“Software is a tool for the mind. While the industrial revolution produced tools to augment the body, such as the steam engine and the automobile, the information revolution is producing tools to extend the intellect. [ … ] But using software is not only about increasing our ability to work with large volumes of information; it also encourages new and different ways of thinking.”
Form + Code In Design, Art, and Architecture 
by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and Jeroen Barendse 

11 Best Websites for Java Developers

11 Best Websites for Java Developers

Want to become a Java developer? Java is one of the most popular programming languages in computing platform. Today, over the internet, there are a vast number of websites which provide basic to advance information related to Java. Developer are always looking for website which they can refer for topics, tips, tricks, tutorials and the latest technologies related to Java, as well as Mobile Java,…

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Every third party dev/company before the Smash Ballot: Us with Nintendo?Please we don’t want anything to do with that kiddy company.

Every third party dev/company after the Smash Ballot: We’ve always been friends with nintendo even if we’ve been avoiding them for 2 generations, they are a great company so please vote for our character so it can get into smash. 

Developers, YMDC is Back! Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference is Coming to NYC in August

By Jarah Euston, VP of Product

Mark your calendars! The Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference will take place August 26 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. The conference will once again include speakers from across Yahoo (including Tumblr), sessions with app developers and more. Flurry from Yahoo will share what’s new in mobile developer tools, and breakout sessions will help developers solve some of the biggest issues they’re facing in today’s rapidly evolving and growing app market, such as monetization and measurement. We’re thrilled to be hosting our first-ever mobile hackathon the day before, on August 25!

We hosted our first Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco in February, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled by how many developers came out to our inaugural event. Since then, we’ve continued to invest in developer initiatives, such as our monthly Yodel Meetup in San Francisco, and packed mobile developer meetups in Seattle, Toronto, London, Cannes, Taipei, Delhi and Bangalore. We’re excited to bring the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference to the East Coast, where there’s a rapidly growing hub of mobile innovation.

For more information, updates on the agenda and speakers, and to request an invitation, please check the official event Tumblr here:

We hope you’ll join us! Stay tuned for more details…

15 Useful Android Code Editors for Mobile Developers

15 Useful Android Code Editors for Mobile Developers

If you desire your Android devices like highly advanced smart phone or tab runs smoothly without any complication on any place and anywhere, without providing the issues with the editing the source code, Android Code Editors are the ideal tools for this criterion. Presently, you can encounter the programming to be for the sake of entertainment, so you can compose and test the source code without…

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