im browsing through deviantart to find stamps to put all over my new about page and i found a user who is dedicated to creating stamps solely around how terrible of a person jon arbuckle is

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Wie geht das genau mit deviantart App? Finde nichts wo man das kaufen kann :( bin bissl zu dumm für sowas^^

Würde das über den Browser machen, die App ist nicht gut!

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Have you drawn art for fairy tail if so pls show us .

Those were the days when I lurked on deviantart instead of tumblr lmao but aight ok digs up some trash

I used to be really, like, HARDCORE into Graylu (still am… babies will never be canon but eh)

ugh my lineart cringes if you find my deviantart account don’t bother contacting it lmao I’m dead there

Title: My Sweets
Word Count: 1262
Chapter: One (Technically)
Pairing: Orignial characters, M/M.
Tags: Omegaverse, Mpreg, and fluff. 
A/N: So this is a fic that I based on a prompt that based on an angsty prompt that I would always use on Omegle. I also posted this on DeviantArt. If you find this ficlet up there, it’s from meeee. Let’s just consider this a first chapter. I have more to this story, but once I see that people really like this story I will post those parts up too. I really hope you guys like this fic, please tell me if you do or if I can do better. I really hope you do like it. <3

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Can you make a tutorial or give advice on how to make people look different races? i.e. Asian, white, black etc.

i currently don’t have the time (or the expertise) to make any tutorials of that magnitude, but there is a great guide on deviantart that i could find for you if i rummage around (i’m sure my followers have a link, too)

and since i did a short tutorial of how i draw my eyes i can put up another short tutorial of drawing epicanthic folds (since the last one i drew was for eyes without epicanthic folds)


✨Two Universes - Kustard✨

They found something amazing on a puddle of waterfall, their reflections look a little different, but they are excited.

Both say:

- Who is he? I want to meet him…


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I noticed that when I put a hiperlink on my posts they don´t appear when you search them with the hashtags on tumblr, it’s a little unfair don’t you think?

That’s why I’ll post only the direction to my deviant and other blogs.

OH BOY for my first.. animation i guess we can call it LOL 

been wanting to draw one of my favorite youtubers, Jack. why not… animate him.. slitting his throat LOL ( gosh im horrible i m so sorry @therealjacksepticeye if you ever see this LOL ) but it was alot of fun to do! 

if you’d like to see more of my drawings, check out my Deviantart! you can find me at!

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Hi! Your drawings are so amazing and I really love your art style!! How did you get so well at full body drawings? (e.g d&p nsfw lol) What do you use as a reference? This year I want to get better at anatomy (I suck at drawing anything below the shoulders) because I only draw portraits and you really inspired me :) (I feel a bit awkward asking you cause I'm new on tumblr and I hope this question isn't too long)

no don’t worry! :D I usually go on google or deviantart to find stock photos to use as a reference! I really go basic, like googling “feet stock photos” or “legs stock photos” and google provides a lot. Or I type in the deviantart search bar things like “male nude” to see how i should draw a certain human figure, where muscles go and so on.

If I lack inspiration and I don’t know which pose I should use, I sometimes look for gay porn videos. Idk how you feel about that but it’s surprisingly helpful with dynamics, though it’s not essential to go watch it…

I think that drawing muscles while doing full body figures is particularly important, because they help you to get an idea on how “thick” and “3D” human are. These are the most common “mistakes” that I’ve done and I’ve seen people do when they’ve always been drawing faces and begin to do full figures:

1. Usually people’s hands are big enough to cover their faces (like the first one). The second one, with hands smaller than face, is more common in kids or people that have a very small frame. The third one has got yaoi hands hahahah it’s too exaggerated.

2. The elbows are commonly misplaced. Elbows are usually on the waistline, and when your arm is flexed, if you trace a horizontal line, you’ll notice that the elbow is just above this line and the belly button is just below that line. If you draw elbows that are too high, you’ll get arms that are too short.

3. some people have got very thin waist, but no one’s torso is naturally shaped like a nacho! Whenever you draw just bear in mind that inside our bodies there are bones and organs and you can’t squeeze chests and waists too much.

4. When you draw a full body figure, half of the lentgh is occupied by head/bust, and half by legs/feet. Anime character often have longer legs, but if you’re going for realism you should respect these proportions.

5. neck circumference and shoulders’ breadth are usually well proportioned. A well-built neck and medium-broad shoulders are usually for male/female bodies that are tall or quite tall, a thin neck + narrow shoulders are for kids or short people, and thick neck + broad shoulders are for sport people or very tall/very large people. Anyway it’s weird to see a veeery thin neck with broad shoulders or a veeery thick neck with narrow shoulders.

This is all I can think of now! Sorry for not being thorough enough :P I’m putting some pictures that show how I did one of my last drawing so you can see a bit of the progress

I hope that was useful!!! And remember, if you got any doubt, it’s always better to copy from reality :) soz b ut you’ll have to stick with having naked people on your monitor forever xD
have a good drawing time ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง

I mentioned that I’m rereading Harry Potter (when posting my covers for HP books), so it was just question of time when I’d try some new HP fanart as well. So here it is. It might be a bit strange that Hermione was first one to try after all these years, but I literally didn’t know where to start so it kind of didn’t matter where. Also in my fanarts I never actually caught any look of Hermione that would seem to be right for me - for my vision of her (if you look at the few HP fanarts I have on deviantart you’d find out that Hermione looks always different), so I wanted to try if I could find some right look for her now after all the time… (I didn’t)

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Do you have any blog recommendations?

So, funny story: I only watch 47 blogs on here and not a lot of them are super active or really only dedicated to Assassin’s Creed (if that’s what you’re looking for). While I am a writer, I have horrible ADD and don’t really go looking for imagines or fanfic blogs as it can be hard for my attention to be kept; also, I never can find the time to sit down and read something, so I feel bad watching a blog and then never interacting with it or the blogger. ;~;

For gif sets of any sort, I just watch @dawnee75 and @martascully for those in regards to anything that I happen to like (AC and FF15 respectively).

For art, I mostly just use my DeviantArt account to find the artists I like as I’ve yet to find an artist on here that wasn’t on there.

If people want to link and promote their blogs here, they sure can, and that way you can have a pick of what you’d like to look at. C: I wish I had a good answer for this one…Honestly, I am sure what anybody links is lovely~. ♥