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I remembered someone suggesting an ONS gem AU and recently saw a buncha sick SU art so I got inspired!!

AU in which Mika is from Homeworld and he visits Earth to inspect/gather data, then unexpectedly finds Earth gems around?? Now he probably never wants to leave

Vernon: To Love And Love Again

Summary: you hear his voice on the radio and suddenly your whole world is falling apart (aka I took soulmate aus to a kind of dark but predictable place lol enjoy) (so many words… so much slow burn…. reader/vernon stuff doesn’t even start until like 4k words in and this fic is only like 4.2k words so…….)

-Admin Princess

It was a Friday evening when the sky came crashing down around you. It was a quite figurative crashing down of things, but to you it felt like the whole world had suddenly just fallen. Like gravity didn’t exist anymore, or maybe the force of it had been increased by a hundred. You couldn’t tell. You could only hear the echoing of his voice through your head, as haunting and terrifying as “You’re listening to the Friday Wind Down. I’m your DJ, Vernon” can sound.

The mug in your hand slips from your fingers, the sound of shattering porcelain being nothing but a minor noise that is taken over by a ringing in your ears. Dahyun looks up from her seat on your couch. She’s wearing one of your sweatshirts and the leggings that you love on her, and her hair is tied up in a loose knot on the top of her head. On most days, you would find this look quite adorable, but today it’s a nuisance.

“Baby? What’s wrong?” She asks.

You ignore her question. “You turned the radio on?” You say, stepping around the mess of coffee and glass to slam your hand down on the power button.

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  • Dino: Do you guys know where I could get one of those gold necklaces with a "T" on it?
  • Joshua: That's a cross.
  • Dino: Across from where?
Podcasts & Structure

Every time I get around to sitting down and actually writing these articles, I have to seriously consider what I’m going to talk about. It seems the conversation of audio drama is becoming more widespread lately, oozing its way into mainstream media faster than I can catch up. 

And so many are being made at such a rapid pace, catching up with it all can be its own challenge. A lot of people are starting to see the power and potential of audio plays and it’s a slow burn revolution I am a hundred percent behind. 

When I achieve my dreams of becoming a licensed journalist under that sweet, sweet trademark PodCake©, know that I’ll be somewhere in the front lines, keeping everyone up to the date and in the zone until I’m old and gray and still very, very pink.

So with this exciting idea in mind, I find it appropriate to do a somewhat different type of “Podcasts&”. This is still very much an article dabbling into my specific interests and experiences though also a guide of sorts to those who may be wrapped up in the creative hype. Allow me to pull you starry-eyed artists aside for some well-meaning advice. May you follow in the footsteps of your idols, though know you are above any of their common mistakes.

I had a few options in store to pick from when it came to another topic covering audio drama critique, though I felt that I wanted to address this first. This is another dabbling into the more specific structures of my podcast journalism and the consumption and creation of audio drama in general. 

In a similar vain to my latest article, “Podcasts & Critique”, I’ll be talking about something that perhaps not many are willing to discuss out in the open but is certainly touched upon enough that I feel the merits to bring it up in more depth. What we will be discussing today is the element of effective story structure.

Get comfortable, this is gonna be a long one. 

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anonymous asked:

May I please request a bad boy AU oikawa and semi separately where they have an innocent s/o who aways follows the rules and goes to class and how a healthy romantic relationship would be like.

Hi! So I wrote way too much for this, and it’s headcanons because I don’t really know how to write a bad boy AU yet. This ask was kind of vague, but I’d love to write any of these headcanons into a scenario and develop my bad boy AU skills a bit more!

