deviating from your plan

How BTS would tease their S/O when they were on the phone

Sorry if you dont like pop tarts lol and sorry there is no gif for Jungkook, tumblr wouldnt let me post for some reason if I added one more gif


You would be talking to your best friend and helping her out because she’s looking for a job and needed your advice but Jin wasn’t enjoying the lack of attention. He quickly headed over to the kitchen and grabbed your favourite snack: pop tarts. He would sit in front of you and act like he was going to feed you but would stop halfway and eat it instead. After about 5 minutes of him doing this, you threw your phone and started chasing him to get your pop tarts.



You and Namjoon were on one of your weekly dates at your local coffee shop. After about 2 hours of just eating, talking and enjoying each others company you suddenly got a phone call from your mom which you had to answer so you excused yourself and headed outside to answer the call. You had been talking to your mom for a while and Namjoon got impatient so he paid for your food and headed outside. He quietly snuck behind you and started to tickle you till your sides hurt.

“omg stop it I cant- breat-”


Yoongi probably wouldn’t tease you and would just let you have your phone call but if he absolutely HAD to he would most likely just sit in front of you while smiling like an idiot until you burst into laughter

“Yeah I’ll be able to d- HAHAHAHHA”


You were planning a day out with your friends and Hoseok wanted to spend time with you even though you two were always together. He had deviated a master plan to have you distracted from your phone call. You were talking to your friend while doing your makeup and in the reflection of the mirror you see Hoseok in the flower hat smiling at you and you couldn’t help but laugh

“Hellooo I’m your hope, I’m your angelll”


You were lying on the rug, staring at the ceiling and talking to your dad about life when Jimin walked into the room and hovered over you. When you didn’t pay attention to him he had to put his master plan to the test. He started pulling on the rug until you were outside the apartment and you couldn’t get off because you didn’t realise what was going on until it was too late. He then rolled you up into a burrito and sat on it.

“PARK JIMIN GET OFF ME” “Nope hehehehehehehhe”


You and Taehyung were at the amusement park on a date when you suddenly got a phone call from your best friend so you had to pick up. You had been talking to her for a while and Taehyung was getting sad from the lack of attention especially since you two were on a date. Instead of waiting for you to finish Taehyung would pick you up and throw you over his shoulder causing you to let out a little scream and he would run with you to the entrance of the park then plop you on bench.

“What was that for??!! I almost had a heart attack”


You were talking to your friend on the phone while Jungkook was watching a movie. After a while Jungkook started feeling lonely so he decided to distract you somehow. He went into your room and a few minutes later walked out with a whole new outfit and started doing lord knows what

“Jungkook what are you do- oh my god”

jasperbeambus  asked:

As an ISFJ, I notice that I'm an emotional sponge. I "soak" up all the emotions of the people I'm around and unconsciously mirror their feelings in my demeanor. If I'm around someone that is worried, their stress becomes my own even if I wasn't feeling that before I came in contact with them. I would like emotional distance from people, but I think Fe demands that I have a heightened sense of the emotions of the group. How can I be around others and not be an emotional chameleon?

I have noticed this a great deal in IXFJs. It can be good in the sense that someone else’s positive mood can rub off on them… and bad, because I have sometimes seen the IXFJ start to hate something they loved, because a person close to them hated it, trashed it, and changed their mood about it.

(All feelers can suffer from this to a degree – especially if you rate high on the ‘affability’ scale, which means you have an overall pleasant approach to others.)

You have already won half the battle by realizing you do this, and wanting to change. Next you need to become aware of it as it is happening, and learn to detach enough to ask yourself, “Am I feeling this… or are they?” To realize you are a separate entity from this person, that you can choose whether or not to allow their emotions to influence yours (you have Si as a barrier to help you, which you can activate through asking detail-driven questions to understand their mood and perhaps force them to be objective in the process, pausing to examine your past interactions with this person, and maybe to recognize a pattern of behavior or a certain dynamic between you), and analyze things (Ti) as they happen, rather than allowing other’s moods to “overwhelm” you.

You can also shape the emotional mood around you, rather than being reactive – choose to be proactive, and if the mood is bleak, focus on how you can uplift that person (provided they are receptive and really do want help). The strength of Fe is understanding and shaping complex personal dynamics within the group – you are terrific at sensing / feeling them, now learn to USE them. Healthy Fe-doms are very good at shaping the mood of a group, by setting a strong and positive emotional standard. You can learn similar techniques.

