deviant love

Some lovely deviant fella, a long time ago: Your cat!Hux reminds me of Chat Noir, with his bell~~

Me: Say no more

I wanted to test some stuff and of course this asshole appeared on my screen. I do like the concept of Chat Noir!Hux and Ladybug!Kylo Ren (hhh Ren with cute little pigtails….!!) but I think I prefer the reverse…. I mean, come on…. Miracul-Hux 

Is this a thing already ?

//woo hoo !

// //I really like this painting, I painted it to get my mind off some assignments that have been taking over my life LOL. But this school year will soon be over!

//Thank you for viewing and supporting my art as I come back to deviant art, I love you!

//please, please, please go check out my art on instagram to see sketches, wips, and finished pieces! as of now I am most active on there <3 @ lynntsunami !

nightmaze  asked:


This was an entirely unexpected gift from a wonderful artist named ‘coffee for frida’ on deviant art. I love this piece which they titled ‘eyes of the wolf’ not just because of their talent, but also because they were inspired by my character (Tidus/Isen) and the video I made at the time.
It just really hit me that someone would care enough about something I’ve created, that it would drive them to put the time and effort into something like this. 
[Coffee for frida’s DA] 

The film’s main characters are three friends who are LGBT. They have casual sex, take recreational drugs, and hold parties. Their neighbors dislike their behavior and attempt to get them to do Islamic practices; the friends who refuse to change their behavior get struck by lightning and die. At the end the cast members sing an anthem for the unity of Malaysia.

Asmara Songsang (Abnormal Desire or Deviant Love)

I saw a really amusing user name today. It was a combination of Bobby’s tattoo and Hanbin’s ‘Nihilism’ one. I don’t know if they did it ironically or not.

It got me thinking about whether or not those two have ever had arguments or words about their belief systems. I’m not saying Hanbin is some Godless deviant (I kinda love the idea that he could be) but those two tattoos could not be any more different. 

One is based on organised dogma and the belief that there is One God. The other rejects and criticises all organised dogma. One fears a divine power, the other fears nothing because nothing is truly real or knowable. One is constructive but confining. The other is destructive and completely lawless. One surrenders to a higher being, the other only answers to himself. One is written on Bobby’s back, so you can only see it when he leaves or walks away. The other is written across Hanbin’s chest, so it’s one of the first things to confront you. 

I could really go on for days. They are a very interesting pair of guys with a very interesting pair of tattoos.

• Tonight I hosted The Newly Wed Game with my favorite little ratings sponge, @whatislv! THE AUDIENCE JUST ADORES HIM!!! HE’S A COMPLETE AND UTTER NATURAL! Not to mention– rather cute, if I may say so myself. ♥

• My, answering every question correctly… pausing between takes to give me a much deserved kiss; I hadn’t noticed this until reviewing our footage in editing, but, every time he told me I dropped a cue card he would wink at the camera when I bent over!
• I love him so much.

• Afterwards, of course, I had made dinner. Then, we retired to bed after a VERY long and tantalizing evening. Heavens, what a fantastic segment. Spring has sprung! (AS HAVE MANY OTHER THINGS. AHA-HA!)