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The AbleGamers Fellowship: Creating a New Pathway for Developers

For many of us, we never think twice about picking up a controller to play the newest game to come out on the market. Buy your game, put it into the system, hit play. But for a growing demographic of players, this is not possible because of physical or mental complications. For over a decade …

Take full control of your past, present and future and let everyone know that you have always been their boss!
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Dinner with the family for my brother and his wife’s bday. Good to spend some time with family after a long week of work 😃✌🏻️wish we could’ve brought our puppy’s with us 🐶 #etoprealestate #etb #etop #mrwalnut #mrdiamondbar #mrrealestate #mrinternational #repost #realestate #realtorlife #realestatelife #chourealestategroup #luxuryrealestate #luxury #professionalrealestate #propertymanagement #developer #builder #listingexpert #listingmachine #internationalrealestate #international #investor

I'm Making A Game!

As you saw by the title, I am working on creating my own game. I’m making it from scratch in Java. It will be a platformer, but so far all I know about it is the character is a robot. I’ve been so focused on programming that I haven’t come up with any story D: As soon as my Artist brings me the art, I’ll show you all! For now you can show your appreciation by visiting the company website at:

Also my artist happens to be boss-kong, we are good friends irl and he works as my employee.

On the website, there is a donate button, and if anyone does donate I promise to find a way to reach through the screen and grant you my soul :D



I designed the landing page for my new startup. My desire is that it grows along with the company. We are fresh new with lots of room for activity, and so is the site. Kehsem is an old word that is not used anymore. It mean’s creation by divine guidance.
Virtual Reality Interactive Application Development & Solutions – YantramStudio
Yantram Studio specialized in 3D Architectural Rendering, Interior Design, Floor Plan – 3D Interactive, Walkthrough Animation, and Virtual Reality.

Some of the complete project of Virtual Reality Companies , Virtual Reality Application , Virtual Reality Developer & Animation by Yantramstudio.

Getting Banned From The App Store Was The Best Thing That Happened To Us

“Brace yourself, Marco…we’ve just been removed from the App Store.” With those words, I visualized everything we’d slaved over for months crumple itself into a ball of trash and — ironically — flinging itself into the bin beside me. But it hardly came as a surprise. Despite stellar traction at over 4 million users and 15 million flings opened per day… Read More
Understanding & Creating Simple Layouts

Understanding & Creating Simple Layouts

Layout of the Activities in the application play a most important role to make the application look better as it defines the

visual structure for a user interface, such as the UI for an activity or app widget.

You can declare a layout in two ways:

  • Declare UI elements in XML. Android provides a straightforward XML vocabulary that corresponds to the View classes and subclasses, such as those for…

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At First Touch by The Sight Below 

from the album Glider (2008) on Ghostly International.


Testing Caveman animations in Unity