Africa’s games makers dream of exporting to the world

Momentum Core is just one of several games developers aiming to raise the profile of African gaming.

Our idea of African games is not games by Africans for Africans…it’s games by Africans for the globe ~ Abiola Olaniran, Gamsole

The market is very much still in its infancy on the continent - video games don’t have much uptake among the population, especially on PCs and consoles.

Kenya’s video games market was worth $44m (£28m) at the end of 2013; Nigeria’s was valued at $71m, according to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Compare this to the size of the US market in 2013 - $20.5bn - and the African markets seem minuscule.

But over the coming years, all the African gaming markets are expected to see annual double-digit growth, and gaming enthusiasts like Allan Mukhwana are ready for the market to take-off.

Mobile gaming

But it will be the mobile phone that dominates as the gaming device of choice, not consoles and computers.

“Because of the portability and accessibility of mobile phones, mobile is the best medium for gaming in Africa,” says Mr Mukhwana.

“Most people are engaged with their mobile phones. Also, not everyone wants fancy games that cost hundreds of dollars and that require a lot of commitment to play.

"Since mobile games often cost a dollar or less and can be downloaded in a pinch, even people who aren’t avid gamers can still enjoy a quick game during a break from work, or when they’re sitting on the bus,” he says.


“Software is a tool for the mind. While the industrial revolution produced tools to augment the body, such as the steam engine and the automobile, the information revolution is producing tools to extend the intellect. [ … ] But using software is not only about increasing our ability to work with large volumes of information; it also encourages new and different ways of thinking.”
Form + Code In Design, Art, and Architecture 
by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and Jeroen Barendse 

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Metroid Jam is a game jam all about the classic series. 

Make a fan game!
Make a game LIKE Metroid!
Just make Metroid!

because we’re tired of waiting to get more great Metroid games, and it’s time to show what we really want. 

Want to join in on the fun? Head on over to the jam page and get all the info you need! And then start talking about it! spread the word, we want to make this a fun time for as many people as we can! Be sure to tweet and post using the #metroidjam tag so everyone else can see what you’re up to!

Big shout out to alamantusgamedev for helping organize this awesome thing!

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11 Best Websites for Java Developers

11 Best Websites for Java Developers

Want to become a Java developer? Java is one of the most popular programming languages in computing platform. Today, over the internet, there are a vast number of websites which provide basic to advance information related to Java. Developer are always looking for website which they can refer for topics, tips, tricks, tutorials and the latest technologies related to Java, as well as Mobile Java,…

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We're the developers of Portal Stories:Mel Ask us Anything! • /r/pcmasterrace
For the next couple of hours we'll be answering all your questions about Portal Stories: Mel! The latest recommendation of the PCMR Steam Curator....

The Portal Stories: Mel AMA / Q&A is now live! Ask us questions, talk to us, or provide feedback now! =D

Yahoo Introduces New Mobile Developer Suite at Company’s First Mobile Developer Conference

By Prashant Fuloria, SVP Advertising Products

The first ever Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference (YMDC) kicked off in San Francisco this morning with more than a thousand mobile developers in attendance. We are sharing a lot of great content alongside our partners and clients, and our main event is the launch of a new suite of products that makes it easier for mobile developers to analyze, monetize, advertise and enhance their apps. These solutions are the powerful combination of technology and data from Yahoo, Flurry (which joined the Yahoo family in August of 2014) and BrightRoll (which Yahoo acquired in December of 2014).

Flurry has a deep understanding of the mobile developer’s needs and the mobile ecosystem, and Yahoo is a place with an enormous audience across devices and sophisticated technology. Since our investment in Flurry, we have been hard at work integrating the best of both companies, and now BrightRoll, to create comprehensive suite of solutions for developers.

Today it gives me great pride to officially announce the new Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite, built on  five products to help developers, measure, advertise, monetize and enhance their apps. Those five products are: Flurry Analytics with Explorer, Flurry Pulse, Yahoo App Publishing, Yahoo Search in Apps, and Yahoo App Marketing. You can get started right now by going to

Flurry Analytics Explorer - An update on the Flurry Analytics developers have come to know and love, developers can now answer even more complex questions with Explorer, an easy-to-use data exploration interface that returns insights in seconds. No need to write code, build queries, wait for calculations, or implement a new SDK.

Flurry Pulse - Flurry Pulse makes it easy for developers to share app signals with partners using their existing Flurry SDK implementations and the click of a button. Pulse can help limit SDK proliferation and additional engineering work, by pushing signals from your app to your partners of choice.

Yahoo App Publishing - With the same tools that we use to successfully monetize our own apps, developers can now monetize their apps with high-quality native, video and display ads using the combined capabilities of Yahoo Gemini, BrightRoll and Flurry. This combination offers developers the most engaging, seamless, beautiful advertising experience for users and the most effective advertising formats to monetize their apps.

Yahoo Search in Apps - This offering makes it easy for developers to integrate Yahoo Search directly into their apps. This enhances the user experience by allowing users to search the web from within the app, and can create an additional monetization channel for developers.

Yahoo App Marketing - With the power of Yahoo Gemini, one of the fastest growing native and mobile search marketplaces, developers can efficiently acquire new users, grow engagement and track results. Developers can buy targeted native and video advertising across Yahoo’s network of premium content, Tumblr and thousands of mobile apps. Through Yahoo App Marketing, developers can use just one platform to gain exposure to an enormous audience of highly engaged and active users across desktop, mobile and social.   

Mobile developers can get started with these new tools that combine the data and technology of Yahoo, Flurry and BrightRoll today by visiting

SAP Crystal Reports with ASP Net - How to configure a webform to display our Crystal Report

SAP Crystal Reports with ASP Net – How to configure a webform to display our Crystal Report

A very easy and simple method to design and display SAP Crystal Reports, in Microsoft Visual Studio using C# short code.

This course will help software developers to get rid-off writing complex & lengthy code for displaying Crystal Report in a web browser. This course demonstrates a “Developers-Friendly” method of:-

adding Crystal Reports to Microsoft Visual Studio Project,
Connecting the…

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Every third party dev/company before the Smash Ballot: Us with Nintendo?Please we don’t want anything to do with that kiddy company.

Every third party dev/company after the Smash Ballot: We’ve always been friends with nintendo even if we’ve been avoiding them for 2 generations, they are a great company so please vote for our character so it can get into smash.