deviant love

we will break the rules
a forbidden love, but somehow it grew
amidst cracked ground
they said there was no chance for us
but we proved them wrong, didn’t we?
and we are fighters
did we make this work simply to rebel?
but its real
more real than this façade we live day by day
they called us liars for loving
they called us thieves for stealing each other’s hearts
but how is it a burglary when we are both so willing?
so different, yet alike
we should not compliment each other, and still
a deviant kind of love
yes, that is what we have created here
they said that this would end swiftly
nothing more than a daring dalliance
so brightly burning, and then out when the wind threatened to blow
they expected us to be fickle with the affairs of the heart
but we are misfits, not matchsticks
and we do not love lightly.

misfits, not matchsticks, brydie ❤︎

prompt from @the-dahlia-lama

So. Turians.

Turians who can’t really smell anything through their small noses, so evolution made them scent things through their tongue.

Turians, who despite having spiky bits, sharp teeth and metal in their bodies are very very prone to developing an oral fixation - thanks evolution!

Turians, male Turians, who have a thing for women in charge. Not in a ‘weaker sex dominating me,’ but in a ‘she can kick my ass and step on me and I’d be totally okay with that!’

Turian, whom evolution gave sharp claws and even sharper minds, why tear someone down with their hand when they can do that with their tongue?

In more ways than one.

Turians, who, just like Humans, have to file their nails down.

Turians - and Quarians and Salarians - whom evolution gave 3 fingers, so they have a Math base 6, to the despair of everyone else.

Turians, with sharper eyesight than the rest of the galaxy using it to either scope a mark across the field or across the bar.

Turians, who are born and breed to hold civic duty and society above their own needs, who are aware that the two don’t always match, and it’s ok to admit o failure.

Turians, who can be selfish, giving, pampered, loyal, cruel, bloodthirsty, dismissive and loving, sexual deviants, all at the same time.

Turians, with subvocals and other tells that shout to everyone what they’re feeling, who take other species to be particularly deaf.

Turians who take advantage of other species’ deafness to gossip, to mutter sweet nothings to their deaf mates, to poke fun at others.

Turians, who most regard as 'disciplined’ and 'lacking a traitorous bone on their body’ and 'society above self’ being the unexpected and most accomplished con men.

Turians, who laughed at others when someone tried to 'introduce’ them to oral sex, as if they haven’t tried *that* before.

Turians, who would rather pay respect to their Spirits.

Turians, who will try dating a human just for the heck of it, just to say they did it, and end up so enamoured with their tone deaf, squishy human.

Human Kung Fu Panda Team by CoraOvart (deviant art) I really love humanized versions of animated animals. Everyone has such creative designs for them, and I can’t help but like It! She did an amazing job, especially with Po’s design!

I see a lot of people posting on the web saying “God loves you just the way you are.” But how true is that?

We know God loves us, for He allowed His only Son to die for us. If He loved us just the way we are, why would He even need to have done that? He offered us a way out of sin! He offered us a way to be saved through Christ.

By saying “God loves me just the way I am” you are saying Christ’s sacrifice was in vain. You insult your Maker every single day by your apathy, your greed, your thoughts, your actions, by the things you say, with your ambition and all the other things that the Bible tells us are not of the Spirit. The “way you are” is a corrupt sinful creature that deserves nothing else besides to suffer in Hell for all of eternity, yet He loves you so much that Christ died for your sins.

God loves you so very much, DESPITE the way you are. He looks past all the sins and disobedience. Remember that He loves us so much that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. He didn’t wait for us to stop sinning to die for us, He died while we were sinner. He loves you so much that He doesn’t force Himself onto you, and you must be the one who must choose to follow Him. How would you like if someone forced themselves onto you just because they love you but you don’t? That’s not love. He loves you so much that He gives you free will to choose Him. He loves you so much that He lets YOU decide where you want to spend eternity, Heaven or Hell. It’s completely up to you.

You can reach out to Him as you are, because despite the way you are, He loves you all the same. You can turn to Him no matter how broken and lost you might be. Doesn’t matter if you are an atheist, a Muslim, a homosexual, a Buddhist, an addict, a murderer, a thief, a sexual deviant, etc, He loves you all the same. He loves you despite you being as lost and broken and any change that needs to happen will happen after you truly accept Him in your heart. You don’t need to be perfect to go to Him. Whatever needs to be changed in your life will happen once He’s in your life, if you are so willing to love Him as He loves you. How can you love God? Scripture tells us how we are to love Him and show Him our love, “this is what love for God is: to keep His commands.

Despite our horrible sinful behavior, He loves us so much that Christ died for ALL of us. That’s one thing that blows my mind. We go against Him every day and He knows that. The vast majority of the Earth doesn’t even acknowledge Him and are against Him, yet He loves them all the same. So many people living their sinful lives, yet He loves them. His love is mind-boggling. No human being could ever love as He does. The Bible tells us the kind of things we did to Him and how He endured them because of His incredible love towards us: we mocked Him, insulted Him, spat on His face, flogged Him and finally killed Him on a cross. After all that, how would you feel towards the people that did that to you? Even after all of that, He still loves us. His love is incomprehensible.

