Canine [X]     Feline [ ]
Date of birth: 8 / 7 / 11
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Color: Liver and White // Sex: Male
Owner: Julieta Lopez Araneda

Driver’s License
Republic of Chile

Class: 221 B
License No.: 6.114.718-12
Municipality: Concepcion
Name: Julieta Ofelia
Surname: López Araneda
Address: Rengo 0122
Issuance Date: 11 / 02 / 2011
Expires: 04 / 23 / 2015

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Hey! At what age do you think most INFJs develop their Ti? And how does a healthy INFJ uses Se? Or they just don't use it? Thanks as always!

Hi! It really, really depends. Minimum 12 i would say. there isn’t really a maximum. I haven’t met enough INFJs to know when they usually develop it but i would guess they’d be 18 when they were okay at using it. INFJs who have developed their Se use it to apply their ideas (explained here). Developed Se allows them to stop rushing ahead so much and slow down enough to get a chance to breath and see more clearly, to take action. It also allows them to piece together how they predicted different things and why they pulled certain inferences. This applies to INTJs as well. 

Commercial Development at Waterford Station

Commercial Options

  • A pedestrian focused boutique retail “High Street” with landscaped gathering islands
  • A blend of indigenous historic and contemporary architectural styles to create a “village” atmosphere, and with that, a point of difference with respect to competing commercial zones in the region.
  • Centered by a mixed-use artisan commercial hub
  • An infusion of new and historic style
  • Hotel with convention capability
  • Specialty Foods Grocer

Not being a terribly emotionally complex person, Robert has four groups he divides people in;

- Not interested in that.

- Gonna fuck that.

- Gonna adopt/befriend that.

- Gonna kill that.

Sometimes a weird/creepy combination of the last two or three.

A Punishment for Mai - Chapter 1 Teaser

Hello everyone.

Today We’d like to inform you all that the A Punishment for Mai Chapter 1 release is really close and also that we’ve some surprises and info to show you in the next few days.

As you probably noticed already, we’re changing the layouts and stuff on our social networks and blogs to give them a more appropriate look.

To end this post we will let you take a look to a sneak peek of the trailer for the APFM’s Chapter 1. Hope you enjoy it.

Stay tuned.


1990 -  When developers and the town of Oka wanted to start building a golf course on stolen land that belonged to them and that contained a sacred grove and a burial ground, the Mohawk tribe around Kanehsatake, Quebec, rose up and occupied the area. The mayor of Oka sent in SWAT teams to make the construction possible.

After chasing off the police and construction workers, members of the tribe use a front-end loader that was left behind to build barricades from the abandoned police vehicles, blockading a highway. Ultimately the stand-off with the police and the Canadian army lasted 78 days.

From this great documentary: [Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance]

I just realized Kishimoto played a big role on Sasuke and Sakura’s birthday more than anticipated which shows a lot from the bible. Also the similar characteristics on their Astrology signs as well.

The Lion: Sasuke Uchiha (July 23rd) [Leo]

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The Lamb: Sakura Haruno (March 28th) [Aries]

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“…and the lamb will lie down with the lion.” 

Genesa Crystal.

Genesa Crystal is Spherical Cube Octahedron.  The idea of the Genesa Crystal was developed in the 1950’s by Dr. Derald Langham, an agricultural geneticist. He found that the Crystal reflects the Cellular Pattern of an Embryonic living organism. Dr. Langham saw this eight cell cluster as a point of Full, Infinite Potential.

Genesa Crystal is the Coded Matrix of your own Life Force and is directly related to the Living Energy moving in Spirals in all forms of Growth, Development, and Change. Genesa is a 13-Dimensional Process involving step-in-to Crystals of Simple Geometrical Forms similar to those that living Energies Spiral through in Natural Growth Patterns. Through precise, meaningful movements within their Energysms (Life Force Fields), they learn to Harmonize Physical, Emotional, Mental and Vital aspects of living and tune into their Greater Selves.


1990 -  When developers and the town of Oka wanted to start building a golf course on stolen land that belonged to them and that contained a sacred grove and a burial ground, the Mohawk tribe around Kanehsatake, Quebec, rose up and occupied the area. 

Mohawk people from nearby Kahnawake supported the occupation by blockading an important bridge. The army landed on Tekakwitha island to search houses of supporters of the occupation, but met fierce resistance.

From this great documentary: [Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance]


#125daysofOlicity-Day 22-Olicity Development

I believe that the times that Oliver and Felicity grow closer together aren’t just in the big moments, but more importantly they are in the small moments, the moments where they comfort and take care of each other. 

Like…”Hey Diggle is going to be okay,” or “I am super jealous of Barry (even though you would never believe me if I told you that) but I am trying to be the bigger man so I stopped him at the train station and invited him to this party at my house because I knew that it would make you happy.”

Then there is the classic “Here let me wipe someone elses blood…I mean your blood from the shaving accident off of your face…saved it,” or “How do I look?” “Like a Hero.”

Felicity is good at pulling Oliver out of one of his dark spirals, but he is just as good at pulling her out of the ones that she has as well.  It is almost, I stress almost, more special when he does it because being gentle is not in Oliver’s nature (at least not outwardly) and yet he is always gentle with her.

This is my favorite “taking care of each other moment”

I think that moment, of all of the moments in the entire three seasons, that Oliver had the most character development…until 03x20…and then again in 03x23.

5 Ways To Find The Best Career Coach In The World For You

If you’re looking for top-level coaching help to move you forward make sure the coach has these five ingredients:

1)  They have a deep desire and commitment to help others.

2)  They’ve conducted their own proprietary research.

3)  They’ve developed their own “model for change.”

4)  They have free materials, articles, resources and content that demonstrate and share their thought leadership.

5)  They have once faced what you are facing now and know what it feels like, personally.

Find a coach who’s not only fabulous at coaching, but also has achieved great success in exact areas that you dream of excelling in. Read more.