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If you’re looking for a group to call home in a time of need, DDRP is a group for anyone. This place is full of deviants ready for love and adventure in any shape or form. If you’re looking to have fun, we're full of insanity with moments of sanity. Whether you’re new to roleplaying or consider yourself veteran, we’d be happy to open up the gates for you.

OOC: To my dear family,

I refuse to give up Jasmine, or any of you. She and the rest of you are all too close to my heart. So anyone who would like to RP with me after DDRP is shut down, please message me and tell me. I will keep in contact with everyone possible.

I would also like advice on what to do with Jasmine. I heard some of you may begin an RP once DDRP is gone but there is also the option to go independent. I have never gone independent before and I’m not sure how popular my Jasmine would be.

Regardless, I could use some advice and words of wisdom. Just know that I will never give up on Jasmine or any of you. You’re all wonderful and I will always be a close friend to you no matter what.

This is my personal account. If any of you ever need me don’t be afraid to message me. I always check it. Also feel free to message me if you simply wish to keep in contact this way, whether or not you drop your characters.

I strongly encourage everyone to continue playing their characters and enjoy it. Writing is a wonderful thing and you get the chance to make people laugh, cry, be creative, and keep their imagination alive. Continue making new friends and sticking close to old ones. If there’s a will, there’s a way. I love you all and keep your chins up, because you are sincerely loved indeed. 

Your friend always,


Hello friends!

After forcing ourselves to wait an agonizing two weeks since its release in theaters, the staff of DDRP is proud to announce that we are now accepting characters from Marvel’s newest feature film, Guardians of the Galaxy! Starting today, you can officially audition for main characters like Peter “Star-Lord” Quill and Groot, or even a more minor character like Yondu Udonta.

We are very excited to have these a-holes join our happy family, so if you’re interested, whether you’re a DDRP veteran or potentially new member, feel free to apply!


OOC: Just to let all of my lovely followers know,

Deviant Disney Roleplay, as far as I know, is shutting down sometime in June. Court of Disney is the roleplay group a few of my friends from DDRP are starting so we can all still talk and have somewhere to go after the group shuts down, since DDRP was like a family.

I have joined Court of Disney with Jasmine’s account and Arista’s, HOWEVER. I WILL be a part of and affiliated with Deviant Disney Roleplay until they decide it’s time to shut down the group.

There’s change #1: I will be a part of a Court of Disney AND DDRP for now.

CHANGE NUMBER TWO: I’m treating Jasmine’s account as semi-independent now. MEANING, I will roleplay with anyone on tumblr who would like to write with me. I think it will be good for Jasmine’s development as a character further and I want to meet even more wonderful people.

So there you have it, I am part of two roleplay groups but I will roleplay with other roleplayers on tumblr, whether their independent or in another group, or if they’re just like me! Doesn’t matter. I just love to write and I think it’s silly and sad to turn people away. 

Thanks for reading, I love you all and please continue to message me, write with me, follow me, etc.! I love you all and I feel so blessed to have met so many lovely people. Even if we don’t talk that much, I appreciate all of you. <3

-Alexa aka Jasmine/Arista