deviantart review

the way that deviantart ranters/oc reviewers give “constructive criticism” to people’s ocs scares me sometimes bc a lot of their criticisms are usually “they’re too edgy” or maybe something like “skeletons don’t have hair!!” or “dogs don’t have antlers, silly!!1″ 

like,,, item 1, edgy isn’t inherently bad character design, even if they’re a rawr xD scene kid that doesn’t take away from their overall quality in character design. item 2, the way that reviewers tell people this just like… considering their skeleton oc is proby from UT, they’re a oc for a game that has talking flowers and gay fish people, idk why you’re telling skeleton ocs to “be more realistic” like have you not heard of ectoplasm???? 

honestly the way oc ranters tell artists this, i honestly think oc ranters hinder creativity instead of actually give constructive criticism and help artists improve. instead of saying “lol edgy much”, how abt teaching them color theory or basic anatomy or w/e. 

what’s worse is that a lot of oc ranters make videos on ocs that belong to kids. like, do you know how impressionable kids’ minds are??? do you literally want to tell them not to think outside of the box and idk, have flower stems grow instead of their goat fursona’s horns or sth and instead have them be afraid to put their ideas out there? 

like ok i get it, recolors and bases aren’t good and we should definitely tell people to stop doing that but telling peeps that their oc is edgy isn’t going to help them improve, it’s just gonna make them hesitate on creativity, and that’s just. Bad and unnecessary. 

x86home  asked:

Will WritScrib be more like Tumblr or more like DeviantArt? I have criticism/review type of blog here which has been on hold after an artist was almost killed by a needle and tumblr celebrated it, and I wonder, would it have any place on WritScrib. But even if not, I still hope that your project will succeed. This type of platform is exactly what I've dreamed of - and, sadly, Ao3 is just not my cup of tea design-wise. Hope there'll be a function for community translations of the website.

More like LiveJournal and DeviantArt had an unholy child with a few Tumblr-like (and sometimes xkit-like) functionalities!

We’re currently working on a Japanese translation (the benefits of having a staff member with a degree in it!), but we’re hoping to have community translations for other languages as well!

Really, the needle-cookie story is yet another reason why we want to do what we can as moderators to keep that kind of hostility down on the site.

Ok I am a bit salty about the FR dA account

I submitted art to them a while ago now and it still hasn’t been accepted, but other art that has been submitted to dA later, has been accepted.

It is being reviewed since December 26, which is actually the second time I submitted it because it took this long as well the first time (I thought there was an error, so that’s why I resubmitted it)