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If you could cast anyone as Janet Van Dyne (starring in her own movie of course), who would you choose?

Oh, man, this is difficult.

Most of the movies are based more on the Ultimates verse, rather than the 616 verse, and in that, Jan is usually referred to/drawn as of ‘Asian’ descent, without specifics so….  Yeah.

There’s a point, early on in Ultimates, where Nick Fury says that she’d be played by Lucy Liu, and Jan’s reaction isn’t exactly enthusiastic, so it could be that she does not appreciate the work of Ms. Liu, or she is not actually of Chinese American descent, and would prefer someone who shares her heritage.  (Edit: It’s been pointed out to me that since most Americans know very few Asian actresses, Lucy Liu is everyone’s go to for everything, which is straight up racism.)  There’s no official confirmation of what her background is, and her mother is never named.  Her father is Vernon Van Dyne, and was drawn as a white scientist, so she’s likely of mixed race heritage.

But the last thing that the MCU needs is more white people, so I would be inclined to cast an actress who might share Jan’s background in that way.

If I were casting “awesome, heroic, brilliant fashion designer and woman of fierce loyalty Jan Van Dyne,” I’d go with Hayley Kiyoko.

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Hey, wanted to ask, what made you ship Starlingale? I am currently trying to channel my OTP feels into writing the final chapter of my fic and it's not working, so, seeking inspiration here ;)

OKAY. So. When I first read the books (through Broken Homes) I wasn’t really shipping anyone, except Everyone/Being Awesome, and Peter/Lesley/Being Cop Buddies. And honestly the first time round I wasn’t that interested in Nightingale as a character, either. White dude with tragic backstory, news at eleven. It wasn’t until he was absent for Foxglove Summer that I realised I missed him being around, and missed him and Peter interacting. 

So why did I start to ship it? Reading it in fanfic was what started it, but I think the key to it for me - which the good fanfic for this ship captures - is the way that, despite their boss/employee and teacher/student dynamic, they very quickly develop a great deal of respect for each other. Peter never hesitates to ask a question or call Nightingale out if he thinks something’s wrong, but he assumes good faith on Nightingale’s part. Nightingale is always willing to have the discussion, even if he disagrees, and he equally assumes that Peter has good reasons for what he says and does. There are basically no moments where we see them doubting each other as people, even when they think the other person is wrong. They’re never going to be the couple having the Big Angsty Misunderstandings, they might go a few rounds trying to figure out what the other one is thinking but they’ll talk it out. I like that a lot.

There’s also a lot of affection there, even if it goes unspoken because Peter doesn’t narrate his emotions and neither of them is emotionally demonstrative - just look at the various scenes when they’re in hospital (WHAT I WOULD GIVE for someone who isn’t Lesley’s take on Nightingale milling around trying to find a safe way to express his feelings). And they’re fun - I love moments like Peter telling Nightingale he’s evil AND cunning, or Nightingale telling Peter his signare is making things explode. (Or the raincloud scene, THE RAINCLOUD SCENE.) They feel comfortable teasing each other, and it’s lovely.

On a more serious note, they also have a great complementary dynamic in terms of their personalities - Nightingale is all about pragmatism and getting things done, and Peter is all about wanting to know the whys and hows. It makes them an effective team and they acknowledge each others’ strengths - Peter is clearly impressed by Nightingale’s ability to get shit done and to concentrate on one thing, and Nightingale, while he does give Peter a bit of crap about his experimental tendencies, is always interested when they produce something useful and seems rather intrigued by them - he values Peter’s inquiring mind even if it’s not how he thinks himself.

But they ultimately have similar values, which I think is really important; they both value loyalty, compassion, and doing their jobs right. I think this is what really allows them to connect even though their backgrounds are so different; they agree on what the important things are, and they always have.

And then there’s the shallower stuff, like Peter’s ongoing fascination with Nightingale’s suits (NEVER STOP TELLING US WHAT HE’S WEARING, PETER) or Nightingale using Peter as his modern-world interpreter (but not because he can’t understand things, just because he hasn’t come across them yet.)

Finally, I just love how Nightingale’s obviously been very isolated, with all his Tragic Backstory, and then Peter shows up and almost by accident Nightingale gets drawn back out into the world in a way he hasn’t been for a long time. And at the same time, Peter’s flailing around looking for his place in the Met, trying to prove he can really be good at this, and he finds Nightingale and the Folly and pretty much that’s it, he knows where he wants to be and what he wants to do. Peter asks on the opening page of Rivers of London “could it have been anyone, or was it destiny?” and I have to say that it might not have been destiny but it’s pretty damn serendipitous all the same.