Oikawa Tooru

  • People at school are always shocked the first time they see him
  • He looks like he could be a preppy golden boy if it wasn’t for the leather jacket, the tattoos, or the cigarette hanging out of his mouth
  • When he decides to show up for class, everyone is even more surprised
  • And when he walks up and kisses you, the class representative, in front of everyone, their jaws are pretty much on the ground in shock
  • He picks you up every day after school activities
  • You like to make him blush by kissing him on the cheek before getting on his motorcycle
  • He doesn’t get flustered often but the boy is weak for cheek kisses
  • People at school think you must be into something illegal on dates because of who your boyfriend is
  • But a typical school night date is him taking you home and letting you do your homework
  • Until he gets bored and then he starts bothering you
  • He gets antsy sitting around the house and not doing anything
  • So if you have too much work to do, he’ll leave for the night because he doesn’t want to bother you if he gets too bored because he knows how important school is for you
  • On weekends, you go out to restaurants or other places for your dates
  • And usually he’ll hang out with his friends
  • You’re usually cool with it, but sometimes you get stressed out over school when he’s gone
  • You can typically handle it on your own, but on the nights that you can’t, he answers you immediately
  • He can always calm you down, even when surrounded by his other delinquent friends
  • And he’ll always take the time to do so, even if it interrupts something that he’s doing

Semi Eita

  • Semi’s the textbook definition of a bad boy
  • People are shocked by his sudden appearances and disappearances at school
  • But when your friends asked, you usually just shrugged and said he wasn’t a school type of person
  • He doesn’t really understand your love of school, and he isn’t very good at helping you study or anything
  • You devote any time you have out of school to being with him because your activities take up a lot of your time
  • He likes to drive, so you spend a lot of time in his car
  • You actually really love his loud rock music that he plays incessantly
  • And he secretly likes some of the pop music that you listen to
  • Not that he would ever tell you that because he has an image to uphold
  • Sometimes if you need a change of scenery while studying, he’ll come pick you up and drive you around while you study
  • He loses his temper sometimes and it upsets you when he does
  • Anytime he upsets you, you can bet he’ll be at your house the next day with your favorite kind of candy and maybe a flower or two
  • He’ll even show up to school if he gets to your house after you leave just to apologize for upsetting you
  • Your friends don’t understand why you’re attracted to him
  • Your favorite thing about his bad boy appearance is his eyebrow piercing
  • It’s the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen in your life
  • And he knows it and is constantly suggesting you get one
  • But there’s absolutely no way he’ll ever talk you into it
  • Becauses who’s ever seen a class representative with an eyebrow piercing
  • But for your birthday he buys you one of those fake magnetic ones
  • It made you laugh, but you’ll occasionally wear it just to make him break that cool persona and get a teensy bit flustered
  • Because just like Semi with an eyebrow piercing is the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen, you with any kind of piercing is the most attractive thing he’s ever seen
  • But really, you’re the most attractive thing he’s seen no matter what and he makes sure you know that every day
prompts #0001 - 0150 + bonus (wwyd)


I’m happy I made it this far, and I hope to make many more prompts. Without further ado, here are the first 150 prompts on my blog:

Prompt Number - Prompt Name - Prompt Tags

bold = smut

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mr. neighbour || 05

Genre: Neighbour!Jungkook AU; humour
Word Count: 1, 531
Notes: This is probably the longest one I’ve written for this series. Will it get any shorter? Probably not :’D Don’t worry, I’ve got it all planned out though ;D
Series: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 6

The sound of the front door being shut echoed through the apartment followed by some hushed giggles. You were roused from your dozing off, yawning as you peered back down at your notebook. A glance at the clock on your desk told you that it was only around eleven at night. So that must’ve been your roommate coming back from her night shift.

Stretching your arms above your head, you sighed and tried to keep your eyes open while reading some of your notes. However, a noise had your hand freeze in mid page turn and you strained your ears to listen.

Aw, hell no.

The moment the loud moans pierced through the apartment, you were scrambling out from your desk and grabbing your keys. You nearly flung yourself out of your apartment in record time, the cold night air nipping at your bare forearms as you shut the door. There was no way you were going to deal with your roommate and her boyfriend having sex all night.

