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WIP : Provisory Start-and Instruction-Screen / Logo Animation

For the planned alpha release we need to do some minor changes on the start screen. The menu will be stripped down to three menu items: 1. Start Test Level, 2. Instructions, 3. Exit. That’s it.  

Since there wasn’t a design for a text heavy page yet, I started a first layout today. It’s still in a rough state and I’m not yet sure about the colouring, but it’s a good start. 

At the same time I prepared the game logo for a little animation which should play in the beginning and during the page transitions. When the player selects “Instructions”, the logo should move from its original position to the new one and change its size. For a smooth transition, I need a bunch of logo variants, but I wanted to make a larger version of the logo anyway. 
At the moment I’ve got only two versions pixelated: the original and a very small one. The other logos in the shown logo animation are simply scaled in PS for testing purposes. 

agilawin asked:

Hello, Zeiva! I don't have the confidence to dare and take the path my heart is desperately leading to. I greatly admire you indie developers and I love art, stories and writing... I hope to take business management before I pursue these fields, with the intent of becoming a freelancer/developer, and perhaps starting something bigger. The people around me are less than encouraging and I know I'm naïve. Are these fields really capable of keeping a roof over my head? Or is my dream mere folly...?

Hello! :)

This is a question that many people have asked me. Sadly, I don’t think there is a right answer. It really depends on you, how dedicated and passionate you are in this field.

If you are only into it for fun, then it’s better to keep it as a hobby. If you think you are ready to face all the challenges and hardship. then consider the following:

1) Have you ever finished any of your projects? Do you have the discipline to finish your work?

2) If yes, then how are the reviews for the projects you have released? It’s better to have some kind of following before jumping straight to commercial.

Now, whether or not you can make a living out of this is another story. The things I mentioned above can raise your chances, but in the end… a lot of luck is needed to succeed in this field. This is why many game developers often suggest newcomers to start small. The more games you have, the higher chance one of them might get noticed.

Hope that helps. If you have other questions, feel free to ask me. The fun thing about being indie is, everyone knows how hard it is, so we help each other. ^^