Who Does Readings?

Send me your name, what services you provide, how much they cost/if they are free, and I can put you on here! :D

stagsson ~ I can provide free single card or single rune readings. For more complex readings I would like to have a chat in a chat program and perhaps exchange trade of items or time.

witchphreak ~ I do pendulum and tarot readings! They’re free with an optional donation

sansacelestite ~ I’d be willing to do free oracle card readings. I do the readings with the Goddess Oracle deck, and I’m willing to do pendulum and dice divination as well. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while. :D

unimpressed-pineapple ~ i do free tarot readings - deviant moon deck, any spread.

hecatesoracle ~ Demi Corbin - Hecate’s oracle, Mostly oracle card readings, but sometimes tarot. Always free and always open. I just don’t do love or health questions. Anon is allowed and i can keep readings private if asked.

automatonophilia ~ I do readings! I’m doing dice divination in return for feedback :) I want to see how accurate it is and depending on people’s feedback, I might start charging in the future. (come get them while I still give them for $0 :P)

amongtherealms ~ I do stichomancy readings mostly! They’re free, but if someone would like a more in-depth analysis of their reading, rather than just  a paragraph or two, then coming off anon so we can chat privately would be better. I’m also looking to get into tarot readings as soon as I find the right deck to work with.

the-darkest-spark ~ I do readings~! I do cartomancy and tarot, and for the moment my services are free, but I may do a donate-if-you-wish system in the future once I get better. :)

artandwitchery ~ I offer free tarot readings, with as many cards as I think is necessary for the reading. Feedback is appreciated, but not necessary.

snakesigh ~ I do single tarot card pulls for free. :)

sleepyshieldmaiden ~ I can provide free single card or multiple cards depending on your question & my deck. For more complex readings (past life, full year, etc), I would like to have a chat outside tumblr (if possible, please!!) and in-exchange I was hoping to get feedback and barter items/services (energy reading, aura reading). I have several different decks and I truly enjoy reading for others. Please message me. :)

thedragonslibrary ~ I run an Etsy shop with tarot or pendulum readings starting at $7, and occasionally I offer free readings on my blog! I prefer to do past life and spirit guide or companion readings, but I will do readings on most topics that are uninvasive towards others.

undertheworldoverthemoon ~ I do tarot readings (Rider-Smith-Waite, animal, or Fairchild). These are usually three card readings, but I will do Celtic Cross or other spreads upon request. I do Lenorn and three card readings, runs casts, Hellenic alphabet oracle, and pendulum readings. Donations are appreciated.

catseyewitch ~ I do free oracle card and rune readings on my sideblog catseyewitch! I’m new but I’ve been told my oracle readings are really accurate! I haven’t done any rune readings yet

happydizy ~ I do free single card tarot readings. And multiple card readings for donation/service in return. I also sometimes have pendulum readings open!

kirislittleapothecary ~ General 1 card readings are free, and so are pendulum readings! Anything else is listed on my blog :)

twentyone-jaimelannisters ~ I do free pendulum readings c:

alderwolfe ~ My blog is a witchcraft blog, but if there is going to be this new divination community, I will totally bring back more divination content. I specialize in tarot readings and will be opening them up more frequently. I also am open to answering any questions people might have about tarot and oracle cards. I am also willing to keep things private.

tevinter-witch ~ I offer one card tarot reading (either a daemon deck or a faery deck, your choice), water scrying, spirit communication and pendulum readings. I will offer full spread tarot readings if we’re mutuals and/or it’s really important. Nothing is charged, but donations are always welcome if you wish.

jmrdgk  ~ I do pendulum readings free of charge.

witch-who-knows-nothing ~ I do tarot and pendulum for free! (Just click my ask box)

mangageek94 ~ I do Oracle, Tarot, Rune, Shufflemancy and Pendulum readings. Occasionally they are free. I do have a page that lists the prices of my tarot readings, and I have them in my etsy store. Later plan on offering oracular seidr in my etsy store as well.