Hesitance took over you and suddenly, you felt dumb for leaving your apartment in such a flurry. Where would you stay? You hadn’t thought that far into it as everything had been an impulsive decision. All you were in was a t-shirt and colourful pajama pants, your socked feet shoeless because you’d forgotten footwear. There wasn’t really a place to go unless

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The Love Square

So you’re asking for Miraculous, eh? For those who don’t know, The Love Square is the strange ship in ML fandom that has four different faces. This romantic spice is what really adds flair to the show known as Miraculous Ladybug because you can have it in different flavors (and all in canon!)! 

And without further ado, introducing the Four Ships!


LadyNoir The Super Ship

From awkward partners…

To a team … 

This ship would hardly (actually, never) be absent in any of the episodes because they are the Super Team pair that fights akuma that appears in, like, every episode. So it’s hardly surprising that this ship gets the most screen time and shipping moments to enjoy. A relationship between two people hiding behind a mask, never letting one or the other know the identity of they are hiding, really leaves a lot for development opportunities. It’s easier to write about too, because you can develop their relationship with lots of romantic moments but not make them any closer to being a real couple. Ah, how romantic it is to fall in-love with a masked-person? It’s one of those romantic tropes that will never get old. It has all the suspense!

What fuels this ship is mostly our adorable cinnamon roll (trying to act like a “sinnamon roll”) working hard to “get” the girl. 

This first meeting is not a “love at first sight”. Actually, far from it. Their first meeting was only awkward and only alleviated a bit by Chat’s humor and niceness. 

In fact, he is actually more upbeat and much more aggressive than Ladybug (probably due to excitement of exploring a bigger world and a new adventure). 

Then they fought together.

And he has fallen for her.

And now he tries his best to woo her, protect her, and be by her side against all adversity.

Too bad, she like the “other” him and cannot take him seriously. She trusts him as her partner anyway, and had good deal of faith in him as demonstrated in “Copy Cat” episode where she knew he was framed up immediately. And she also admitted in one of the webisodes that she would have fallen for him if she did not love “Adrien”. 

The only thing I find negative in this ship is the fact that Chat Noir’s potential is being suppressed because of this “love”. There are complaints of Chat Noir was toned down into a sidekick/side role just to get LB in the spotlight. Others think this is poor/lazy writing to move up the heroine but the thing is, this is intentional. 

Aside from his role in this story, Chat Noir is more prone to messing up and becomes more submissive (Yin trait) because of the fact that his “infatuation” is getting in his head. Chat Noir becoming “conceited” and constant bragging is proof of this. He is trying to boost his ego up because he lacks confidence. And this is why when others say we show out true selves behind the mask, I say this is not the case with CN. The wild and whimsy side of him is just a different side he doesn’t get much opportunity to show off due to circumstances. If anything, this cinnamon roll’s strengths is actually being suppressed as CN because of the said “love”. But since this is an intentional part of the writer, it’s safe to assume that they are going to make him overcome this (as shown in Reflekta episode).

 I guess this is Marinette’s counterpart when it comes to love (see Adrienette). However, Marinette’s handling it better than him as you’ll see below.

AdrienetteThe “Normal” Ship

You know that typical shoujo trope where a “normal” girl is in-love with Mr. Popular? Well, the difference here is that Adrien is not the “typical” Mr. Popular. Typical ones in this trope are those who are like first concept of Chat Noir/Felix, and I’m glad to see Adrien take the role instead of him. He’s as normal as any other boy, if not sweeter and better. Okay, well, he’s not that normal either (and I’m not talking about him being an “Agreste” and rich kid!). I mean it’s rare to find a kid as good natured as he is! The point is, he’s as “normal” as our little heroine could get. 

