There’s a contest over at Deviantart for Sapporo beer! Did this one in ink and digitally added the color. Wanted to play with a traditional Japanese print and incorporate Sapporo’s floral logo into it, so I added some of their leaves and hops. To represent contemporary Japan I included a small party enjoying their beers and the sunset.

Morty the Great Destroyer

Jerry and Beth seem to have stumbled onto a timeline where their son screwed up (or succeeded depending on your viewpoint) in destroying mankind. This doesn’t surprise them in the least…

For the Rick and Morty Interdimensionally Dysfunctional Contest on DeviantArt

More than friends by Saki-Kisu

Posted with permission. The description (edited for Tumblr format):

Cosplayer: Saki-Kisu and Shiho-Sherry

Series: Life is strange

Photography by MaslowskiPhotograph

Taken in Essen, Germany.

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