Since you are an ISFJ, I’m guessing some people’s moods influence you more than others – your beloved family and close friends, maybe? The people you most care about? Typically, emotional detachment is higher with total strangers, those you do not like, or those you do not know well than those in whom you wholeheartedly invest your emotions. Being emotionally engaged with those people is not wrong or bad – they are “your tribe,” and it’s common to be emotionally influenced over those we most love or care about. This is where my advice to step back and think about (analyze) it will be harder. But unless you are reasonable about others, you cannot see them clearly.

The next time someone you care about goes into an emotional meltdown – give yourself some space, leave the room for a few minutes, go somewhere, shut the door, and work through your feelings / reach a point where you can analyze what just happened and whether it’s rational for you to be upset with them. In the case of “worry” … anxiety is an emotional response. How do you counter an emotional response? With logic that “comforts.” If it’s a problem, what are the ways you can solve it? Fix it? Lay out steps to help the other person be proactive?

The human mind does not like uncertainty or indecision. Until you make a choice, you are “stuck” in limbo. You cannot make these six decisions, until you make THAT decision. Decisions build on one another. You can combat anxiety – your own and other people’s (if they will listen) through decisions. A leads to B, which makes C inevitable. Suddenly it’s not so scary anymore, because you have a plan. You may deviate from the plan, but your mind can calm down for awhile. :)

- ENFP Mod

Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - June 11 - July 29, 2017 *Season Six Finale Realness*

More Astrological Shade Coming Your Way July 30th! #SeasonSeven #GotShitToDo #ShitImGettingPaidFor

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

This summer, I encourage you to lighten the fuck up. Look, I get it. You’ve got your work cut out for you these next couple of months. But you’re concentrating on your workload instead of all the opportunities that are at your disposal. Even your complaining is a becoming a bit erratic. Some bitches don’t get to be as busy as you, so just chill out and be grateful, queen!

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

It just seems like ERRBODY has got something to say about your new nose job. And so what? When was it your job to defend whatchu want your nose to look like? This is a matter of personal preference. It got nothing to do with what other bitches are saying about you. Instead of worrying about what to say to inquiring hos, just enjoy whatchu paid for!

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Bitches are finding it difficult to keep up with your larger than life ass ideas and the more you keep pushing them concepts on them constituents, the more they’ll run away from yo ass. Look, queen, your posse don’t wanna be reminded of how basic they are. All they want is to spend time with you. Stop PR-ing your shit and be there for your friends!

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Your personal relationships will be taking a backseat to your dreams and ambitions. Gurl, this is totally fine! Just make sure you’re not using your career shit to run away from yo friendz and yo menz. Furthermore, someone in your posse may even be able to help you out with your ascent to stardom. Don’t discount them hos just yet.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

A lot of shit is about to go down this summer, and it’s quite amusing to find you scrambling to make sense of it all, like some drunk queen who lost a shoe on her way home from Santa Monica Boulevard. Look, before you start to panic, perhaps you need to sit down in a moment of contemplation to recharge your batteries and to honor who you’ve become these past few years. At least just acknowledge where you are in the ecosystem and pay silent homage to the bitches that gotchu here.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

You are so hung up on how you think a certain event in your life will unfold, that you are unwilling to entertain any sort of deviation from your plan. Honestly, that is so unlike you. Remember, this event is just a formality - you actually think the whole thing is unnecessary. Don’t get sucked into the so-called magic of the event. That is not what yo ass stands for. It ain’t your truth, henny!

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

I think it’s safe to say that yo big, fine ass defies any kind of logic that shady queens may throw your way. When you sashay into any room, bitches be gagging. It will be easy for you to be intoxicated by this new power. This is why, the earlier you become aware of your prowess, the easier it will be for you to control that ass. Remember, only use your powers for good!

