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  • July 9th-15th, 2017


  • July 9 - Roller Derby
  • July 10 - Swiss Army Knife
  • July 11 - Movie Night
  • July 12 - Laundry Day
  • July 13 - Alternate Universe
  • July 14 - Salty Parabolas
  • July 15 - Professor

How to Participate:

  • Create up to 7 pieces of fanart, fanfiction, edits, cosplay photos, etc. following each day’s theme.  No need to do them all, but it is encouraged! Remember to start early (like right now)!
  • Post them on their respective dates, NOT before!
  • Tag with #holtzbertweek 
    • (as a courtesy to our fellow ‘busters, please avoid tagging/mentioning the full names of characters besides Erin and Holtz in your tumblr posts)
  • Message/DM/note/tag @eevachu with a link to your submission to have it reblogged on our tumblr, added to the Holtzbert group on deviantART, added to the Ao3 collection and/or added to the Twitter moment I’ll be compiling.

Please feel free to repost and share!


Both Mimi and Taichi look very ready for this. Are you, too? ;)

This event has been organised as a dedication to Michi. Michi is the shipname for the pairing of Taichi Yagami and Mimi Tachikawa from the Digimon franchise. It’s a fun way to shine more light on this underrated but wonderful ship. It will take place from July 24 to July 30, so mark your calendars.

For this first edition of Michi Week, all the prompts fit a general theme, namely “timeline”, since we’ve seen these two grow up together because of their shared digital adventure.

  • Monday, July 24: First/Last
  • Tuesday, July 25: Change
  • Wednesday, July 26: Together
  • Thursday, July 27: History
  • Friday, July 28: Crossover
  • Saturday, July 29: Balance
  • Sunday, July 30: Timeless (aka free choice)

There are some guidelines to ensure this week runs smoothly, so please be sure to follow these:

  • Be sure to tag your entry with #michi timeline as one of the first five tags. That way it’ll be easier to find your post and reblog it here for all to enjoy!
  • You can interpret the prompts however you want.
  • Everyone is free to chose any kind of art form: edits, gifs, fanfiction, fanart, fanvideos, cosplay, etc. Creativity is always encouraged!
  • You can add other ships and characters, such as their digimon partners. Just be sure the focus remains on Taichi and Mimi.
  • This does NOT mean you can bash any other ship or character. This event is meant to celebrate Michi, but not at the expense of others. Spread love, not hate.
  • You can submit more than one entry per prompt if you want to.
  • Early submissions won’t be accepted. So please wait until the new prompt has been posted on the taichixmimi blog.
  • Late submissions, on the other hand, are welcome.
  • Feel free to crosspost your work on another site like or deviantart and add links to it in your tumblr post. The MichiClub group on deviantart will collect any submissions on that site. And if necessary I can make collections on and ao3 as well.
  • Last but certainly not least, HAVE FUN!!!!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do my best to help you out.


Ruka Gojou from Nanbaka as a merman.

He is just so pretty! ^^ He’s mah hubby~

I drew this for a celebration Deviantart because the group Nanbaka-Fans got 400 members. But I had to draw something else ‘cause I forgot to draw the theme… it was for a contest… hehe… heh… he… h-

I just want to say this:

I respect it that you ship SebaCiel. I respect it that we all have our ships in Kuroshitsuji. And I know some SebaCiel shippers respect us Ciel x Lizzy shippers too. But some arent like that. Is it really necessary to create hate groups? I’ve seen too many hate groups especially on Deviant art that bash Lizzy and/or the Cielizzy ship. And some founders of those groups are SebaCiel fans. I’m not saying I hate those guys. I just dont get why they do it. And  Im also not saying that all SebaCiel shippers are like that! I am saying that there are some. I mean, come on, respect. Yana Toboso has put a lot of effort into this work and you’ll just bash it?

How cruel is that!

To those who create hate groups not just for Lizzy but for also other anime characters, please stop. I know its natural to hate a character but creating a hate group for it is so not right.

And saying mean things such as incest? Cielizzy is incest? What? Please. Read historical facts first. During the Victorian era its common to marry your first cousin and its not incest. 

I’m not pointing at anyone. I’m just saying. I really need to get this out of me. 

Sorry if I went too far.

One day I’ll learn how to background. Like thinking out what to put there and then put it there so it would look as a background etc. So far floating in the void. Anyway - I drew it for a Valentine contest in one DeviantArt group. I like these two and I like them together. There’s lots of mistakes probably, but well… I did my best as usual :)

Please don’t repost, edit or use anyhow, I’m putting lots of effort into it and I want to decide myself where and how would I present it. Thank you.

The Four Gods

Name: Jormungandr, Seiryu, Xiuhcoatl, Nidhoggr

Type: Fictional (based heavily on Mythic)

Region: United Kingdom, (Scandinavia, Japan, Mesoamerica,)

Description: A large sea serpent, a Japanese Ryu, a flaming Amphiptere, a subterranean serpent.

