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I miss the old DeviantArt doll community, I used to really enjoy seeing everyone’s photos there but most of the accounts I watched are all closed or inactive now. Tumblr and facebook are ok, I guess, but it’s really hard to have a conversation there, and the focus isn’t on the art side like it was on DA. Also, I don’t know where most of the UK community went after they left DA? Where are all those gorgeous minifee shiwoos I used to watch?! I miss seeing those smiley little pink bastards.


I was doing a poll on dA to see which member of the Crystal Gems people liked the most, and one of my friends who is homophobic voted, and said they liked rubies.. I explained that this was not a poll about gemstones and explained to them what SU was and about Ruby, and that person is angry at me now… It just upsets me that because a gem from outer space using female pronouns and loving a gem that also uses female pronouns causes such hatred.

- Anonymous

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