deviant female


drag was literally pioneered by black and latina gay and trans people not only for visibility and performance art but also to literally survive. we have a majority of our rights today in 2016 because of black and latina trans women who were also drag queens. saying “if you support drag you don’t support trans women” is completely ahistorical and downright ignorant. us white trans people have no right to be critical of a movement that we ourselves benefit off of yet constantly erase, drag is not and never has been inherently transmisogynistic.

you can’t blame gender nonconforming individuals, a group that contains cis and trans/nb people for cishet people’s views on transgender women, transgender women do not perpetuate their own stereotypes. and the fact that you’re literally responding with hilarious reaction images about drag queens being victims of hatecrimes is so……if you wanna talk about things detrimental to the tgirl community why do all three of you have sideblogs where you whack it to dog penises? seems like that’s more inherently deviant than female presentation imo