Myth: N/A


  • The Four Gods are from a DeviantArt RP/Fanfiction group started by @north-wyrm. The premise of the group is a crossover world, full of floating islands, which is inhabited by dragons from various books.
  • Each god is based off of the mythic dragon of the same name, and is meant to be them.
  • Jormungandr is the god of Water.
    • Holds the waters in his coils.
    • Favors Green Dragons, but does not offer them any bonuses.
    • Temple can be found somewhere on The Sea, and must be opened with Riddles.
  • Seiryu is the goddess of Air.
    • Holds the Tide Jewel which acts as the moon, and controls most of the weather.
    • Favors Blue and Silver dragons, and offers them tranquility in battle.
    • Temples can be found on Skogweald, Wyrmbergia and Niflheim, but can only be opened by blue fire.
  • Xiuhcoatl is the god of Fire.
    • Acts as the sun, and chases Seiryu.
    • Favors red and copper dragons, and gives them strength and tenacity.
    • Temples can be found on Pluvaria and on Muspell, and are opened by a sacrifice of blood.
  • Nidhoggr is the god of Earth.
    • Is the guardian of the underground.
    • Favors yellow and gold dragons, and offers them patience and stability.
    • Temples on Wyrmbergia and on Timrekan.

Stay tuned for part 2!
Naiad Ponies are a species by me and are closed for now, however I plan on opening them in the future.
Please don’t make any unless you are given permission by myself. 

I’m currently in the process of opening a DeviantArt group for all the official Naiad Ponies.
People with current permissions for Naiad making;

@ethmoiids | @lebazardesmondes | @kajeaynart | @renjirra

anonymous asked:

The Clalecs are the worst,we has an anti clalec group on deviantart, and we featured some anti clalec fic, and next thing, the comment section was filled with anti gay and homophobic pro clalec content. They even wrote fiction in the comment section where Alec is at the anniversary of the pulse shooting, and he thinks about having sex with Clary. They put it in the comments. It is awful. Another one talked about clary/alec having sex during the day of rememberance for the pulse shooting victims

Yeah that sounds exactly like what happened on a03

It’s really fucking disgusting and these people deserve to burn. The only thing we can really do is to stop antagonizing them and let them ship Clalec



I’m still waiting for the huge and crazy Zamonia fandom with cosplayers, meetings, multichapter fanfiction, fanart, DeviantArt groups, slash, more or less well made OCs, a giant Wolperting section in FurAffinity, Ask Smyke -blogs, Ask Colophonius Regenschein -blogs, debates why the books are better than the movies, Tumblr gifsets, fan-made animations, posts starting with “Can we just appreciate-“, meme pics, a high amount of Gornab the 99th/Friftar NSFW, DeviantArt stamps, high school AUs, crazy fangirls and a Kink Meme. I see it sometimes in the sweetest of my dreams.

5 Reasons it Makes Sense for Lapis And Peridot’s fusion to be Aquamarine

Though we never know who is gonna fuse with who in Steven Universe, many people believe that with the close bond Peridot and Lapis are forming means they are almost definitely going to fuse at some point, and many people have begun speculation on what gem they may fuse into.

Now, I don’t usually hold my ground when it comes to possible fusions, although my sister and I, being huge geology nerds, love to speculate what two gems may fuse into, I am never certain. Even with this, i would not say I’m 100% sure.

But I would, however, gladly say I’m 90% certain. If the crewniverse can find a gem that fits the two as well as it can, or even better, I will happily accept it, but this is why I believe aquamarine (which happens to be my birthstone, though that doesn’t influence it) would make the perfect candidate

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anonymous asked:

Which one of your ocs is your favorite son? (Or daughter XD)

Oh dear I have a fair few… okay let’s see… who do I enjoy toying with the most…

In no particular order: 

Aeollis and Arkos (AoH) 

My OC for the Academy of Heroes RP group on DeviantART and her twin brother. I’ve actually had them since like… 2009 when I made Aeo for another RP group, but have since revived her and come up with my original plot for them. 

Kaigas (DN)

i.e. The one actually on Tumblr My Raven from Dragon Nest… not that I play DN anymore but thank to derps with @lazendar his character is still alive and kicking (in more ways than one). 

Lear (RP) 

An OC in a semi-original universe based on the Diablo series shared between @cathcacen and Yours Truly. He’s been around for a while, too… back in 2008, in fact. Again, I usually post about him on DA.

I think the primary common factor between these OCs is how much I like to torment them and make their lives miserable hahaha…

anonymous asked:

How did you find SXL and what advice do you have for people starting out writing comics/that sort of thing?

I sort of stumbled across it just looking at stuff for Pokemon groups on DA. It looked really interesting, so I decided to join. You can find lots of groups like that on DeviantArt. In fact, they have a whole section where you can search for them at the top (the little drop down arrow next to the logo).

The group ended this spring break, however, and they don’t have plans for a reboot of any sort, I’m afraid. You can join other OCTs (original character tournaments) from DA though, for a similar experience.

As for advice on comics….

