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People need to stop sexualizing polyamory. They need to stop calling it kinky and sex and slut shaming polyam people. The sexualization of polyamory is just as heinous as the sexualization of lgbt identities and it does the same things. It endangers polyamorous minors, it alienates polyamorous asexuals, puts polyamorous people at higher risk of sexual harassment, and isolates polyamorous people in a world that believes they are sexual deviants. Polyamory is about love, commitment, and devotion and degrading it by writing it off as a sexual thing is both incorrect and horribly cruel.

So. Turians.

Turians who can’t really smell anything through their small noses, so evolution made them scent things through their tongue.

Turians, who despite having spiky bits, sharp teeth and metal in their bodies are very very prone to developing an oral fixation - thanks evolution!

Turians, male Turians, who have a thing for women in charge. Not in a ‘weaker sex dominating me,’ but in a ‘she can kick my ass and step on me and I’d be totally okay with that!’

Turian, whom evolution gave sharp claws and even sharper minds, why tear someone down with their hand when they can do that with their tongue?

In more ways than one.

Turians, who, just like Humans, have to file their nails down.

Turians - and Quarians and Salarians - whom evolution gave 3 fingers, so they have a Math base 6, to the despair of everyone else.

Turians, with sharper eyesight than the rest of the galaxy using it to either scope a mark across the field or across the bar.

Turians, who are born and breed to hold civic duty and society above their own needs, who are aware that the two don’t always match, and it’s ok to admit o failure.

Turians, who can be selfish, giving, pampered, loyal, cruel, bloodthirsty, dismissive and loving, sexual deviants, all at the same time.

Turians, with subvocals and other tells that shout to everyone what they’re feeling, who take other species to be particularly deaf.

Turians who take advantage of other species’ deafness to gossip, to mutter sweet nothings to their deaf mates, to poke fun at others.

Turians, who most regard as 'disciplined’ and 'lacking a traitorous bone on their body’ and 'society above self’ being the unexpected and most accomplished con men.

Turians, who laughed at others when someone tried to 'introduce’ them to oral sex, as if they haven’t tried *that* before.

Turians, who would rather pay respect to their Spirits.

Turians, who will try dating a human just for the heck of it, just to say they did it, and end up so enamoured with their tone deaf, squishy human.

This thing would be terrifying but amazing to hug. The tips of its legs would feel like pinpricks on your skin, ticklish at times. Those pincers would open wide for a kiss, the tiny legs on its belly moving ceaselessly, and its whole body would probably undulate when you start to stroke your hands over its surprisingly soft body.

Art by DefiledVisions

MC Sings Sucker For Pain:

MC: I torture yooooou 🎶
Julian: ???
MC: I wanna CHAIN you up 🎶
Julian: *sweats*
MC: I wanna TIE you down 🎶
MC: Julian?


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Here’s one without the window glass, so you can see Reifling’s colors better! Also, here’s a few notes I have about Reifling so far!

- Reifling is a nocturnal faery and typically goes into a hibernating-like state during the warm months.

- Reifling actually has pretty poor eyesight, for unknown reasons. She can see shapes and colors, but not details, which many find surprising given her life’s purpose.

-Reifling has a hard time handling interactions with more than one individual at a time. She appears elegant and ethereal, but is actually quite shy as well.

Human Kung Fu Panda Team by CoraOvart (deviant art) I really love humanized versions of animated animals. Everyone has such creative designs for them, and I can’t help but like It! She did an amazing job, especially with Po’s design!

anonymous asked:

Is it normal for girls to masturbate? because all my friends deny doing it and appear disgusted when asked about it

oh man it’s totally normal. probably not all girls do it, no, because while boys masturbating is normalized and widely discussed and encouraged, it’s not treated the same for girls. just like with sex. girls are not “supposed” to enjoy their bodies and sexuality the way boys are.

i will say speaking from experience, girls don’t discuss masturbating with friends because we are made to feel ashamed of it, at least when you’re younger. so your friends are probably lying. i remember this song and dance from being a teenager all too well lol