Frozen/Animaniacs AU - The Optimistic Prince by FaithFirefly

“Do the magic, big brother!”
From the very beginning, little Prince Wakko was always sweet-natured, happy, and playful. As a toddler, his royal image is the last thing on his mind and everything is merely an opportunity to have some fun. As far as fun goes, however, nothing but nothing beats playing with his big brother. At this point - despite the grand size of their castle - Yakko, Wakko, and Dot all share one bedroom. This often results in Wakko dragging his brother from their bunk bed in the middle of the night and the three of them sneaking into the ballroom to play in Yakko’s snow, making snowmen way past their bedtime… But separating the three is simply out of the question. They are the very best of friends, and little Wakko hopes that it will stay that way forever…

“Yakko? When are you coming back out…?”
One morning, however, Wakko wakes up to find his whole world changing. The last thing he remembers is sneaking out in the middle of the night with his brother and sister to play in the snow-covered courtyard…then nothing. Out of nowhere, he’s informed that Yakko’s getting his own room - but it isn’t fully explained why. When he asks his mother, Queen Angelina’s assuring response is that his big brother just needs some time alone, but it won’t be forever. Little Wakko watches as their bunk bed is replaced with a single one, and servants go in and out as they carry all of Yakko’s belongings away. He tries to find Yakko to ask him directly, but is even further confused when his usually-confident brother is suddenly avoiding him and looks terrified to even be anywhere near him. The last good look he gets of Yakko is watching him shut himself away in his new room without a word. Though he’s very young, Wakko can definitely tell when something is wrong with his very best friend and constant playmate… So he takes whatever chance he can to invite Yakko out to play. Even if for some reason, his brother now only ever responds with “go away” or “leave me alone.” He also doesn’t really remember having a funny white streak on one of his bangs…but according to what his parents say, he was simply born with it.

“Time keeps on flying by…!”
As the years pass and the gates remain closed, Wakko has had to learn ways to keep himself entertained. He still has a playmate in his little sister, and the two of them remain as close as ever. Yet at the same time, the young prince misses the time with Yakko spent having sword fights, causing havoc for their tutor - Lady Flamiel - and most of all, building snowmen. He still doesn’t understand why his brother’s been hiding away from them for so long, and what in the world changed since he can still clearly remember how much fun they all had together when they were little. So despite the constant shut-outs, Wakko doesn’t give up and still knocks on Yakko’s door now and then to ask him out to play - especially at this age, where it’s a wonder his boyish stunts don’t break every bone in his body. He also loves to tell Dot stories about when they were all little and all the fun they used to have, since she was far too young to remember it. “Just wait, Dot,” he assures.

“We only have each other… It’s just the three of us…”
Even more years go by. And while Yakko’s constant rejection has caused Wakko to knock at his door less and less, he still holds no ill will towards his big brother. It does pain him to be rejected over and over again, but he stands firm by the belief that Yakko has his reasons for it. And though he still holds the stories close of when he and his siblings had once been close together and happy, his increasingly independent little sister has decided that they never really happened. Wakko insists to her over and over again that yes, they DID happen. He couldn’t forget them even if he tried, and he holds even tighter to them as he eventually becomes the only one of the three to believe things can be like they were before. But with the sinking of their parents’ ship at sea, even darker times are thrown upon the castle. Despite his own vulnerability, Wakko struggles to be the big brother and save face for his sister through it all. He’s hurt and confused when he hears that Yakko still refuses to come out, even for his own parents’ funeral. But still, in spite of his sister’s anger and frustration, Wakko’s heart still reaches out to his brother at the thought that Yakko will be alone in the time they need each other most…

“I wish we could do this all the time.”
With Yakko’s coronation at hand, the castle gates are finally opening again - and Wakko’s about to bust at the seams of his new formal wear, he’s so excited. Not only will he finally get to explore the town he’s always seen out his window and meet its people, but this event will be the first time in ages that he has the chance to reconnect with his big brother. The two boys momentarily get the chance to talk and even laugh together, but it’s sadly short-lived. And though things don’t go as he dreamed trying to talk with Yakko, a very special girl happens along Wakko’s path from that morning and the two of them spend the whole evening together, talking and laughing until - caught up in the moment - Wakko proposes to her on the spot!! Both his siblings are rightfully aghast at the news and try to talk some sense into their naively lovesick brother…but that only escalates into a fierce argument between Yakko and Dot…which THEN escalates into the heel-turn moment when Yakko’s ice powers are revealed to the entire kingdom. Suddenly everything starts making sense to Wakko…but all he can do is call out a plead to his brother as Yakko makes his getaway across the fjord and away from home.

“I’m going to see my brother!!”
Realizing in a moment that these powers are the answer as to why Yakko shut himself away for so long and feeling responsible for pushing him to the edge, Wakko’s more determined than ever to get him back and instantly volunteers to go on the search for him. Strange ice powers are nothing compared to the longing to have his brother back in his life. With his sister by his side - and after a change of clothes and enlisting the help of a more experienced mountaineer - he’s ready to journey forth to bring summer back and reunite his family. Mountain-climbing, convincing Yakko to come home… How hard could it possibly be?

Glass Skin - Sherlock [bbc] by Mi-caw-ber

The lonely future left for me is one meaning of just living
It comes and slowly stains my heart
That’s been cold, all alone and so tightly closed

Dir en grey - Glass Skin

Thanks to a friend of mine I listened to Dir en grey again and this song was, is and will forever be fantastic.
Curious if you find the hidden hint. It has to do with John.

Size: A4
Time needed: 30 minutes
Medium: 0,5 mechanical pencil
Mood: *still waiting for Johnlock to become canon*

THEESatisfaction x Syd The Kid

So I’m actually back stage, in the green room with The Internet after performing one of their first live gigs at Benji’s Deviation night,  THEESatisfaction who had dodged the traffic of a shooting after their set at the Birthday’s in Dalston, Mike G who flew over just for his birthday (because that what you do), Quirksville who made my appearance back stage possible, and my camera was STILL in my bag.

It took awhile for the gassed, tired and shocked feeling to pass before I plucked the courage to ask for a picture.  They say yes like its nothing and held their poses, I’m there skinning teeth. Click!

Until next time ladies.. x.


A short film by Ruby Rose about gender roles, trans expression, and what it is like to have an identity that deviates from the status quo.

And then there was you. by Mi-caw-ber

There’s what I believe.
And then there’s you.

Kieren. Once again. What’s going on, Simon is my fav. character but I draw much more Kieren! :|
Next time it’ll be Simon, promise.

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Blue jeans - Greaser!lock by Mi-caw-ber

Blue jeans, white shirt
Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
It was like, James Dean, for sure
You’re so fresh to death and sick as cancer
But you fit me better than my favourite sweater!

Lana del Rey - Blue jeans

A comission for my dear friend Kassna.
More greaser!lock right here on my blog. And I think the next AU I draw will be Tattoo/Punk!lock :]

Size: A4
Medium: 0,3 mechanical pencil + traditional&digital coloration
Mood: I’ll never ever draw a motorbike again, pain in the ass!

Thanks for watching! :]