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

You just can’t help yourself, can you? Why is it that any deviation from your plan ends up in the cutting room floor? Are you that inflexible that you are willing to discount concerned parties who are there because they care about yo ass? Your constituents need you now more than ever to listen to their pleas for change. I know that you think that everything is decided now, but there is still room for you to let others in on your journey.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Your aloofness ain’t cute no more. Bitches be wanting you to open up and show them a bit of that vulnerability which you’re not used to giving them. Perhaps, they accidentally got a taste of it in the past and it has left them gagging for more (so really, it’s your damn fault). There is a compromise out of all of this. Revealing parts of you to interested parties can be done in a slow, controlled manner. Repressing that shit will just cause you to constipate. And that’s never cute.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

While everyone’s running amok in the streets, you’re flying under the radar, gurl! This is the perfect opening for you to take advantage of the situation and make things happen for yo ass. Dream big, because this is a limited time offer only - Offer Code FISH. Just make sure you’re not wasting that universal life bonus on some random hand job in some danky alley. Gurl, you better than that.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

A certain VIRGO influence is teaching you to be a little bit more careful before you spring into action. Even you are getting bored with this “act now, ask questions later” kind of mode, and you’re looking for something more substantial. Something that inspires longevity and constant contemplation. This is a new thing for you, so be careful with that shit.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

If you’re having a difficult time getting through the present because a lot of future shit is warranting your utmost attention, a handy dandy notepad is whatchu probably need. For every worry that crosses your brain regarding what’s to come, I urge you to write that shit down. You’ll find that the more you document, the less is on your mind and the more at peace you’ll feel.

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

For more Horoscopes By Gil Hizon, click here, gurl!

Dealings with a Devil (Part 29)

Dealings with a Devil (Part 29)

Reader X Darkiplier

You, Reader, have made a deal with what you believed to be a fantasized version of your favorite YouTuber’s alter ego, Darkiplier after he’d visited you in a dream. You believed Darkiplier to only exist in your dreams and on Markiplier’s YouTube channel, but by some impossible way he’s real and he intends on collecting on your debt to him.

Originally posted by intothemindofcourtney

“What?” You whisper looking between the five people before you. Sean and Wade had joined for the little gathering of minds. Mark had just told you about the context of the box of mystery and stressed induced sleeplessness.

“I wish I were joking, Y/N. We turned over the box to the police, but since we don’t have a name and he hasn’t threatened you, there isn’t a whole lot they can do.” Mark tells you, gauging your response to his words.

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anonymous asked:

omg im so glad youre into vikings too because all i can think is about the lothbrok squad owning a tattoo parlor together jesuschrist

i dont even want to talk about how old this request is but i finally did it! i swear i love d this idea from the beginning, it was just a lot to write and i can never do anything easy apparently. 

“So you’re here for a tattoo then?”

Your gaze shot up, finger still bookmarked in the binder ho hold your place. Sometime had passed since you’d found yourself settled in the little lobby. Your friend, the actual reason for the visit, had promised you twenty minutes tops for a touch up. Not that you completely understood what all that went into the permanent artwork, but it seemed that you both sorely underestimated the excursion. A quick glance at the clock hinted at pushing almost an hour.

Well that would explain the cramp in your neck.

The heat of blue eyes still looking down at you expectantly  filled your cheeks when you realized your answer was still withheld.

“Oh, no, no. I’m just looking, my friend- she’s getting a clean up?” Or at least that was what you remember her calling it. Not that it was very audible over the guilty insistence that you deviate from your plans for a quick stop. A ‘short’ session that was rapidly eating up time.

The man didn’t seem quite as convinced at first, hands pulling at his unruly blonde beard until recognition bled into focus. “Clean up? …- oh, the girl with Hvitserk?”

Something else shifted in his gaze before his lip quirked, the entire expression shaken away with a turn of his head. There was a new look to the way he regarded you now, a tad more relaxed but also intrigued . His gaze danced from feature to feature until accepting the absence of a correlation.

His arms gave away from his chest, “Yeah, that ‘clean up’ is going to take awhile.” Chin tapping his shoulder, he threw a mildly concerned glance over his shoulder to alcove your friend had disappeared down now pushing twenty minutes ago.

The rest was lost to you but you doubted you’d fully comprehend exactly what was going on either way. You were severely out of element with no hope of grasping straws. Instead you surrendered yourself back to vaguely browsing the inventory of talent in your lap in the form of a black binder portfolio.

While your eyes never lifted, you were very cognitive of the figure still hovering near. Perhaps your presence of vulnerability was giving off signals of loneliness . Not that explained why he felt obligated to heed the call. He was every bit of self assured as he lingered near. Pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth you waited the inevitable.