Meet you on the other side

Random and dark 00Q headcanon conjured up on skype, the product of Clara’s imagination, and continued by me. So yeah, first part’s hers, second part’s mine (she made me upload it)


A few years after Skyfall, The Bad Guys get Q.

And fake his death.

And then proceed to torture him to get him to spill MI6’s secrets, his secrets, passwords – everything he knows.

And he and Bond were in a relationship and all the while James is mourning like, this is Vesper all over again, just this time he doesn’t make it and is completely broken.

And Q finally surrenders to his torturers, because he thinks MI6 has given up on him, and he develops a burning hatred for them.

And James goes insane in the end and just starts killing people because he wants to, no matter whether they are good or bad.

And Q does as the kidnappers wanted him to, but in the end escapes, kills them and goes to the dark side and kills even more people as he builds a cyber-terrorism network.


Bond gets fired for his reckless behaviour, obviously.

And MI6 is one of those places where being ‘fired’ is literal.

They try and get the jump on him, but there’s never a moment in his life, anymore, where Bond isn’t on edge and he sees them before they move out of the shadows, and they’re dead before they can reach for their weapons.

In his time, he’s seen enough assassins, made enough enemies/contacts to be able to slip into the other side of the paid killer work. It doesn’t take him long to make a name for himself.

He takes the name Skyfall. It works as well as anything else. No doubt M will know it’s him behind that name, but it doesn’t matter. They’ll never touch him, anyway.

He gets an email, one day. It’s signed off with Ten. He knows the man - presumably a man - and the organisation he’d created. The British Cyber terrorist, new to the scene who’d made just as much as a splash as Bond himself had. It’s a request to have some Italian killed.

Bond isn’t in Italy, so declines. At first.

The suggested pay increases, and this amuses him. You’re a cyber terrorist, he points out in his next reply, emailing from his phone as he walks away from a bleeding body. Why does a cyber terrorist need a killer like me?

He gets the reply the next day. He’s already in the airport, waiting to board the plane.

It’s a very simple reply.

'Sometimes, a trigger needs to be pulled.’

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What do you think of Law? What are your theories regarding his back story/Cora? Do you think they'll keep the alliance after this arc is finished?

Law had a horrible traumatic childhood and he’s most certainly going to cry. If he doesn’t cry I will be dissatisfied because he needs to have emotions, dammit. And then when he’s all emotional about whatever it is Luffy can rescue him and they’ll be best friends. FOREVER.

This is the formula for someone being Luffy’s close friend, rescue and sad backstory.

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(if you're still doing the ficlet thing) "I don’t want to be left alone." Peter/Nightingale

OKAY THIS GOT A LITTLE LONG ficlets are supposed to be under 1000 words and this wound up being 1.452 but, whatever ;) it’s also kind of pre-slash, rather than legit Peter/Nightingale… but you know.

*spoilers for the ending of Broken Homes!*


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I'm sorry if you got asked this before, but did you read the Secret Avengers run from Marvel Now! and if so, would you recommend it?

I have been!

The first sequence of Secret Avengers was pretty awesome, but it did have a lot of confusing elements and it required a bit of comic knowledge to fully understand.  Also, the last arc is kind of tough to get through, because it deals with Bobbi Morse and her past.  It’s good, but a lot of the way that Bobbi has been written through the years, and the things done to her infuriate me, so…  Yeah. 8)

The new ‘reboot’ that just recently started has most of the same characters, and builds a bit on the previous run, but it has a very different feel to it.  There’s a lot of good lady interaction, I adore Nat and Jessica’s friendship, Clint is an epic troll, MODOK is living in SHIELD’s basement, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.  Not for everyone, but at one point, salted caramel gelato saves the world.

I think we can agree this is a concept we can all get behind.

(Warning, the first run of SA in Avengers!Now gets VERY bloody and violent at time.  Not horrifically so, but it’s really not pulling its punches.  It’s not all happy fun times and orange pineapple scones, and there are some definite body consent issues in terms of mind control and lack of body autonomy)

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Could you point me in the direction of Whedon's creepy Captain Marvel comment, I'm afraid I missed that one

I was talking about this interview, where he says that “My only issue with [Captain Marvel] is that she always felt sort of on top. She was very driven. A winner. I always like to dig into the soil of things to find my heroes, if I can.”

