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tips for an oc ;; do lots of like personality surveys/about yourself type things ic. they may seem kind of silly but they can help develop some of the little things about your character ! & don't feel bad if in the process of writing your oc, you headcanon/write one thing about them, then you start feeling something different from that. muses are fickle, just like people. give yourself room & time to deveop & grow your character ! [ i hope this helped a little friend ! ]

give me tips on making/writing an oc !!

       i actually did one of these the other day and found it so helpful, like even the most seemingly insignificant questions like ‘would you rather be eaten by a shark or man-eating bugs?’ like you wouldn’t expect it, but something so random can really open doors to new aspects of your character??? it’s amazing. but i didn’t actually consider that headcanons may change over time, so thank you for making me take that into account. you definitely helped – friendly reminder, while i’m here, that your original characters are fab, fab, FAB.

tfw ur awful emotionally abusive ex still follows ur super personal blog wjere u can rant abt ur probably deveoping ed in peace

Shindig poster concept.

For this event I really want to push its unique selling point of it being an all day event, your £8 ticket gives you access to a 2pm - 3am party, that’s unique and cheap. So what makes this event unique is the day aspect to it, so this is where I want to put the focus of the events graphic content. 

In my sketching I looked at what content and imagery would convey the idea of a garden party. I looked at what visual content could be important in communicating the messages of party, garden and summer. 

I looked at how to combine visual elements like Vinyl records and turntables which has been a graphic we have used consistently throughout our poster designs for FiveThirty events.

Trying to continue the female presence and suggestive nature I looked at idea’s as seen below of a female licking a FiveThirty branded lollipop. 

Looking at what could use shape in an interesting way I liked the idea of using the sun to create silhouettes. I liked the idea of showing a party goer’s silhouette creating a dark area in what otherwise would just be a bright image. This image would definitely communicate the idea of summer and an outdoor party. 

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How is a Taurus with a Scorpio rising different than a Taurus with a, lets say libra rising?

You appear differently. Maybe not as outgoing, more reserved and shit. People sees you as a Scorpio but it all depends on how deveoped you are as a person so yeah.


i think i want to live a better life… 

i want to be seen as beautiful like this too someday…. 

beautiful inside and out, good habits, go to gym, drink mah bananamilk haesal brand from land of morning caaaaalmato molto 

go to the worky, make the money

learn to dance all powerful… maybe not

and deveop my mind but not leave morality behind like strange doktors……..

ahhhhhhhhhhhh and the most important part of being beautiful and beloved


and sweaters