What if you don’t change after you accepted Him? And what if you go back to your old ways? Then you gotta wonder how true your love towards Him really was if you aren’t willing to make sacrifices, even self-sacrifices, to properly follow Him. To truly love Him is to obey Him, as Scripture tells us, so are you sure it wasn’t just a little crush you had on Him rather than true love? Does the Bible tell you how great your life will be once you accept Him, or how tough your life will become? Does the Bible tell you how the much the world will love you, or how much the world will hate you for following Him? Does the Bible tell you that your own family will rejoice for you, or how much they will be against you? But just remember, if you do follow Him and endure all the hardships, you will have eternity in Heaven and eternity beats this short life we get to experience. Go to Him as you are and obey His Word and let Him change you from inside out.

God loves you, not as you are but rather, despite the way you are. You will NEVER be perfect nor will you ever be even close to be sinless, yet that cannot let you stop from repenting of your sins and being true to follow His Word. You will never be perfect in this life, for this is a fallen world, yet He loves you and wishes you to follow His Word and spread His Gospel of love with your neighbor. God loves you enough to let you choose how you want to live your life. You can either follow Him or follow your heart’s desires. You can choose to bask on His grace or not. You can choose salvation or damnation. That’s an incredible love to allow such freedom.

I beg of you, don’t break His heart by forcing Him to send you to Hell. Going to Hell isn’t His doing, it’s entirely ours. We cannot blame Him if we end up in Hell because He loved us the entire time we were on this Earth and He allowed us to make the choice to be saved or not, rather than to force Heaven down our throats. He allowed Christ to die a horrible death so we can have a way out of sin! All He ever wanted is for us to love Him. And again, how do we show our love? The Bible tells us exactly how we can show our love towards Him, “this is what love for God is: to keep His commands.” God doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell, as Scripture tells us, “He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.” So, I beg of you, please repent, accept His love, believe in Christ and obey Him.

Choose to love God as much as He loves you while there is still time.

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In contrast to the last ask posted, I've also talked to people in private and most people either don't know what they're actually saying when reblogging terf things (only that they're bad and terrible) or just quietly don't say anything out of fear and knowing they're one of the "bad" lesbians. This terf shit has scared so many of my friends into not ever saying anything about being an actual lesbian. It's not okay to even say you like your girlfriends body anymore because no dick = bad...

It’s not okay to even say you like your girlfriends body anymore because no dick = bad…

This line really strikes me as a horrible truth. When lesbians say they are attracted to their female lover’s body, somehow that gets construed as us saying we see them as genitals and nothing more. Obviously this isn’t the case! Straight people and the homophobic queer community both think gay people are sex-crazed deviants who can’t love the whole person beyond their body.

But if we’re going to be proud of who we are as gay people, that means we should be proud of the sexual part of our attraction, too. As much as homophobes want lesbians to shut up about liking vulva, we should keep being loud and proud. Our sexuality is not dirty or shameful or bigoted, and we’re going to keep celebrating it. Lesbianism is not just a pretty, pure aesthetic of two girls holding hands. There are sexual feeling involved too, and that’s a beautiful, core part of it.

And to respond to the rest of your message- I know some lesbians totally disconnected from the discourse who reblog anti-terf things solely because they don’t realize they’re actually agreeing with homophobia and just know from hearsay that “terfs” hate trans people (not remotely true). There are a lot who are trying to protect themselves from being targeted, too. I’m sad that so many lesbians are keeping themselves in a new kind of closet to appear acceptable to the trans community. I reject that closet, and I hope more lesbians find the bravery and acceptance elsewhere needed to reject it too. Lesbians are perfect as they are. We have nothing to apologize for.

-Mod Noel

KankuKiba FicRec List:

I went and browsed through fanfic sites for you, anon.
It’s not much but I hope you find some you like here. 

1. Afternoon Naps and Chocolate Chip Cookies by DAzebras
      Kiba stumbles across the cat-eared puppeteer under a tree near the training grounds. Funny how pent up feelings have a way of leaking out when you fall asleep on your crush’s lap,isn’t it?
One shot | Rated: | Complete

2. Deviant Love by Attanea 
      Kiba is aware of his sexuality yet he knows that his crushes are always one-sided. But when Kankuro visits and stirs up old feelings, Kiba becomes determined to see this one through. All that stands in his way is Kankuro’s hard-headed stubbornness.
Multi-Chaptered: 8 | Rated: T | Complete | Companion Piece

3. How Do you Tell a Guy you Love Him by Zammie4eva
      Kiba’s having a bit of trouble, he’s in love with Kankuro, but can he tell the sand nin this before it’s too late?
One shot | Rated: K | Complete

4. Secrets by Dark Akuma Hunter 
      An encounter in the forest leads to something more. 
Multi-Chaptered: 2 | Rater: T | Complete

5. Taitofan has written multiple one shots about them. 

6. Away from Home by rock_n_roler 
     Kankuro is stuck outside of his village for a couple of days and decide it’s time for Kiba to repay him for saving him.
Multi-Chaptered: 33 | Rated: M | Complete 

7. Taming the Wolf by BarettaVendetta
      The bonds between Sunagakure and Konoha are strengthened when a top Suna jounin falls in love with a Konoha chuunin.
Multi-Chaptered: 16 | Rated: M | Complete

8. A Little TLC Does the Body Good by Silver_Moon_Lit_Forest
      Everyone needs some TLC after a long day at work, and Kankurou is no exception. 
One Shot | Rated: E | Complete

Look for more here
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ace anon: ahhh i see. im kn the ither end if the ocean at the butt of spain = portugal 🇵🇹 lolz XD #much sardines Xp but yeah well i guess each country with its pros and cons i guess? we all find assholes somewhere sadly xc ( which is why we need more aces! xooo )


That’s really sweet nonnie!! & yes you’re 100% correct!!