development of bechloe

- that time in PP3 when Beca confesses to Aubrey that she likes Chloe...

Beca: So I…kinda have a thing for Chloe. Like…she surrounds me with rays of sunshine and butterflies and, you know…shit like that.. THAT kind of thing..*sighs* but whatever, I kinda missed the chance to say something to her and now she’s third-dating it with Baltimore or whatever his name is…

Aubrey: Yeah you’ve missed a lot of chances.

[Beca furrows her brow slightly and turns to look at Aubrey. Aubrey is still looking at Beca, and raises her eyebrows seriously to emphasise her words.]

Aubrey: Chloe has had a thing for you since you first met.

[Beca turns to look back out at the runway, shaking her head slightly]

Beca: Yeah so I found out. Like, a couple of days ago. But where was this knowledge when we were in college together huh?

[Beca looks down at her hands sadly]

Beca: If I’d known back then that Chloe’d fancied me maybe I would’ve done something about it. But it’s too late…she doesn’t have a thing for me anymore. Now it’s my turn to be the…stupid piner.

[Aubrey furrows her brow and her expression changes to that of bemused confusion]

Aubrey: What do you mean she doesn’t have a thing for you any more?

[Beca looks up at the runway sadly, shaking her head slightly]

Beca: *shrugs* She told me the other day that she used to like me in college. That kinda…killed me a bit to find out you know?

[Aubrey merely frowns and watches as Beca exhales loudly then stands up]

Beca: Okay well…this has been weird. Nice…but weird.

[Beca awkwardly gives her a thumbs up and a forced smile]

Beca: Thanks for listening I guess…um…see you back at the accommodation?

[Aubrey nods then watches Beca walk away. Aubrey furrows her brow in deep thought, hardly able to believe how blind both Beca and Chloe are.]


I think if PP3 has any scenes that develop a BeChloe ending, they’ll be as short as this. Plus I’m ALL for Aubrey being the one to push Beca and Chloe together.


So i’m going to rant here. I really hope that PP3 is not a horrible mess. Because from all of the bits and pieces that have been leaked so far that is exactly what it sounds like. They don’t need a bazillion celeb cameos to make the movie good. Zoolander 2 had that and the movie was still horrible despite the first one being so good. We just want a movie with tons of Bella bonding, actual character development, and some Bechloe moments even if they are just subtextual moments and not canon ones.