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A level graphics work for my artist interpretation ( Joanna He/myrollingstar/cartoongirl7), please ignore the shitastic photoshop autumn leaf brush. I had to use the schools photoshop which only had the basic and standard brush tool, and the final book is due in like tomorrow. I really can’t draw hands, like at all. 

I had to channel her style, which I think I did a pretty okayish job at ._.

Bonsai Keychain

So I order this key chain that I thought would be freakin’ awesome.

And. IT IS.

External image

It’s it adorable?

It came in this very nice packaging. as you can see. Of course the inside is sealed nicely and because it was in Kanji. My face was like this. ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

Good thing there were pictures. Sadly you don’t see a youtube video of this so I just had to go along with the pictures and hopefully. fingers cross! That my plant will grow.

External image

So I could have just label all the things in the pictures, but it wouldn’t fit! But I number them! So.. 

  1. Obviously, that’s the Soil! Surprisingly it was dusty but at finger touch it’s perfect 
  2. This is the keychain which the Bonsai will be carried in. I wont go into to much depth on the structure of the keychain.
  3. These are the seeds. Surprisingly theres only 5-7 of them in there. I didn’t take a really good look at them, but they were very small. From the blue to the green, it’s Spring, Fall, Summer and Winter 
  4. Little Shovel to put the dirt in the Keychain :)
  5. This is to keep the dirt from being thrown around (I think) It has a hole where you can push out so the plant can grow. You’ll see in the next picture
  6. This is for the keychain to stand when you don’t want to carry it around 
So I did all the work of attaching it together and it’s really exciting for me because the last time I planted something pretty was a rose that grew across the back of my wall at the backyard. It’s massive!
External image
So fingers cross and hope this will grow! (ノ゚0゚)ノ~
I could be overreacting!

Most of you know me as a huge fan of Cartoongirl7 aka Myrollingstar (

She’s going to an art convention that she does, I think every year. I think it’s the Fanime that she’s attending right now and had already left to San Jose to open her table. I’m sure most of you can’t go and obviously a reason to write this. I can’t either. No matter how much I beg my mother. I know we can order, but first come first serve and I want to be first because I know exactly of what I will be buying and I have the amount of money ready. Reason why I’m going all out was because I wasn’t able to get orders last year, which just made me depressed that I was to late to get etching. I’m sorta glad I didn’t get it last year now that I think about it because now she has more work out that I would want. I’m so excited!

I know fans of Jo are probably as excited as I am. Take pictures!

  • So does anyone have any idea when orders are suppose to kick in and we email Jo? I’m so anxious. щ(ಥДಥщ)
  • Also what are you guys going to buy?

I copied the picture of Jo’s 2012 Convention post and circled the ones I will be purchasing. You guys should show me what you will be buying! 

Since there is a indicated and a caption at the bottom that says “MORE NOT SHOWN”

I will probably wait till I can see my options till I fully put down my money and say Please!

  1. Tell me what you guys think!
  2. Also go check out Joanna’s Blog and Deviant at !