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anonymous asked:

Why do you think Adrienne Rich is a terf?

This article answers your question in better detail than I could so here’s a link.

If you don’t wanna read all that, this is a quote from the article that I find very enlightening:

“Rich was a tremendous supporter of Janice G. Raymond, author of The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male. Raymond even cites Rich in a viciously transphobic chapter, “Sappho by Surgery,” in which Raymond argues that biological sex is the same as gender (i.e., if someone is born with female body parts, they are always a woman). Raymond also suggests that men who go through sex-reassignment surgery are not real women but deviant men who use female bodies to enter female spaces. As a result, they are committing a type of identity rape.”

….so that’s why we prefer the term “(coercive) heteronormativity”. And as Max already said, “compulsory heterosexuality” has been used again bi people and to invalidate bisexuality as a whole.