“You sure you don’t want something ? It can be pretty small.”

Maybe he was just obligated to continue to sell a pitch. The room was set up like a lobby but it was beginning to feel like you were teetering on loitering. It wasn’t your intention to wander aimlessly in the heat but if the was what you had to do-

A courage swallowed thickly in preparation to protest.

“Maybe a butterfly? Flower? One of those little quotes ivy an infinity sign.”

Every suggestion felt like the immediate results you’d find on a simple Pinterest quest. They were the ones your friend jeered at and crudely berated in explanation. Way too innocent, she’d added before refining the search. Something someone would get to help them hide the sin in church.

Is that what he regarded you as?

“Why are you stereotyping her, Ubbe. Maybe she wants a dragon, hm? Maybe the world?”

You were expected to be caught off guard given how he sort stumbled into the room. Hair twisted into messy braids against the back of his head, striking blue eyes seeming to squint in slight annoyance for your cause. The newcomer leaned heavily against the against the frame of the entrance, barely holding balance by a thread of tapestry.

You realize they’re  both staring at you for the obvious tie breaker.

But apparently you weren’t a fitting contender for the role.

“Come, I will find you something. “

Maybe it was the sureness of blue gaze cut cleanly into your resolve but you found yourself rising obediently without preamble to his beckoning.

Ubbe, you’ve learned, had a face pinched in irritation as he regarded his collegiate. The was something hidden in their interactions that lead you to believe they were more than just coworkers. But the younger of the two held enough confidence to close the gap.

“You still have a client, Ivar.”

Ivar was less affected by the obvious excuse than you were. His back commanding your steps effortlessly as he lead you away.

“I am almost done. Certainly will be by the time she comes to a decision.” The sheet draped behind you, brushing the length of your back and effectively severing off the remainder of his speech. Though you doubted that he meant for it to be heard.

Ivar groaned with reluctance as he fell back into his chair. There was an understandable ire in the prospect of having to sit in one place for hours. His shoulders rolled in a way that shouldn’t have been inviting. Yet somehow, somewhere you found yourself toying with the thought of how the broadness would look unclothed; pliant muscle stretched out in bliss from a different form of overstimulation-

-How about not.

He gestures noncommittally and you take it that he expects you to make use of the sparsely available seating. As you circle the tight space, you take in the sight of his client. A girl laid out freely with an arm thrown carelessly over her bare chest. It took a second look for you to realize she was holding her breast up and out the of the way for Ivar to work his magic just under the shadow of where they would fall. Black lines and shapes saturated with ink, arched under the mounds into a intrinsic display of vines and petals. The masterpiece was well beyond completion, only baited by a critical eye of the artist as he continued on diligently.

“You got something in mind?” His voiced regarded you in a way his gaze couldn’t as he remained focused, in tune with every twitch and whimper as he willed his hand to still.

“Nothing expensive. “

Ivar huffed past a laugh, pausing long enough to roll his wrist, “All tattoos start expensive. Or at least they are when you only have to do them once.”

“Ivar are we almost done?” Her whine was soft but aged from long wait. But god would it be worth it, to have the that work of art on display.”

“Hm, few more minutes- you, sit there. And toss that binder away. Too generic for the shop. Grab that one behind you.”

His area wasn’t neat but it wasn’t too many leaps above messy. You reached for the first one in sight.

“No, not that one. Does that look like a portfolio to you? The grey one.  ”

You spared him a dry look of irritation knowing it would bleed right into his indifference. Supposedly when it came down to it, his job didn’t really amount to much customer service. It was his work that spoke volumes.

Very thick volumes.

With barely veiled look of unimpressed, you leafed  through the portfolios with awe.


These were amazing.

They were obviously more attuned to moods rather than the themes the main shop book had mapped out. Each page highlighted a different emotion, captured a separate opinion of the world. Some were unfinished but even in the remnants you were sorely impressed. The pads of your fingers ran over one page in particular, tracing over the bold lines and vibrant colors employed to bring the image to life.

“These are my personal sketches. Ubbe says they’re too complicated for the front desk. I say some people are just too stupid.” Your head shot up to find him peering pridefully over his shoulder, pausing in his work just long enough to catch your eye. “But you … you can be taught. Check the middle, that’s more to your taste.

