Day 3 of the #PotterWeekPrompts : House Coloures

Can you guess mine??

Art Rant

I sometimes worry about the future of Digital art….hear me out a couple of months ago they released this nifty nice website which will automatically color and fill in your line art. Its not perfect but you can even adjust the site’s edits to make it work. Then they released an app that will turn your sketch into a realistic painting. Those are just a couple of things, there still okay because one, they dont create something out of nothing, You still have to submit something to the app to get results. On the other hand how many people will use these sites and apps and claim its 100 percent their own doing? and now I saw a new add for anatomy Photoshop brushes which you can buy. These photoshop brushes give you hundreds of body parts for the male and female mode, in different perspective ways  , so the side, a close up, having the head turned, the arm to the left, walking, ect  which sounds really cool and all but I already know  a lot of people are not going to use these as references. Its pretty darn easy to make a layer above it and just trace over the part….the brushes even advertise themselves that’’’’ Artist will now safe time by cheating ‘’  …if you think I am being negative I kindly remind you of   the Bases-culture on Deviantart. What was first meant to be used as a practicing tool or just used for none-artist to create a character ….which became a common tracing tool where people just googled any sort of empty base, safe it and trace over the base or in some cases just lazy use ms paint to draw on the bases itself. and it has happened so many times not even online I have seen people SELLING base-traced art work in conventions….not only am I worried that this will stunt the growth and development of young artist and their skills but that this will futher create the idea that digital artist are just lazy because its easy.