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Hey guys! SINCE WE HIT 15K FOLLOWERS, I just had to give you guys something ;3; So here’s a little (6000+ word, whoops) Jimin story I’ve be putting together… actually, this story line holds significance to me, and if anyone can figure out why, then you will be rewarded… jk, but I’ll be happy :’) So anyway, hope you enjoy! Hopefully, I’ll get done with some requests soon~

- Devi :D

when I think about you… (fluff/angst)

word count: 6174

Pattering rain, subtle winds, black skies, it’s times like these when I stay dormant. I settle into the worn crème colored fabric of my suede couch, gripping a mug of Earl Grey with both my hands to let the heat lace through my fingers. It’s my special blend, three spoons of Lady Grey, half a cup of boiling water, half a cup of steamed milk, and vanilla cream to top.

There are a million things that could go through my mind, but instead it focuses on just one: him.

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lie [jimin - angst]

Hey guys! It’s been eons since I’ve posted but I’ve finally been able to finish something I started writing a long time ago. The inspiration originally came from Jimin’s Wings teaser, so enjoy! :D
- Devi 

[Warning: the following scenario explores topics of mental health, self-harm and suicide] 

Word Count: 1818

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD): “A mental disorder characterized by unstable moods, behavior, and relationships.”

Symptoms: fear of abandonment, depression, substance abuse, distorted self-image, impulsivity, uncontrollable emotions, self-damaging behavior, dissociation

Will you be here when I wake up?

Of course, I will.

What if I don’t believe you?

Then close your eyes. When you open them again, you’ll see.

Jimin had faith in those words, those steady words hanging loosely from her lips. But little did he see the lie in them. How could he? She, herself, didn’t know they were so.


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• Haikyuu!!
• Kuroko no Basket
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• Dance With Devils
• Uta no Prince Sama
• High School Star Musical/Starmyu
• Kon!
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● otome game based/rev harem anime

• Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
• Junjou Romantica
(●BL….Oh you know what genre, do I even need to say :D)

• Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
• Inuyasha
• Tiger&Bunny
• Arina Tanemura and her series (Full Moon wo Sagashite, Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne…)
• Vampire Knight

Ho sempre “amato” cucinare ed ho sempre pensato che la cucina sia un pò come una bella storia d'amore..
devi metterci istinto, passione, fantasia ma soprattutto un pizzico di “cuore”.
Mi sento come un “domatore” che gioca con i sapori per trovare quell'equilibrio magico capace di regalare un'emozione a chi poi assaggerà il mio piatto..
È come una sfida e le armi vincenti sono i miei cinque sensi..
la vista, il gusto, l'olfatto, il tatto ma anche l'udito.. si.. perché ho sempre “sentito” dentro una sensazione di serenità mentre cucino che mi regala un sorriso..

F.J. @struruso