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Little Next Gen Mini Dump

Lickety Split- She will either be my youngest or second youngest PinkieJoe kid depending on how things go. She’s based on her G1 counterpart without the world ending moodiness. (I’ll give that trait to someone else) This Lickety Split is a socialite and full time lover of soda and ice cream much like Citrine Dream, but she’s full of dry humor and has a few more points in the intellect and common sense department. She helps the family by running deliveries around town on her wicked skates.

Rowdy: Used to be named Punkster, Rowdy is a boisterous perfectionist, sometimes to the point of annoyance, but he turns out to be one of the most well known aerial/stunt show coordinators in Equestria. Which is a bit odd as he’s a unicorn, but his mom is a totally cool flightless pegasus so anything is possible. Rowdy is also a costume designer and part time musician, he takes his work very seriously. Often times he pairs up with Cherry Bomber to work out the ins and outs of firework displays. Though due to how bluntly Cherry handles the equipment, Rowdy considers her an environmental hazard. He isn’t wrong.

Critter Trail: Critter is curious little colt who enjoys nature walks and writing down his findings in a wild life journal. His talent is animal charming and taming, something Trixie finds very useful for her shows when it comes to her occupational safety. Critter looks up to Fluttershy because of her innate ability to understand animals without magic, and he wants to reach that level of understanding one day. He’s currently learning a shrinking spell so he can have a ‘real’ wild life adventure. Probably not the smartest idea but nopony is going to stop. His cutie mark is indeed the “nearby” symbol from Pokemon Go. Critter Trail is always on the hunt.

Knight Shade: Only child of Sweetie Belle and Tender Taps. His appearance is inspired by Michael Jackson, Prince, and the G1 pony of the same name. Knight Shade is a singer and dancer, despite his delicate appearance, his skills range from romantic crooning, to rock, to upbeat funk. His best friend happens to be his top rival, a filly named Live Wire, Sapphire Shore’s daughter.

Robin Blue: Also known as Royal Blue is the younger brother of Winsome Wisteria. They don’t have much in common. Where Winsome will be nice and kind to you in order to reach a goal, Robin is far too transparent for that kind of deception. He is often kind hearted to a fault and seems to have inherited some of dear mother Fluttershy’s doormat tendencies. Traits that hold him back from from his potential as a leader.

Quick Note: Robin Blue used to be Icarus. But over time ideas got shuffled around and now the name of Icarus belongs to my Zephyr Breeze next gen. Speaking of which the two are practically best friends. Icarus got to show Robin how to use a hookah. Blueblood wasn’t amused.

Side note: Is Trixie a cougar? Nah. I’m using Equestria Girls as my loose unofficial guide for character ages. In EQG Twilight is in high school. So even though, in Equestria she’s clearly seen as an adult, adulthood must come at an earlier age for ponies than it does for humans. Makes sense I guess. Also note that both Snips and Snails and the CMC are in the same school. So my guess is this school actually starts at middle school age, so you can come in at the age of 13. I think the CMC are at least that old according to the movie. So the age difference isn’t monumental. I’d say Snails is 13 and Trixie is 17. Though of course this relationship couldn’t go anywhere until Snails matured more. I think ponies are legally adults at 15. So in Equestria that means he’s eligible in just a few more years. Of course this wouldn’t work in the human world but this is just my headcanon.

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