What I like about this ships are the parallels. They look different, but they are pretty much the same when it comes down to it. And I guess, this is the reason why they are such a perfect match. :)

Both are cinnamon rolls who are experiencing the tribulations of life and stumble upon the item that’ll change their fates. Both became superheroes, fell in love with the person who loves their other side. Both kept chasing each other turning the wheels of  fortune (or Yin-Yang if you will) creating a nice balance that suit your pallet. 

The only problem is that everyone else holds Adrien in a pedestal which makes him look pretty distant from the others (okay, he isn’t), in the same way LB is on the pedestal in the LN ship (the Heroine is out of his league, not). 

When it comes to development, this ship is on par with Ladynoir (if not better). This is why I said, Marinette fairs better than Chat Noir. At least she can make Adrien appreciate and look at her (not that Ladybug doesn’t appreciate Chat but we all know she’s constantly ignoring his advances sharply). They shared a lot of moments (which I’m not gonna elaborate anymore since it’s too much time) which are both cute, fluffy, and progressive (just look at The Gamer episode for example). It’s to the point I actually suspect that Adrien may unknowingly falling in-love with Marinette base on how he acts differently in front of her (in the same way he treats LB)! Then the Christmas episode, where he unhesitatingly gave away the present she sent him! Like, you don’t do that to a present from your “special someone”. :( 

This ship is the parallel of Ladynoir where it’s a normal and peaceful sailing ship compared to the battle-oriented and supernatural flair LN had.

What I like about this ship is Marinette’s constant effort to being closer with Adrien, and Adrien’s open-mindedness when it comes to dealing with her. I mean, her nervous attitude would have make anyone think she’s being a weirdo (especially if that’s the side you always see) but he only tilts his head every time like a curious cat! This is a really cute and fluffy ship if you ask me. And a dose of it is a nice break after the action-packed adventure with the LadyNoir tandem.

MariChatThe Pure Ship

Haha, the irony!

Everyone’s aware that Marichat is actually regarded as the most sinful in the fandom. Though in reality, this ship is actually farthest from sinning. Why? For obvious reasons, they do not like each other! Of course, in fanfiction, it’s different.

In FF, we got the sensible Marinette  suddenly having a night visit from the casanova who is in need of “care” and Chat Noir dropping on her rooftop for one reason or the other (probably drama from his father/heartbroken by LB). Marinette comforts him and the two falling in-love which also leads to “sin”. Well, that’s pretty much what I saw from fanarts though I’m not sure about those written ones.

Meanwhile, in canon, their interactions are pretty much …

Marinette (still being spunky) act “normal” and pretends to “fan girl” over him but laughs behind his back

And …

Chat Noir unknowingly saving the “love of his life” 

… Also, unwittingly leaving the wrong impression to her too.

Of course, both are none the wiser from knowing that they are talking to their significant other, which is funny and ironic at the same time.

I think the reason why this ship is the most “sinful” in fandom despite their not-so-honest and pure interactions is that Adrien is a cinnamon roll as Adrien but sexy as Chat Noir, meanwhile, Marinette is more endearing as Marinette and less spunky compared to Ladybug. And what do we need when it comes to sins? Of course, a “sexy” evildoer and an “endearing” heroine!

LadrienThe Underestimated

Why “The Underestimated”? Well, when it comes to fans and the show, they unarguably get the least amount of work or screen time. The reason being, well, they are pretty much in-love with each other and leaves less room for development and interesting scenarios compared to the other three ships. Not to mention, their interactions were usually filled with awkwardness and holding back (but that’s pretty much normal if you are talking in front of your crush ne?). Though I must say, they actually have pretty powerful moments. Though I think the reason they are not as much touched upon by fans compared to other ships is also because of their lack of screen time.

The show creators have much more justifiable reason which is that they cannot make these two interact too much without making them realize that the other actually likes them back (these two dorks just doesn’t know how to hide their feelings for too long, ya know?), and they cannot become a couple without knowing each other’s identity. It will be too hard for Marinette to think that Adrien is only in-love with her because she’s “Ladybug” and not see her for her “real” self. This is especially highlighted in the Christmas episode.

