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Daily Doodle 81/365 - March 22, 2017

It’s hard to put this into words, but after half a year or more of thinking, I finally made my decision

I met my bestie on May 23, 2015 (Doodle 143 of 2015 at DeviantART) when a group of friends and I were at a local con, I wasn’t enjoying it that much since the con themes weren’t something I liked. Also cuz last year’s fursuiter who I met at the con wasn’t there, so I was pretty bored and stuff. Sure I remember having some fun with my group of friends but nothing related to the con that would bring me back. That was going to officially be the last time I go to a local con unless it’s a small art event I got invited to

When we were at the lobby and I was thinking of leaving, my friend spotted someone with a fursuit head walking away to a corner of the lobby. We followed but I was shy and sat down at a distance until my friend pushed me to meet this mystery person. We talked a bit, took pictures and that’s how I met the person who is.. or was my bestie

Skip forward almost 2 years now and we’ve done so many things together and is the first person to make me leave the house very often and WANT to travel as well. Also the first friend I actually bring to my house (Never had someone over). We’ve hung out at malls, stayed at multi-day cons together, gifted each other stuff, eaten out together very very often and had a blast knowing each other more each day

And just 2 days ago, he told me to go to one of his profiles to show me something. I read that he was single and I jokingly said that I thought he was taken (By me since we’re so close). He said he asked me half a year ago but I always answered that I wanted to wait and think about it.. I finally said yes

My best friend is now my boyfriend

Not a lot will change however since, we’ll do the same things we’ve always done since we’ve connected so well, it’ll work out. I didn’t doodle about it 2 days ago, but we officialized it today

But this marks a big moment in my life and I’m happy with it!

One day I’ll learn how to background. Like thinking out what to put there and then put it there so it would look as a background etc. So far floating in the void. Anyway - I drew it for a Valentine contest in one DeviantArt group. I like these two and I like them together. There’s lots of mistakes probably, but well… I did my best as usual :)

Please don’t repost, edit or use anyhow, I’m putting lots of effort into it and I want to decide myself where and how would I present it. Thank you.

I just want to say this:

I respect it that you ship SebaCiel. I respect it that we all have our ships in Kuroshitsuji. And I know some SebaCiel shippers respect us Ciel x Lizzy shippers too. But some arent like that. Is it really necessary to create hate groups? I’ve seen too many hate groups especially on Deviant art that bash Lizzy and/or the Cielizzy ship. And some founders of those groups are SebaCiel fans. I’m not saying I hate those guys. I just dont get why they do it. And  Im also not saying that all SebaCiel shippers are like that! I am saying that there are some. I mean, come on, respect. Yana Toboso has put a lot of effort into this work and you’ll just bash it?

How cruel is that!

To those who create hate groups not just for Lizzy but for also other anime characters, please stop. I know its natural to hate a character but creating a hate group for it is so not right.

And saying mean things such as incest? Cielizzy is incest? What? Please. Read historical facts first. During the Victorian era its common to marry your first cousin and its not incest. 

I’m not pointing at anyone. I’m just saying. I really need to get this out of me. 

Sorry if I went too far.

art discourse: why does nobody try developing their own style anymore

Floating heads are so in fashion

Just a bunch of quick head shots I did during my downtime at school. These lovelies belong to… well… a bunch of people from an DeviantArt group I’m in called EclairExpress, I don’t know many of their Tumblrs so I hope this broad sweeping general shout out will suffice. I actually loved drawing these cause there’s such a good mix of face shapes, skin colour, and hair types in the group =u=

serenapple  asked:

Hey!! Would you share my new deviantART group I made?? It's for people with psychosis to post expressive art / literature relevant to their experiences with the illness! It's called AllThingsSchizo :^)

yes!! what a cool idea! 💕💕

anonymous asked:

Hi sweety! Has anyone asked you for some vampire themed/ supernatural SasuSaku M fanfictions? I can't go back to see all the old reclists you did 'cause my tumblr app crashes after loading a bit...Weird, i know. Love you <3 *3*

There was someone who asked me about supernatural fics at the time but not M rated ones specifically. And tbh I don’t think I know any M rated supernatural one except  Quietus by AngeLhearteD. And I think she removed her smuts from that story (they’re on her deviantart group page though). Sorry hun!