Junko before the device is used on him. Naegi shows the video to Togami, who was especially shocked to hear that his final words were: "How dare you... That's my Touko!"

In 2003, Harris Corporation unveiled the Stingray, a sleeker, smaller version of Rohde & Schwarz’s earlier model, and it came with an aggressive push into the US market. Intelligence agencies began using them overseas to surveil targets or identify their devices. US Marshals put Stingrays in planes and flew them over cities, collecting tens of thousands of phone numbers in search of a single fugitive’s phone. Over time, the devices trickled down to local police departments, where they could be used to track down anyone from murderers to purse-snatchers.

But purchasing the device came with a catch. Every time an agency bought a device from Harris, they signed an agreement to keep it out of public court records. If Stingray methods were ever entered into evidence, Harris argued, criminals would catch on, rendering the device useless. Agencies still got court orders to use the devices, but they usually looked like a vaguely worded request for phone records. In most cases, the judges never knew what they were signing and defendants never knew how they’d been caught.

—  Daniel Rigmaiden, incarcerated for tax fraud (he made money by filing tax returns for the recently deceased) uses the scant resources at his disposal to prove the existence of Stingrays, a previously-secret tool of law enforcement, used to track cellphones. We wrote a bit about Stingrays in the book, but they’d still have been secret if it wasn’t for this guy!

greenfairyarmadillo  asked:

Can't remember where, but one time you had Double Agent Anakin think/say that he isn't too bothered by Kadee's torture droid appearance because "we have to live in the bodies depur made for us". In the Anakin lives scenario, he finally gets the chance to take ownership of his own body and give himself awesome new limbs and stuff. Will Kadee get the chance to do the same, and would she even want to? Or would she keep her body as it is because it's hers and who cares if you're uncomfortable?

Yeah, Kadee has all sorts of mods planned for herself, too. She and Anakin are going to work on each other.

She’s got a couple of appendages that are pretty much solely useful as torture devices. She never uses them now that she has full control of herself, but she wants to get rid of them entirely.

She also wants to install a voice modulator that would allow her to imitate tonal changes in biological voices, and thus to express emotion in a way that will be instantly understandable to the biologicals around her. Anakin’s offered to install the modulator now, but she insists her current monotone voice is better for undercover work, and she doesn’t want to change it until after they’ve disposed of Depur.

And Kadee and Anakin have both been working on a device that would render restraining bolts ineffective, so she could never be controlled against her will again. The current model exists only in their heads, though, because it’s too risky to draw up blueprints that might be discovered, and they haven’t yet thought of a way to make the device itself unobtrusive, so installing the prototype on Kadee now would be too noticeable.

Anakin similarly has all sorts of schematics in his head for the kind of life support system and prosthetics he’d like to have, once he’s free to make mods. And Kadee really wants to be the one to install them. She hasn’t told him this, but she thinks of it as her way of making up for what she did to him the first time around, when Palpatine was her Master: the things she doesn’t actually remember doing, because she was memory-wiped, but she sees the results in Anakin every day, and she hates that.

Kadee is first and foremost a medic. “First do no harm” is her motto. (But she’s willing to make an exception for Palpatine. Several exceptions, in fact.)