Which is why, the other three ships need to be developed first before this one. If these two became a couple immediately, Marinette will have her personality suppressed as LB while Adrien will constantly frustrate over LB’s real identity. It won’t feel cleanly cut or finished (It’s like you cheated into it or something).

Anyways, this ship, despite little screen time, actually has wonderful moments.

Such as the “love struck” look when they accidentally met in the street … when Ladybug showed ready to give up her powers for Adrien …

Or this moment when he casually pushed his bestfriend aside to greet Ladybug.

But my favorite moment of all is this

When Adrien talked about his mom with her …

Aren’t they such a sweet couple? The fact that he talked about his mother with her is already a pretty powerful and tender moment. Also, Adrien writing a love letter for her also counts as their “Ladrien” moment more than an “Adrienette” one. Plus, the classic “Jealousy” trope in the Volpina and The Bubbler episode. 

Oh, there’s also the “Shower Scene” you won’t get with the other ships xD

In Ladrien’s moments, Ladybug tries to act hard and becomes more stiff at trying to act as “the Hero”. I think it comes from pressure that she must separate her feelings from duty too (and she’s obviously having a hard time, if not failing at that). It’s already impressive enough that she’s not  using LB to woo Adrien, though. But I think that’s also because she fears he won’t fall for the “real” her if she did (in which case, wise decision). Although I’m pretty positive Adrien would fall for her as Marinette.

On the other hand though, Adrien acts better in this ship. He’s more mature and less comical which really accentuates him from his CN self. And although LB still tries to dominate, it’s not as bad as when he’s CN (probably due to LB having major infatuation for him too).

Conclusion? Despite them being the closest to “canon” because of “mutual love” (complete opposite of MariChat), they are also the farthest from it to not hinder the progress of the other ships.


Four Ships in Summary:

LadyNoir – Angst, Comedy, Action

Adrienette – Fluff, Fluff, FLUFF!

MariChat – Comedy, (For fandoms: Sin?), PLATONIC

Ladrien – Closest and furthest of Canon (yeah, the irony), few yet significant

I quick drawing of Lia and Azali I found in my art folder (been super inactive, I know bleh)

this couple is extra cute to me bc when I was working on the comic it was never intended for them to end up together. I just slowly began to ship these two subconsciously lol

anonymous asked:

break up anon from before - i hear you, all that is def possible. i differ b/c i think m would rather be the beard than the ex. she just wants whatever will allow her to exploit connection w/ d as long as possible. if they spin it as her being a friend, she stays publicly in the good graces of d & his people. she gets credit for helping. she won't get sympathy as the ex, b/c of ben. fans will think he's a homewrecker, blame her, turn on her instantly. if she doesn't know this, ben&d def do. 1/2

*2/2 i don’t think they’ll bother w/ a intermediary beard b/c it’s just more work for no gain. the (definitely planted) blinds from last month, plus the promo that d has been allowed to do w/o m recently, makes me think even his team is learning that. but maybe not? time will tell. in general, though, i think the process might be more simple than it seems. i feel like fandom should be prepared for a bunch of stuff only we really care about to not be addressed or explained at all.            


Hi Break Up Anon!  If you were to ask me.  And what I think is the best plan moving forward.  No question in my mind.  The truth. I would love for Darren to be able to come out.   With Chris by his side.  And soon.  And to get the TLOS6 dedication we all know Chris wants.  (Perhaps too optimistic?   July is around the corner).  

I guess I’ve been warned by so many people that a new beard is happening.  I have to rationalize it in my head. It’s what I do with everything that’s happened. I go through stages.  First the gut reaction. And to the idea of a new beard that was a resounding NO.   No more lies.  Do not exacerbate a situation that is already a complete mess by adding more lies. Whether overt or implied.  

And then I try to prepare myself for what may be reality.  And in this case it was by looking at it from the outside and developing the only scenario that makes any kind of sense.  A bridge.  

