developing a business plan

I relate to Obi-Wan Kenobi because I too:

- Am bad with children

- Remove my clothes by dramatically throwing them on the floor

- Have zero tolerance for Ep. II Anakin

- Avoid urgent work-related business by drinking alcohol

- Develop gay feelings for my coworkers

- Plan on avoiding the consequences of my actions by changing my name and becoming a desert cave hermit

Padme version

One of my learning goals is to learn the business side of opening and running a CrossFit box, and to develop my own business plan for a CrossFit Box in my neighborhood, that would target a slightly older (😬) crowd, as my area is mostly families, with 30-40 year-old parents. It would have a bit more of an upscale feel than the average warehouse CrossFit box, and target a crowd that wouldn’t necessarily go to a gym where 20-year-old guys are whipping their shirts off. 😂

The owners of Butcher’s Lab (two brothers) bought the business from the previous owners about a year ago, and have made some really good business decisions with the place. They were gracious enough to share their business plan with me, and one of the owners sat down for an hour interview with me, that I ended up taping–it was so chock-full of new and incredibly useful information.

I know almost nothing about the business side of running a CrossFit box. We discussed everything from business plans, to approaching banks about loans, to dealing with landlords (whether they are kommune or private). We also talked about grooming employees and putting in the extra effort to find people that believe in your specific vision of the business. It was a really great conversation, and I really feel ready to start on my own business plan. Very exciting. 😊