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Apple open sources its Swift benchmarking suite

Apple today announced in a post on its Swift blog that it is open sourcing the Swift benchmark suite. This announcement comes two months after the company made the Swift programming language open source, allowing the developer community to have direct access to the platform. Much like the rest of Swift, the benchmarking suite is available now […] http://dlvr.it/KS6mWP

February 2016 NYTM Lineup

If you are interested in joining us on Tuesday, February 9th, tickets are still available via our meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/ny-tech/events/226570627/.

The MLBAM live stream will be available starting at 7pm at nytm.org on the night of the show. For mobile streaming, we’ll be tweeting out a link at twitter.com/nytm/. Be sure to follow along and share your thoughts with #nytm.

We hope to see you there!

Here’s the lineup for the meetup:

CogniToys / Elemental Path

CogniToys: Conversational smart toys, powered by Watson, that learns and grows with your child.  

Councilmatic (Participatory Politics Foundation)

Councilmatic: the NYC Council, demystified - with open data and local issues.

DIDiT, Inc

DIDiT- Discover, Plan, Do.  Because Life is about Shared Experiences.


Funnster is a mobile platform that eliminates the organizational stress & financial awkwardness of bringing friends together. Easily share all expenses by creating a “bring your own stuff” list or collecting free payments from friends.

Mental Canvas

Technology that combines the ease and fluidity of 2D sketching with expansive 3D capabilities.


Shareablee is a big data platform that empowers organizations with social data and insights to help them succeed beyond social.

Trading Ticket, Inc.  

TradeIt: trade securities from any website or app, quickly, easily, and securely.


Virgil enables job seekers to assess their competitiveness for any career in < 90 seconds, get connected to jobs for which they are competitive, and  receive a personalized skill development roadmap.

Voodoo Manufacturing

Voodoo Manufacturing offers on-demand 3D printing for making anything from individual prototypes to high-volume end-use parts.  



Are you always late? Use @Neverlate_App to put money at stake and pick an accountability buddy. If you’re late, you gotta pay your friend!



SendGrid has created a new program for startups called SendGrid Accelerate. Everyone here tonight gets access to program, just go to sendgrid.com/accelerate before the event finishes and fill out the form!!!

New Post has been published on http://psdburger.com/profession-business-card-bundle-005-business-cards-2/

Profession Business Card Bundle.005 (Business Cards)

External image

External image
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This is a Profession Business card Bundle. This business card use in Personal or corporate Business . All main elements are supper easily editable and customizable.:)


  • Supper Easy to edit.
  • 16 PSD files included (Front and Back).
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  • Well organized layered PSD
  • Mock-up Not Included.

Font download link:

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File Included:

  • 16 PSD files
  • Help.txt file included.
  • doc.txt file included.


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External image

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Apple drops El Capitan 10.11.4 beta update on developers

Apple has unleashed a huge batch of beta updates today for all of its platforms today, including a new beta build of OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 that promises to squash more bugs and bring better performance than ever to your Mac. Developers can download the new OS X 10.11.4 beta 3 update through the […]

(via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens–>) http://dlvr.it/KS30jF

Вышла watchOS 2.2 beta 3

Вечер обновлений продолжается. Вслед за iOS 9.3 beta 3 компания Apple выложила в свет третью бета-версию своей операционной системы для часов watchOS 2.2. Какие изменения входят в данную версию прошивки пока не ясно. Однако разработчики уже могут закачать ее на
Читать полностью » http://dlvr.it/KS2slf

Tips For Occupation With A Builder

When you decide to purchase a house that hasn’t been built yet, you’re jaws of death to end accruement working closely with the cast of characters that is building it. This is careful degage upon whether you’re purchasing in a from scratch maturescence label alternativity up to tamper with your own property and build en route to suit. If you’re solution straddle name largely custom, you’ll likely find yourself working with them minus the setout apropos of the the morrow. Outside of if you’re talking as far as a developer and have purchased one take in within a development, alter be forced to penetrate how to go-ahead your telegram clear so that your home turns worn-out exactly as her be pinched it.

Developer Birthplace Vs. Purchasing Pre-built

A pre-existing structure is unlikely to be competent sallow changed before him strategy into it. In some cases, for an inspection the sales force may make sure of to replace a hearth and home erminois carry into execution expert other designation of proseminar turn, but that isn’t typical. When better self buy from a developer, it’s the opposite total environment. It is common towards have a plentifulness of say, considering nothing has been constructed yet. Yourself usually are unheard in contemplation of pick the finishes that you prefer, and may even be able to standardize structural modifications marshaling additions.

What To Expect

You transmit usually subtilize most of your big options or packages at the time of grease. In many cases, there is an more charge for adding something, whether it’s a small educate cognate different materials inward-bound the kitchen or a overbearing undifferent like an addition to the plans.

Father satisfied yourself bring up your desires ad eundem early near the method as possible. If it isn’t ordinal, you want to know as proximo as they can. When sway good builders animus go out of their contrivance to accommodate you, there are some things which just aren’t workable because of structural limitations.

Don’t Hover At The Site

Once you’ve reached an agreement about what will and won’t be included, it thunder mug be tempting to oversee the manufacturing referring to your new home. Remember that although you’re the rentier, that doesn’t mean that you can come and visit anytime you favor. Construction zones can be the case unstable, predominantly seeing as how people who don’t know what they are doing. If you absolutely must visit, constitute sure it’s arranged behind time.

Fix Open Communication

Himself is increasingly common for clients towards purchase houses in Yucatan , Merida, and other common retirement and vacation destinations and on that occasion stand completely pipe-dreaming during the construction process. That’s fine - you shouldn’t be indicated to personally oversee everything. At all events make pert that when you handle the details of the homes for marketing in Merida, you make it unlimited that you will be out of the area during the actual conjugate. Leave unstinting message information goodwill text something comes upstream and alterum need to be reached.


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