Start out with making character sheets. You can use templates that you find online for free, or make your own. You want to have basic information such as;



And so on and so forth. This will give you a basic idea of the character’s structure. I try to leave sexuality off, because I never really know what my characters are into until I get into a situation with them where I wind up finding out. It’s always awkward.

Also, draw your character from the front, ¾ths view, and the back. Get a turn around look of them with clothes on and clothes off so you know what they look like and have something to reference for later pages.

Draw your characters’ expressions! I can’t emphasize this enough. This is an important thing to do in order to maintain consistency in style throughout your pages.

Make a color palette for your character. You don’t want to have to guesstimate every time you go to color in your character. Make a palette for them on a separate doc or in the palette option in the sidebar of whatever program you’re using.

Now that we’ve got the basics for your actual characters down, let’s talk about the actual comicking part.

Script out every page. This is important so you not only know what actions your characters are going to do, but also so you know things like camera angle and, of course, their dialogue.

Here’s what my scripts look like, but yours can be different.

P19:Carol: [camera centered] *muttering* Oh, right.

P20:Carol: [camera remains centered] *standing* Well, if you need me, I’ll be in the basement trying to come up with things to put into my will.

P21:Sylv: *looking up at Carol with concern* Carol….

P22:Carol: [headshot] *over his shoulder and down at Sylv* Look, we both know I’m dead, just leave it alone, okay? And leave me alone!

P23:Carol: [camera at collar level, showing Sylv behind him] *walking away* Frickin’ jerkass keeping things like that from me.

Like I said, you can change this up however you want, but it’s an important step and not one you should think you can get away with missing.

Make a timeline of events and leave wiggle room in case you need to make changes. This is important so you know the basic flow of what your story will be about.

Here’s what one of my timelines look like.

The dark line is the overlaying plot. Along that line, I usually write out a summary of the plot. In the bubbles, I write how I want the comic to open and close. In the little, colored ones, I write certain subplots in. It’s the same concept with the dark line, however, I also write in how it helps the plot along the line. The bubbles show where I want it to start (I usually scribble in what event the subplot starts after and what causes it to take place in the first place).

This is a very helpful technique, I think. I know there are lots of other ways to make timelines, but out of all the ones I’ve tried, I like this method the best.

Watch movies and short films and pay attention to camera angles. I can’t tell you how much doing this has helped me with my comics. The basic concept of successful camera angles lies in The Rule of Thirds.

The Rule of Thirds divides the image up into a grid. Each of the cross hairs in the grid above indicates the “sweet spot” (if you will) of the image. It’s along these cross hairs that you want to position the focus of the camera.

See how the bottle looks all fancy? Yeah. This image shows a successful display of the usage of The Rule of Thirds.

Now that’s just a small bit of camera angles. I’m also talking about wide shots, low angles, high angles, and close ups.

Wide shots are generally used to put the entire scene on display.

Close ups usually only show one character in detail, and center the focus on said character.

High angle shots make the characters look small and maybe weak or scared.

Low shots can be used to make a character or object look very large and often give it the appearance of having power.

The next thing I’m going to talk about is color. Since we don’t have the benefits of a musical soundtrack or a heavy description as are used in film and literature respectively, we need to rely on color to depict the mood of the page.

Red indicates violence or passion. Deeper reds or pinks usually indicate passion, while orange or fiery reds indicate violence.

Blue indicates calm or sadness. Darker blues generally lean towards a sadder mood, whereas lighter blues indicate calmness.

Yellow indicates happiness.

Green indicates tension.

This is a very important part of comicking, and it will help you a lot to utilize right off the bat when you first start your comic.

If you plan on doing a black and white comic; use lines and contrast to give your pages the right mood effects. I would recommend looking at the Attack on Titan manga for an idea of how this would be used.

Try to update consistently. This is not only so you’ll keep your readers interested, but so you’ll also become better at working with deadlines, which is a skill you will need when you go to college and get a job. Yes, things will get in the way. Life happens. But if something does get in the way, make sure you let your readers know, especially if you’ve been very consistent with your comic with weekly updates or so on.

Promo yourself! There are plenty of comic websites and groups on DeviantArt you can join to get views. It might also help to post links to your pages on tumblr like I do every time a new one comes out.

Read comics! We tend to learn more by example, so read a lot of comics, ranging from manga to Marvel, and try to pick out the techniques they use that make their comics effective.

Do your research! Take a figure drawing class, do some studies of objects that you see every day. Look up information about time periods or how machines work or whatever it is you need for your comic. Remember, you’re still technically a writer, and when you’re a writer, you’re a lot of other things as well (like a dentist, a mortician, an astronomer, etc.)

Last but not least! Remember, you’re just starting a comic. You’re going to get better as your comic moves forward. I know for a fact that my comic looked TERRIBLE when I first started out, and that’s okay. I was happy with it at the time that I made it, and that’s all that matters.

Comics are a great way to improve your style, as they force you to draw certain things over and over again. I seem to be improving with every page. It’s always fun to look back and see how you started.

Remember, comics are a lot of work and can cause some stress. Just do your best, and I’m sure your comic will look great!

I hope this helped!