deviant female

The Lantern Girl

Give me my clothes back with Conner.
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“Conner? Baby? Can you give me a clean towel?”
    You shouted from the shower to your boyfriend,Conner, who happily obliged.
     He entered the small bathroom that was installed to his room; one of the perks of finally having new headquarters.
    “Thank you baby!” You said and blew a kiss to him as you turned the faucet off. "Did you wanna get in?“ You said and grabbed him by his wrist.
  “No baby. I had one before you woke up.”
  You stuck your tongue out to him and wrapped yourself with the enormous towel.
   The bedroom floor was cold as you walked, but you figured it was because it was well, November and the mount Justice was well… a mountain.
   Conner approached you from behind,rubbing the tip of his nose to your wet shoulder.
  “Eww… Conner!” You laughed and stepped away from him.
“What?” He winked at you and laughed too. He approached you again and this time he pulled you in his muscular arms.
   “You should blow-dry your hair, baby. It’s really cold and Nightwing said he won’t be turning up the heater until he’s sure we aren’t gonna blow up.”
  You chuckled as you though of a response but stayed silent instead. Moments like these with Conner were beautiful and so heart warming. Especially when you being the most reckless superhero existing, almost got yourself killed.
   “I think I should make cookies for everyone.” You blurt out.
  “Why is that?” Conner smiled and pulled away from so you could sit on the bed.
   Once positioned next to each other you spoke again.
“Uhmm I… look the new trainer girl… Manhuntress… I think she seems nice. She had a rough time pulling us out of shit on this mission and plus M'gann is not the only one who should cook here. Poor girl, it’s like we have her only for cooking.”
   You noticed Conner shallow hard, while he held you.
   “Are you okay, baby?”
  How could you know? You were new in the team. The Green Lanterns had assigned you to the team for you to find courage, or love, or anything that could make you greater than them, because you had that potential. As Hal Jordan said.
     Conner never ceased to be impressed by you. Your strong will, your skills, your recklessness. He had asked you on a date as soon as he could. He never told you about his past with M'gann and begged her not to tell you too. He was afraid, a wrong move, a wrong manipulation of a serious situation would damage your will. The pureness the Lanterns had seen in you.
“Yeah. I’m fine… M'gann loves to cook (y/n). We’re not forcing her to do anything.”
“Uh huh” you nodded and got up. Slipping away from your towel, leaving yourself completely bare and Conner blushed, you wandered around the room, searching for your clothes.
    “ Con, where are my clothes?”
    “You mean these?” He grinned and looked up, making you look too.
   “Wha-” you only managed to say as he flew to the ceiling and put your clothes to the thick, extra line of iron that was used for hosting the lambs. He landed again and he laughed as he saw your face screwed up in disappointment.
   “Conner give me my clothes back!
“You’ll have to get them all by your self.”
   “Nooo! I can’t.. I can’t fly… Conner… it’s cold” your voice, raised as you spoke jumping, while your whole body jiggled up and down and it made him laugh even more.
   Soon you joined his trail of laughter too.
“Why are you doing this Con?”
    You giggled as he threw you onto the bed and hovered on you, continually pecking every feature of your face.
   “Because.. you almost died on me”
He chuckled and kissed you again, this time deeper and then again and again, not being able to absorb all of your sweetness at once.