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Have you ever thought that there was someone in this world connected to you? As if you were predestined to be together? Well, this is the story of the world you are going to live in. The world where people are connected to their “soulmate” through their skin so that when one of them writes or draws anything in their skin, the other person will see how in their skin starts to get marked with whatever the other person did.
In this world, this phenomenon is commonly assumed to be a miracle that God made for their sons but, for others, this is a curse. The amount of people who have become unhappy because of this is surprisingly high. The reason? Well, you can’t just expect that after meeting a total stranger and being told that they are your soulmate the love is just going to float in the air and live happily ever after, right?
That’s not how a real relationship works but, oh well, maybe you are one of those people that believe in love at first sight? Anyway, you are the one who will have the last word and therefore the one who will decide what choices are the best for your own happiness. As far from that, I can just only wish you “good luck”.

This game is going to be an otome Soulmate!AU game where you are going to be a university girl who searches for her “special one”.
The playable routes are going to be starred by the 2P but as is going to be a Human!AU you can play without knowing the anime. And, as the last info, I personally don’t support the “dark side” or yandere as a lot of people like to portrait them so if you would like to see them being dorks but good people I welcome you to enjoy the game! ^^

Please, be aware that the game is still in progress and there will be a demo with the prologue so people can have a taste of what is going to be. I also want to mention that this is going to be the first game I make in my life so don’t act mean if I make some mistakes, please? ^^u



¿Alguna vez has llegado a pensar que hay alguien en el mundo que está conectado a ti? ¿Cómo si estuvierais predestinados a estar juntos? Bueno, esta es la historia del mundo en el que vas a vivir. El mundo en el que la gente está conectada a su “alma gemela” a través de su piel de manera que, cuando uno de ellos escribe o dibuja algo sobre su piel, la otra persona verá como su piel empieza a quedarse marcada con lo que la primera persona haya hecho.
En este mundo, este fenómeno es comúnmente asumido como un milagro que Dios hizo para sus hijos pero, para otros, esto es una maldición. La cantidad de personas que se volvieron infelices a causa de esto es sorprendentemente alta. ¿El motivo? Bueno, no puedes esperar que después de conocer a un completo desconocido y que te digan que es tu alma gemela el amor vaya a empezar simplemente a flotar en el aire y que vayáis a vivir felices para siempre jamás, verdad?
Así no es como funciona una relación de verdad pero, bueno, ¿quizás tú eres de ese tipo de personas que creen en el amor a primera vista? De todos modos, tú vas a ser quien tendrá la última palabra y por lo tanto serás tú quien decida que decisiones son las mejores para tu propia felicidad. A parte de eso, lo único que puedo hacer es desearte “buena suerte”.

Este juego va a ser un otome de un universo alternativo sobre almas gemelas en el que vas a ser una chica universitaria que va en busca de su “persona especial”.
Las rutas de los personajes van a ser protagonizadas por los 2P pero como va a ser un universo alternativo en el que son humanos no necesitas saber sobre el anime. Y, como último dato, personalmente no apoyo el “lado oscuro” o sus lados yandere como mucha gente en el fandom los imagina asi que, si quieres verlos siendo unos idiotas pero buena gente te invito a disfrutar del juego! ^^

Por favor, ten en cuenta que el juego está todavia en progreso y habrá un demo en el que estará el prólogo para que la gente tenga un primer contacto de lo que va a ser. También quiero mencionar que este es el primer juego que voy a hacer en mi vida asi que, por favor, no os enfadeis mucho por los errores que cometa ^^u

You insulted my waifu so you and all your friends must die

Story time!

My best friend/the victim: E (they/them pronouns)

The weeb: N

So the story begins at the beginnig of the eighth grade. Me and my best friend were mostly over our worst weeaboo phase (which thank god was never bad, we were just lonely nerds in my room) when this kinda hot dude (N) transferred into their class. And E developed a huge crush on him. The dude liked anime and his favorite one was Hellsing, which E also liked a lot at the time. The problem here is that both me and E greatly dislike Ceras Victoria whereas she was N’s ultimate anime crush and his “waifu”.

And E went and mentioned this in the home economics class to one of their friends.

And hell started.

The whole year was filled with silent hatred and E’s crush started to fade (and I just say thank god because really). By the end of the year he had turned out to be a total asshole and the crush didn’t exist anymore because the dude was apparently really fucking sexist and racist shit.

He was in love with this Ceras cosplayer and stole her pictures for a fake FB account he had created. He also told me to kill myself once and insulted me several times (WHAT DID I EVEN DO).

And the summer came.

And N created three different deviantArt accounts and started spamming E’s dA profile with insults and hate and personal shit which relates to another story that’s not a weeb one. He started a massive bullying spree and told E to kill themselves several times (and I waNT TO FUCKING STRANGLE THAT FUCKER LIKE EXCUSE ME BUT THIS IS MY BEST FRIEND). E was tired of his shit and just deleted their account because deleting all that shit was too much of a trouble (and the account was created during the almost-weeb years so yeah. Not worth the touble anyway).

Next fall came. N stayed on E’s class for the last year and basically just pretended that E didn’t exist.

And only later we learnt that the whole thing started solely because E mentioned that they don’t like Ceras Victoria.

End of story.