It’s creepy because Whedon’s lead women are basically always broken in some way and he apparently has an “issue” with a female lead who’s confident and driven, like there’s no way to make that kind of character interesting? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And it makes me kind of concerned about what he’d do if he directed a Captain Marvel film. (Similar to how I’m not terribly sorry he never got to make a Wonder Woman movie, all other things being equal.) 

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btw, how was the tatort episode? I keep seeing ppl hating on it on twitter, but I shall not be deterred from watching it :D

tl;dr – I liked it!

the public are fickle – Germans heckling Tatort on twitter are NEVER satisfied. and I guess many just didn’t take the time to actually LOOK at Boerne and Thiel’s relationship before commenting. also: the shippers know better than to go on twitter during a Tatort from Münster :D

also: as thejamesmays rightfully says, people were probably expecting a lot more slapstick. like, before, the slash served as comic relief – in throwaway lines highlighting their closeness that totally made sense to them and threw everyone else off guard (like: “Wo ist Prof. Boerne?” – “Der liegt in meinem Bett.” – “BITTE?”)

I should put a cut here so I don’t spoiler you too much before you actually watch it

anyway, the case is not as negligible as other times, but it’s pretty convoluted and as always sort of just plays along in the background. but, to be honest, everyone who still watches Tatort for the crime plots is beyond help and redemption, really.

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Hello, I just wanted to ask about an edit you reblogged recently which showed Constantine, and in the text you mentioned that his bisexuality appeared in canon - I don't follow the Constantine comic but I am very interested in mentions of Constantine's bisexuality, could you tell me how that mention went down?

Well in the issue that that edit is from (issue 1), Constantine flirts with both a man and is shown having had a sexual relationship with a woman in the past.  And he very explicitly says that he is flirting with the man, it isn’t just him being friendly and then you had to infer that he is flirting.  Here are the panels

I actually don’t follow the Constantine comics that much either but I do know he was canon bisexual in the Hellblazer comics.  I’m not sure if he was bisexual in the New 52 Constantine though.

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Quick question: You wouldn't happen to have any recommendations for genre fantasy books which feature a bisexual female protag?

off the top of my head I got nuthin, which is frightful of me considering how much I’m always shouting about this. saxifraga-x-urbium you have any recs you may toss at our fellow Rivers of London enthusiast, here?

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Also who writes 60k words huh? Who does that? Crazy people that's who. How do you do that did you sell ur soul to satan please tell me I need to know for science. Also really impolite of you to just go around mentioning that there's a 60k fanfic floating around it is doing terrible things to me think about the children gdi (also is it Peter/Nightingale or gen and what's the plot hello I need to know more for science I think it would be best for all involved if you'd just finish and post it now)

Well my highlight is still the 120k fic I wrote for Harry Potter back in the day (minor character/OC fanfic FTW) so this isn’t up to that level yet. Mostly I do it by having a lot of other stuff I’m supposed to be doing and aggressively avoiding doing it by writing fic. It’s crazy but reliable - the 120k fic happened in my last year of high school when I had a gazillion extracurricular activities. 

It’s Peter/Nightingale (eventually…) and it’s basically a mashup of The World Where They All Live In The Same Block Of Flats (fun slice-of-life type thing) and The World Where Ettersberg Never Happened (serious plot-heavy AU incorporating lots of the meta discussion about what we think the modern Folly would look like under those circumstances spoiler surprisingly like the little crocodiles) and The World Where Peter Is An Architect (because why not really and also I am overly pleased with myself about the explanation I came up for to make that happen when it didn’t in canon.) Plus some hand-waving to make things come out the way I want them (i.e. Nightingale is still functionally immortal even though I suspect canonically that’s connected to Ettersberg because Nightingale.) 