With what you were beginning to pin imaginative bookmarks in, it was safe to assume you were on the cusp of his intended margin. Curiosity stick to your fingertips as you flipped through another section, interest pinching at your brow.

“Nice, yeah? We can hide those for just your little boyfriend to see.”

You had half the mind to correct him but the wicked grin he chose to shoot you shortly after in expectation had you swallowing your tongue.

“My friend is here, I don’t think I can get one today. She should almost see be done.”

His hand stopped, and if you were at the right angle you’d notice the calculated look on his face. “You mean the girl with a mouthful of my brother cock? Or they might have progressed by now, don’t care. But you shouldn’t be bother. “

The warmth boiling under your skin was more for anger t than embarrassed by his crude truth.

“But they can’t do that here. It’s a business. “

The girl in the table shoots you a look that he echoes.

“He’s part owner. If that’s how she pays its for it gets done. “

There was another spark of anger, this time directed at the man who let your friends indebury be sullen by his tainted mouth.

“Don’t worry, I’m much nicer. You pay, I said stay away. East. Right, Erin?”

Erin merely shrugged, hissing when the needle hatted against her skin. Ivar tsked in reprimand.

“Relax, kattunge. I just want to mark you body nothing else.”

Now would be a really good time to mark you distance grab your friend and he fit tail it out of there.

“Alright, you’re done. “

Trading the gun for a damp cloth, he carefully added a shiny appeal to the image, consequently catching a stray droplets of ink along the way. With each action, he added a specific instruction to care and maintenance as he sealed down a stretch of plastic wrap as a final layer of protection.

Rolling his chair back, he gave her the room to redress, eyes not even bothering to score a final look. By the many strokes of ink painting her body, he was sure to have gotten his fill by the first hour anyway. Toss his gloves away, he did however, grace her with a smile as she thanked him profusely and accepted her touch with grace even if he did not encourage it further.

You wonder if you hadn’t been there, would he have allowed it to linger longer.

He ran a new cloth over the chair just as the hanging curtain veiled her exit. Ivar gestured ambiguously for you to take the newly vacant spot. You observed quietly as he cleared the work table, screwing on caps and replacing tainted needles. All jest of a theoretical tattoo suddenly sealed like fate as you began to realize the position you were now in.

“A place in mind?” Ivar utized the rolling feature of his chair, kicking out to close the distance between him and the counter. The drawers banged noisily in protest to his ministrations as he tugged out new supplies and fresh paper.

This was really going to happen, then?

“Uhm, maybe just the inside of my forearm? Or, I guess just the bicep?” Those were pretty generic locations. Maybe just along the curve of your rib meeting your side would be a better hiding spot? Would just below your waist line come with too many implications?

Slowly your gaze came to focus, catching the crude smirk on his lip as he peaked over his sketchbook. You hadn’t realized he was taking notes, but it seemed that your jumped thoughts were the beginnings of a roadmap for this new adventure.

“Thinking pretty hard are we?”

“This is a big decision. Your work is going to be on my body for the rest of my life.”

Whether it was your tone of voice or the context, something about it managed to sullen his features as the settled into stretched patience.

“I know that. I’m not trying to rush you. Nothing is concrete right now. I just need a clear idea, I’ll run through some sketches and we can convince on an idea next time.”

There was something about his determination, his absolute confidence in his work that made the idea all the more compelling.

Carefully with hinted guidance, the pair of you managed to put together a rough sketch with little knots and sideline additions to consider between the days separating now and your next meeting. The location took a bit more deliberation, but with pain in mind he was able to narrow your choices. Together you were actual able to bring together something worthy of that little grey binder you regarded with short-lived  praise.

“Sure you don’t want an underboob? I’ve seen plenty, I promise I wont stare.”

You were surprised to feel a grin tugged at your lips but managed to snip back in thin ire, “ Shut up, I’m fine with what we decided on.”

Ivar shrugged playfully, pushing back briefly to ransack his counter again and returned with measuring tape. Your clothing was able to remain on your body, but that didn’t stop you from jumping at each feather touched dancing across your skin. He scolded you with light jobs, reminding you that you couldn’t be this sensitive on game day.