Because I agree. It isn’t all that logical to hire a new beard.  Miarren was so poorly executed. That even the most faithful have doubts.  If they didn’t.   They wouldn’t be reading my blog.  And they do.  And I think I have been very clear.  I don’t waiver.  I am a believer.  And nothing they can say.  And no picture they can send.  Or video will make me change my mind. 

If Team Beard wanted any chance of selling this relationship as reality. It should have ended the minute Ben entered the picture. Because all of the other missteps can maybe be overlooked (not really). But he cannot.  The fact is Mia Swier has a live in boyfriend named Ben Hudson. And that fact precludes miarren from existing.  

So if even the most faithful don’t believe in this public relationship Darren’s had for 6, 7, 10 years (seems to recently been implied she was around for AVPM?)- the natural question  is “why is he pretending to date her?”   And the only conclusion. Darren is hiding something or someone and likely is not as straight as sold.  And if the straight narrative is no longer selling.  There is absolutely no logical reason to employ a new beard.  It’s an utter waste of time with little gain. Except for some press.  And my bridge scenario.  

And the fact remains.  Even if they stage a break-up.  Mia is naive if she thinks the truth will never surface. It will.  It’s just a matter of when. So there will be a staged break-up that will be uncovered as an utter and complete lie. Just adding one more to the pile.  And whatever sympathy she earned.  Will be completely undone.  Especially if they uncover exactly what kind of person she is and how much she has hurt and manipulated Darren.

And you are correct.  How long can she continue to hide the truth of the nature of her relationship with Ben?  A month?  Two at most?  Ben has been more patient than any person should ever have to be.  But he’s barely hiding their relationship now.  He’s not going to sit in the background and let her mourn miarren for too long.  He’s going to want to be open and honest and free.  And no way are her fans going to believe it was platonic all along and suddenly evolved into more once Darren exited. Any chance of that was ruined when Darren dropped the roommate bomb. And our fandom went in overdrive to expose the truth once the door was open.

So I concur.  The truth is the best option.  And there is absolutely no question. His team has been testing this. This is why we got a 2 minute story about a gay porn star.  The 20 articles that followed and multiple blinds. Not to mention Darren freely running around NYC for a weekend going on dates with Elvis and hanging out at well known LGBT+ bars.  Seeing how the fans react.  And I do believe they’ve realized.  The world isn’t going to end if Darren is anything less than straight.  And quite frankly.  That free and vibrant Darren is a much stronger product to sell.  Because this is the Darren all of the fans fell in love with.  This is the Darren we were introduced to so many years ago. And that part of him has been repressed for too long due to a web of lies and the people he’s surrounded by.  

So I too conclude.  The truth is the best option and it absolutely shines the brightest, most sympathetic light on her.  We here in CC land. We know the truth about exactly what kind of person she is. But the GA think she’s a good person.

So the scenario that works best.   Darren posts his Facebook video (how I always see this happening. But I’m good with whatever method).  Tells his truth.  And in doing so makes a very clear statement.  Thanking Mia for being the best friend in the world. Supporting him through this journey.  Even hiding her own relationship.  And wishing her and Ben a lifetime of happiness. 

And with that statement.  She wins.  She hailed as a hero by her fans.  

Time will tell how this goes down. I want to again be clear. I will support whatever decision is made. I have to place my trust in Darren and Chris that they will make the best choice they can. It’s their lives. They are the ones that have to live with the consequences of any decision made.  And no matter what. There will be consequences.  For everyone involved.  But these two are just too damn talented for any long term negative impact. I truly believe the world is theirs to conquer. Both as individuals and as a couple.  And nothing will stop me from getting tickets to opening night of that brilliant musical they create together.  

P.S.   on the questions never addressed.  I think we all expect that.   I’m fully prepared to only get the partial truth.  I just hope someday we get the skating riot photo we all know Darren has framed in their house.