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today i learned that the nes mini and the gamecube virtual console games that are apparently coming to the switch according to eurogamer have been brought to us by Nintendo European Research & Development, or NERD

OOC:  Oho lordy so I went to see Fantastic Beasts AGAIN (3rd time’s a charm) yesterday with my family cos my parents haven’t seen it and it was amazing and then I was getting ALL of the soundtrack last night because James Newton Howard is a genius and WHY DID HE PUT THIS IN JUST ONE TRACK *sobs uncontrollably*

Most of my friends didn’t watch season 1 of Steven Universe until after joining the fandom so sometimes I feel like the Pepperidge Farm guy reminiscing.

“Remember when this Steven Universe had stunning locations and beautiful instrumentals? The Nerd Beast remembers.”

“Remember when the show was about magical nonsense adventures with a fantasy feel? The Nerd Beast remembers.”

“Remember when Gem Beasts were actually threatening? The Nerd Beast remembers.”

“Remember when fusion was actually a big deal and not just a plot device? The Nerd Beast remembers.”

“Remember when Garnet was actually a character with her own struggles and character development? The Nerd Beast remembers.”

For those that missed it, this is now a thing.

This year marks my eighteenth as a coder, and my tenth getting paid for it. My time as a web dev has made me two things:

1) Hella old

2) Really fucking good at what I do

I love my work, and I love talking about my work, which is where you guys come in:

Send me asks. Whether you need help with a browser break or just want to enthuse about dev theory, I’m totally your girl.

All levels of knowledge are welcome - there are no “dumb” questions.

I want to extend a particular welcome to my fellow nerd ladies. I know exactly how shitful it can be trying to get answers out of the dev community as a woman learning code. This blog is a safe space for anyone who wants to interact and will remain that way.


The 100: Character Summaries Very Serious
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Clarke:</b> I'm in charge. Also, I don't care who's in charge. But I'm in charge. Oh wait bye losers :)<p/><b>Bellamy:</b> Character Development<p/><b>Jasper:</b> Weak nerd child with an army and JUST BECAUSE HE LOOKS GOOD WHEN HE CRIES IS NO REASON TO DESTROY EVERYTHING HE LOVES YES IM TALKING TO YOU WRITERS<p/><b>Monty:</b> Boyfriend of said weak nerd child, also computers and genocide<p/><b>Finn:</b> SCREW FINN TAKE HIM DOWN BROTHER<p/><b>Octavia:</b> 10/10 would cry tears of joy if she punched them<p/><b>Raven:</b> Oh, you're feeling better now? Why don't we just STABBY STAB STAB<p/><b>Murphy:</b> Look. Look at this precious cinnamon bun. He was arrested for absolutely KILLING it on the dance floor. Haha! Just kidding he has killed a man<p/></p><p/></p>

Gideon would totally try burning the journal.

Just saying.

The second picture is pretty much the abuse that Ford suffered in the hands of that lil asshole. Yes. When a person and a book are one, every ripped page counts. And hurts. Sorry Ford, I dont think he can hear you screaming. Dont give up though.

Blame  @saisai-chan for all the feels.

Just kidding, thats the best part.

A doodle at class of RPNAU Hiccup!! :DD sorta..kinda..

I have this headcanon in my head where Hiccup used to be a huge nerd like Jack in the 7th grade or whatever grade that comes into your mind before puberty smacks him in the face with a brick wall and become our Punk hotcup that we all know and love :D

I haven’t work on the details in this headcanon yet :/ but I would love to receive some suggestions!!

A small height/timeline with Jaci and Georgia ! (click for better view)

The story is that they were great childhood friends and hung out constantly. Jaci was the first to grow, but not much. Georgia soon over took her and grew quite large, much to the dismay of Jaci. But she didn’t mind much after awhile.

Georgia was not too self conscious about her height until she was rejected by someone for being “too tall”. She is still self conscious and worried about her height but her friend Jaci is there to help her whatever trouble she has. Currently they are still best friends who have each other’s backs.