shylilwitch ~ I do readings with my pendulum (I made it myself). I’m just starting out so I’m doing this for the practice therefore I won’t charge! Thank! :)

black-as-the-shadows ~ I do pendulum and tarot readings. No charge.

deepseamagick ~ My name is Stephanie and I do pendulum readings! They’re free as long as the asker doesn’t mind waiting two days at most for it to be answered :)

maramorha ~ I read tarot for free.

anisette47 ~ I do free tarot readings! Any feedback is appreciated but I don’t charge anything

thebookishwitch ~ I do pendulum and tarot readings, I have both free and donation-necessary tarot readings, and only free readings for my pendulums. I have more info on both on my blog under my “Requests” page.  

ubiquitous-pearl ~  I can offer free tarot readings (choice of the Tarot of the Hidden Realm or the Gilded Tarot, usually 3-4 cards, sometimes more if I feel it’s needed) and lithomancy readings for yes/no questions. I can also post images of the cards/stones if you wish. I’m still a beginner diviner, so feedback on readings is not required, but highly appreciated!  

nightshadeandroses ~ I do paid tarot, stichomancy, and shufflemancy readings, and I occasionally open up free readings or do giveaways with free readings as a prize. All of my paid readings are paid through my Amazon wishlist.

magllama ~ I do one- or three-card tarot readings for feedback only, under my sideblog magllama! I also have a pendulum for readings! I have other things but I’m not ready to practice with those yet. :3

stormy-not-bronwen ~ Hey! I do free three card tarot readings. And I do more in depth spreads for pay!

crowsandjackals ~ I do one or three-card tarot readings in return for feedback.

todust-or-to-gold ~ I do oracle readings and pendulum readings. My current list of prices can be  found here

gemory666 ~ hi, my name’s tasha and i offer free pendulum and tarot readings! (oracle of shadows and light)

rochaelthenaturalist ~ Rochael here! I do free one card tarot readings and free shufflemancy readings.

somethingpagany ~ I do free tarot/rune readings.

sleepless-vessel ~ I offer free one-card tarot readings and intuitive energy readings! I’m still working on my divination skills, so feedback is greatly appreciated :). Only tarot readings are taken for anons, but I can always answer pivately upon request!  Answers may take a couple of days sometimes, but they always arrive :)  Thanks so much for this!

hanjithetitan ~ Free tarot, oracle, and pendulum readings !

descended-petal ~ my blog is descended-petal and I do tarot, energy, past life, aura, spirit, guidance readings. Mainly all off intuition other than tarot. I do free on and off readings, most are $2

thequeercircle ~ Mod Virgil on this blog gives free pendulum readings

rebellious-wisdom ~ I do primarily for-pay tarot and lenormand readings for relatively cheap on-tumblr, and I also do per-minute readings off-tumblr. Every now and then I offer free readings, single-card and super brief.

panicky-witch ~ the blog that i do readings on is panicky-witch and for right now i do pendulum and 3 rune readings. I’m working on getting tarot cards and some other methods of divination.

Islāmic Books [PDF’s]

MAIN [with all folders] [x]


[These books will enable you to gain knowledge and understanding about the basic foundations Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa’ah]


**in particular ‘What must be known about Islām [x]’ is a mighty book**


I recommend the following websites regarding fatwa [religious rulings by the trusted Ulemaa (Scholars)]:


Bulugh al-Maram [knowledge based] is in this folder, along with vol 1-4 of fiqh us sunnah. 



Islām upon it’s intended understanding; that which the Righteous Predecessors were upon. 
Furthermore Salafiyyah is following the way of the Prophet ﷺ and his Sahabah [companions] for they are our Salaf [predecessors] who preceded us, so following them is Salafiyyah.


Deviant art news Core “Oh but that’s the same as PREMIUM” price.

Seriously, it’s just me or the prices are TWICE the amount they were?

[edit] I search the internet, it was 7 bucks for 3 moths and 25 buck for a year ;)