When you go to stand with every intention of exiting, you find the action absent of company as Ivar seems more than content resting with a firm hand massaging at his legs. They earlier memory of how you were introduced to him begs a question but you would prefer not to equip him with resentment in lieu of a motor needle. Somehow you knew you wouldn’t escape curiosity that easily.

Emerging from the room you find not one but three pairs of eyes witnessing your arrival, neither of them helping you to feel any less self-conscious. Quickly you dart to your friends side, not failing to notice how you had to nudge away a new face in order to accomplish it.

“All done?”

You seemed to have pulled her from her thoughts, eyes darting disbelievingly from you and where Ivar remained hidden. “I heard you’re interested … in tattoos, all of the sudden?” It felt like the last thing she wanted to inquire of you but you weren’t keen on delving into anything with an audience. With a surprisingly simple tug you were able to guide her to the exit with little resistance.

“Thanks, Hvitserk, it looks great.” The hand she would have used to wave is instead braced against the frame of the door in a last minute attempt to avoid being pulled into it. When you cut your gaze back to offer an apology, you’re stammered short by an intense look from Ubbe that holds you until the tinted doors swings close.

When you turn back to face the street, your friend is waiting for you expectantly, a grin just short of amused.

“Oh yeah, we’re going to talk.”

If you’re writing a rough draft for a full-length novel and you still don’t have much experience with it, you might have a lot of questions.

So here is an FAQ.

1. My characters aren’t going as planned. One is becoming more important than I intended and another isn’t developing as well as the others. What do I do?

Keep writing. Just keep writing. It’s an early draft. No one but you has to read it. You can fix all these development problems in the next draft.

As you write you’ll find that you deviate from your original plan. This is okay. Sometimes it’s better to deviate. You might find something better.

If you find that some characters are falling behind and you’re not sure what to do with them, try deleting them. Just get rid of them. It might help.

If you find that they aren’t as well developed, keep writing with them. Change something. Change the plot. Change a part of their back story. Just keep writing. These things do not happen all at once.

2. I outlined my plot, but now I’m starting to go another way. What do I do?

Same as above. Just keep writing.

You do not have to stick to your original plan. Better things may come along. Go with your gut.

And remember, you can write both. Write one draft sticking to the outline. Write another where you deviate.

3. I just wrote something, but I don’t like it. Should I go back and edit?

No. Editing will only hold you back. You will have a chance to rewrite this scene when you start writing your next draft.

Always keep writing. The quality at this stage does not matter. What matters is that you get the story down.

4. I really love this scene/character/passage/subplot, but I can’t get the rest of the story to work around it. What do I do?

Delete it. Just get rid of whatever is holding you back. You should not be reworking 90% of your story just so you can fit in that 10% that you really love. 

If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work. Maybe you’ll eventually find a spot for it, maybe you won’t. Maybe it’ll eventually fit in this story, maybe it’ll fit in another one.

5. I want to end/begin with a dream, but I’ve heard it’s a bad idea…

It’s a very bad idea and here are my reasons why. Read that before you come complaining to me about how you’re somehow the exception. Everything thinks they’re the exception.

6. I think my story is too short/too long…

You are going to have an unlimited amount of chances to rewrite this story. Rewrites often lead to a raise or decline in word counts.

Don’t worry about the length at this stage. You’ll fix it later. You’ll find stuff to delete. You’ll combine things. You’ll extend subplots. You’ll introduce new things. Your first draft is not your final draft.

7. I’m having trouble with a scene/character/the layout of the story because I’m not sure how it would translate into a screenplay or if it would prevent my book from becoming a movie.

Your book is not going to become a movie. The chances of it becoming a movie are pretty much none. The chances of your book being published are also slim. If you want to write a movie, then write a screenplay.

pairing: unknown/reader
notes: [4/?] part one, part two, part three
part four of unknown route fic, once again featuring a very special guest
also, a shameful self-promotion that’s only tangentially related to this  , but I gave in and made a rp blog for my mc @abrasiveheroine and one for saeran @ofminteyes so if you ever want a quick dose of them in between me writing you can pop in and bug them there

In the morning, he has you sorting through… stuff.

Files, sort of. It’s not exactly organized enough to qualify as such, but ‘miscellany’ implies more variety than this mishmash of papers, and you suppose it will be file-like by the time you’re through with it.

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