Right now I’m trying to make the Serious Plot work in a believable way. It’s coming along!

deviantaccumulation replied to your post “deviantaccumulation replied to your post “I WATCHED WINTER SOLDIER…”

I think it’s the Thor effect, because both Thor and Captain America were pretty bad, but both Thor 2 and CA 2 were really good (I already thought they probably couldn’t top Thor2, but they fucking did I love this fucking movie (Sam Wilson, BBY))

Yeah.. I mean, I liked Thor and Cap, but they could have been so much more! I guess the low budget is to blame, really. But if they got anything right it was casting…

But yeah, Thor 2 was pretty fucking good! And the only problems I have with it and Cap 2 is it feels like they’re pushing romance too much – Thor & Jane, Cap & Tasha finding him a date. Like… don’t they have better things to do than care about getting laid? idk..

but other than the forced romance i loved both sequels!!

And yes, Sam Wilson was fucking perfect!! He’s the newest “don’t say a fucking word about this perfect human being!” character.

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Hello, was wondering if you could help me find a fic: I think it was a fill in a kink meme (on lj?), where Charles was human and Erik and Raven were together in their extremist mutant group but Erik and Charles were together and Raven had run away and hadn't seen Charles in forever but recognizes him when she meets him again and Charles doesn't know about Erik's extreme views about humans and is pretty shocked when he finds out about it.

Could this possibly be the wonderful Humane Society by smilebackwards? I don’t know if the fic you are looking for involves Erik being turned into a kitten or not (this one does, and it is magnificent), but I would highly recommend this fic in any case - it is one of my favourites!

Please let us know if this wasn’t the fic you were looking for!

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Nightingale (like, the most obvious choice obviously :D)

(also requested by nightingalesdarling!)

My otp: Peter/Nightingale why am I even answering this why is this even a question

My most hated pairing: I know the only time Nightingale/Faceless has ever come up is as a joke, but guys? DON’T DO THIS. (Actually probably Nightingale/Molly, because…no.)

My unusual otp: I know it’s ridiculously unlikely and the timing doesn’t work but I still sort of enjoy the idea that the Seawoll-Nightingale Thing is a post-breakup Thing. Make of that what you will. 

My crossover otp: Don’t have one.

My brotp/friendship otp: Nightingale and Walid! Are the best. In an alternate universe I would also love to see Nightingale and Varvara hanging out being mysteriously immortal WWII-surviving master wizard BFFs and luckily for me I can just go ahead and write that.

Character headcanon: He really likes Gilbert & Sullivan. It just feels right.

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

I really need to start collecting gifs, because I’ve got nothing. I think the problem is that my strongest feelings about Nightingale are in relation to other things (PETER and modernity generally) rather than Nightingale by himself. 

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Do I gather from the answer to the latest ask that you are also not into daddy!kink? (in which case high five always glad to know that there are people who are also not into it out there)

Yes, it is most certainly not my cup of tea. I have absolutely no problem with other people liking it and I would also not mind guiding them to blogs that might like that, but I try to stay as far away from it as possible.

I personally feel uncomfortable with the dynamic it brings forth, because it is essentially a power play in which one partner has more power than the other, much like BDSM in that aspect, which is why I stay away from both.

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I see you, liking that incubus post ovo We totally need incubus fanfiction in the fandom, this is a very necessary and very important thing which should totally be. a thing. yes i just wanted to say that

Catching up on my inbox, I would like to say:

1) I totally endorse this because there are some things every fandom needs and this is one

2) For newer tiny fandom people, if you haven’t come across it yet then linpatootie wrote something pretty close to incubus fic (although fair warning, it does also contain tentacles.) 

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2 7 8 11

2. Admit to a kink you’re ashamed you like.

I’m not really ashamed of any of my kinks. Whoo?

7. What is your fandom guilty pleasure?

nngaahhh I like mpreg? But not in an omegeverse way, because omegaverse weirds me the fuck out. Just in a ‘woops I did a spell and it went wrong BUT LOOK CUTE BABY’ kind of way, which is a scenario which can be applied to an odd number of my fandoms, as it turns out (I like babies what can I say)

8. Share something you did in fandom that you’re embarrassed about

I’m not particularly embarrassed of anything either. I own my actions. But to be fair I stay the hell away from fandom wank and kind of play in my own corner so the only thing I imagine you’d expect to find here are things like 'I wrote tentacle porn’ but, honey, I’m not embarrassed of that, I’m gleefully proud of it in a 'LOOK AT THIS FUCKED UP THING I MADE ISN’T IT LUSH’ kind of way *throws handful of glitter*

11. Just how often do you think about your favorite characters getting down and dirty?

let’s just say 'a lot’ and leave it at that *coughs*