It seems a shame to have to sneak to get to the truth. To make the truth such a dirty old nasty thing. You gotta sneak to get to the truth, the truth is condemned. The truth is in the gas chamber. The truth has been in your stockyards. Your slaughterhouses. The truth has been in your reservations, building your railroads, emptying your garbage. The truth is in your ghettos. In your jails. In your young love, not in your courts or congress where the old set judgement on the young. What the hell do the old know about the young? They put a picture of old George on the dollar and tell you that he’s your father, worship him. Look at the madness that goes on, you can’t prove anything that happened yesterday. Now is the only thing that’s real. Everyday, every reality is a new reality. Every new reality is a new horizon, a brand new experience of living. I got a note last night from a friend of mine. He writes in this note that he’s afraid of what he might have to do in order to save his reality, as i save mine. You can’t prove anything. There’s nothing to prove. Every man judges himself. He knows what he is. You know what you are, as i know what i am, we all know what we are. Nobody can stand in judgement, they can play like they’re standing in judgement. They can play like they stand in judgement and take you off and control the masses, with your human body. They can lock you up in penitentiaries and cages and put you in crosses like they did in the past, but it doesn’t amount to anything. What they’re doing is, they’re only persecuting a reflection of themselves. They’re persecuting what they can’t stand to look at in themselves; The truth. - Charles Manson

Divine poetry, day 16. And let me tell you, folks–there is no better way to face a headachy post-drunk morning (with 5 hours of sleep, mind) than with a little bit of nonsense. Seriously, I am so grateful that this was the prompt for today.

Oh, and by the way, my cards are 4 Swords, 9 Swords, 10 Swords, and 9 Cups.

oh gather round the leather boys
and sing a bullet song
expand the glottal plaintive scene
as red and true and long

a sword is sharp as wildfire
but only half as hot
and when they cluster juxtaclose
they make a diet shot

now four is rest a solemn fjord
and nine is dreamconceal
and ten is beeping murder down
the way the temples feel

but ghosty nine comes cupping cairn
and promises a fiend
unless the fornication mine
is extroverted cleaned

the end

Many thanks to for providing such fresh crispy linguandomness. randuistics? vocabubullshit? word-emetism.

Tarot Readings!

Alright, everyone. I’m opening my ask again to tarot readings! Please send me 2-3 sentences about yourself so I can get in tune with your energy. If you have a specific question you’d like answered, let me know, and of course, tell me if you’ve got a specific spread in mind. :)

Aww yiss. I was tagged by teawitching-diviner ehehehehe

Nicknames: kelly-wa, kell bell 
Current time and date: 12:48PM May 12, 2015
Average amount of sleep: 7 hours
Lucky numbers: 17, 8, repeating 3s.
Last thing I googled: I don’t remember tbh I google things constantly… I think language in Malta??
First word that comes to mind: Blessings
Places that make me happy: Unpopulated beaches. Untouched fields of snow. Small coffee houses. Pubs late at night. Hookah bars. My back yard when the sun is out. Parking lots in the rain.
Favorite Drink: Chai, moscato, vodka and cranberry… i could go on
Favorite book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 
Last film I saw in a theater: Kingsman 
Dream wedding: Something small and simple. Outdoors. Hell, barefoot on a beach. Or right there at the courthouse, send nice photos to family and use otherwise-wedding-money for a kickass honeymoon or a down payment on a home. 
Dream job: What I’m doing right now, but minus the school obligations. :)

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