The two things I love so much about this page: the SMUGGEST Cullen EVER, and Celyse in that 4th panel with her internal panicked monologue of  pleasedon'tnoticepleasedon'tnotice Since of course she thinks she was totally not super obvious when she FLED their lesson in a panic after letting the “let him win” slip, heheh ^___- 


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The first scene in series, First Talk in Haven, can be found on Tumblr or Deviant Art, where you can also find more of my Dragon Age comics! The previous scene, Safe Return, is on Tumblr and Deviant Art too!

Or read all the scenes on the main Bellanaris site!


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anonymous asked:

how much of the snob is a character and how much of a deviant is the real brad

The character is a lot more pretentious, cynical and high brow than me.  I’m not quick to get that pissed off either, I’m a pretty relaxed non-cynical dude in real life, and definitely not pretentious.  But despite being in character, you can see my real feelings of a movie coming out in videos like War Room or Old Fashioned.

miss-controversial asked:

How old are you?And how long have you been writting? P.S.: I looooooove everything you write <3

@miss-controversial First of all, thank you for your sweet compliment! It always makes me so happy to receive such lovely words <3 

I will turn 30 in March. I wrote my very first Fan Fiction when I was…. 17 or 18… I wrote two stories but stopped writing for a long time. 

I posted my first Gotham Oswald Cobblepot x Reader story last year on February on deviant art! 

My “Gotham Fan Fiction Birthday” is on 24th of February :D 


My Victoria Francis Oracle deck came today! A huge thanks to @torque-witch for ordering it for me <3 <3

(Haha! My face! Yes I am very good at pulling the same face in multiple pics)

A few pics for those who aren’t familiar with VF’s artistry. These cards are huge lol I thought my Deviant Moon tarot deck was big!

The box is made of very thick stock and has a lid that lifts like a gift box. The cards sit on an integrated ribbon which is attached to one side of the box, so you can easily get the cards out. The booklet is pretty thick, with paragraphs of meaning for each card, and in the beginning has three types of card spreads. Of course, there’s also suggested instruction for use. It’s also in 5 languages. (English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.)

This is my first oracle deck, and so many people had noted that I remind them of this one (those deck ask memes? yeah, inspo). Again, thank you Torque!!

Hey there Purrl!

Its been a SUPER DUPER long time- and we never really talked much in the first place, But I knew you (sort of?) waaay back when in the deviant art days. (like “5 years ago” deviant art days. When Naruto was Cool and anime was a thing and when art was hard) (I have no idea if you’d remember me- Annalane/Kitty-chan? #hugeweeb)


You were a huge inspiration to me. Honeslty- I wanted nothing less than to draw like you and to have such a great attitude and everything. 

You sorta came across my dash a couple minutes ago. I mean- i’ve been following you for a while, but damn it was a whole blast of nostalgia.  I wanted to send a “Thanks” and a little gift.

So, uh, Thank you. For being an inspiration, a brilliant artist, and an amazing person. Despite our minimal interactions- you were a guiding force on why I kept drawing when my stuff was…far from good. 

Here’s to you, Purrl. Keep on being amazing!