developed some rolls again. :)

Bahaha Howard in this AU. He loves werewolves (possibly because of Steve?) and he loves his wife and child.


Maria ripped the newspaper she was reading in half. Jarvis sighed and set another newspaper onto the table. They’d started ordering multiples after the third time she had ripped it because of Howard and his panicking.

“MARIA!” Howard bellowed again. “MARIA HELP!”

Maria leapt from her seat and ran out of the dining room, up the stairs and into Tony’s room. Her heart was stuck in her throat–Howard sounded so afraid and he was in Tony’s room! What could have happened to her mate and little boy?!

Bursting into Tony’s room, she snarled, ready to take down any attackers.

“Maria help he’s not changing back!” Howard wailed, standing on the rocking chair.

Maria looked down at the wiggling brown pup that was yapping at him, lips spread in a doggy grin. “…So ferocious.”

“Maria he wants my loafers!”

She spread her arms helplessly. “So give him your loafers?”

“They’re too expensive!” the human whined. “Maria, can’t you go grab my shitty loafers and give them to him?!”

“Do you really want your son to get a taste for loafers of any kind?” Maria asked in amusement, stepping further into the room.

Tony finally noticed her and yapped happily, turning to gallop over to her. He tripped on his own giant paws and flopped onto the ground with a ‘whumph!’

Maria scooped him up before he could start whimpering and whining, cooing at him as she scratched the top of his head. “Look at my beautiful baby boy! My precious little pup! You’re going to be such a handsome wolf when you grow up!”

Howard climbed off the chair. “If he’s even half as beautiful as you, I’ll have to beat off potential suitors with a stick.”

“He needs to make his own decisions, Howard,” she sighed, the argument familiar and more of a joke now than an actual fight.

“With a stick,” Howard insisted, walking over to rub one of his son’s ears between his fingers. “I’ll protect you, Tony.”

Maria rolled her eyes, smiling a little. “I’m sure he’ll appreciate that, Howard. He’ll be a handsome man, too.”

Howard puffed out his chest proudly. “That, he got from me.”

“I’m sure if you were a wolf, you’d be incredibly handsome as well,” she said, amused. “All sleek black hair and sexy dark brown eyes.”

Howard smiled smugly. “And then you would have to beat suitors off me with a stick.”

Maria reached out to grab the back of his head and draw him into a kiss. “Honey,” she said, grinning a sharp wolf smile. “I wouldn’t beat them with a stick. I would rip them apart with my teeth.”

“Why is that so sexy? That shouldn’t be sexy,” Howard complained, reaching out to take Tony from her arms. He stroked down the pup’s head to his shoulders. “And don’t say those things in front of Tony. His delicate little ears will catch fire. He’s too young to learn about the birds and the bees.”

Maria rolled her eyes and did not tell him that werewolves viewed sex and sexuality a little differently than humans. Howard was a good sport about most things to do with werewolves, but that might be a bit too much. She put it down to human and American prudishness. “If you say so, darling.”

Tony sneezed, and suddenly Howard had his arms full of squirming human toddler. “Oh! There you are again,” he said, charmed, and lifted the boy above his head. “If only you were less likely to chew on my shoes in this form, too.”

“Maybe I should pick up a rawhide bone,” Maria mused.

Howard squawked and pulled the boy to his chest, offended. “Maria! Our son is a werewolf, not a dog!”

“Honey,” she sighed, rolling her eyes again.

“I’ll just develop some better teething rings,” the genius continued, giving Tony a firm pat on the back as he strode out of the room. “Some that can stand up to sharp little puppy teeth, too.”

Maria hurriedly picked up the diaper and clothes that had been left behind on the floor from the tot’s earlier shift. “Dear! Dear, his diaper–you were mad the last time he peed on you–Honey!” She laughed a little, because she could hear her husband chattering at Tony about the teething rings he was going to make for him, and how he could be obsessed with good Italian loafers when he was old enough to keep them on his feet instead of losing one of them every two hours.