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Art of Mechaweek Part 6: Mech Development III

BAM! Mechaweek!

I’m opening up with a bit of advice for fellow artists. One of the best things you can do for yourself is learn multiple methods of construction. I’ll list the ones I know of just so that you have an idea of what I’m talkin’ about:

  • skeletal/structure-based - the first things you draw look like stick figures/skeletons
  • mass/volume-based - the first things you draw are solids and prisms
  • shape/area-based - the first things you draw are flat shapes
  • light/color-based - the first things you draw are areas of shadow/light/fields of color

Construction methods are important tools that many of us take for granted. They’re the most basic of basic things. If you ever find yourself in a corner, try changing your construction method. It’ll force your brain to think a bit differently by changing the source of difficulty. In terms of wider application, the concept requires a bit of bending. You have a goal and you have means with which to accomplish it. You can’t really change your goal, but you can change your challenge - if that makes any sense.

So? Why mention this? I dunno. Woolie’s mech was hands-down the easiest to draw. Out of the bunch, it also turned out to be my favorite. “The Dread-nought.” Come now people, did you really think we’d make it out of this week with zero puns? Surely, you jest. Woolie requested a pile bunker and a rail gun. A short-range and long-range weapon. Interesting choice. The main challenge was designing a bullpup rail gun. I mean, a non-bullpup railgun presents a problem: close-range emergencies.  The railgun track is on the top. The bottom track is a Gauss grenade launcher. I gave Woolie’s mech hip-mounted piton pistols for its gimmick. I imagine them being used to help with evasion by allowing speed modulation or to pull enemies off-balance. I think this works well because its center of gravity is fairly low. Woolie’s decal is a bit of a throwback to old fighter-plane nose art with a modern weeb twist. Chie. In a bikini. Posing on a railgun… Okay. Now that I actually type it out, that’s friggin’ weird. How the hell did I even…? Something’s gone horribly wrong with my life.

I’m more of a Naoto guy myself, but Chie’s cool too.

A huge source of inspiration for these mechs comes from Wanzers. I feel that Wanzers are almost perfect real robots - if anything, because of their size. Whenever I see giant robots, I always wonder where the resources came from to construct them. ACs are the size of buildings… And in many cases tower over them. ACs must be a strain on the world of Armored Core. Especially considering that the world at that point is practically a dying, war-ravaged husk. 

For some reason, the shading and inking reminds me of Bill Watterson (if Bill Watterson suddenly developed an interest in mecha). Watterson was a huge inspiration for me as a kid. To see some of that make it into the present day makes me smile a bit on the inside.


Does anyone else wake up in the middle of the night and a book idea just manifests itself in their brain and then their brain is all “YAY SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT” so you lay there trying to fall back asleep for two hours but your brain is just doing its thing and developing a plot, characters, and the whole works?

It’s not cool, guys.

But then again, I have a really cool book idea. Too bad I have multiple books to write ahead of this one. lol

Writing From Different Perspectives

In principle, it is possible to write a story entirely from the perspective of a single character. In practice, however, it is much more common to write a story from the points of view of multiple characters. Although writing from different perspectives is a skill that develops with practice, there are a few things that you can take into account to make it easier:

  • People are not omniscient
  • People do not perceive the world the same way
  • People do not speak or think in the same way
  • People have different habits
  • People act differently depending on whom they are with

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A Tf2 Dictionary/Guide

Hi everybody that may be reading this, 

@dontneedadictionary is a growing guide for tf2 beginners or players in general that I will be updating with time. 

Originally I wouldn’t have ever thought of doing something like this but my roommate of the future got into tf2 recently and explaining everything (especially considering I run multiple blogs and have a general idea of things) has been difficult.

This blog is designed for the people who don’t know everything, maybe just started, and want to become a bit more versed in the world of TF2. I mean everyone needs help understanding this nonsense game like wow it’s existed for so long and has developed a vast and intricate culture. 

Being that I’m an anthropologist, I can’t help but do something like this now. SO! If you’re interested in helping in any way as a new or older tf2 player then what you can do is either ask for info you don’t know of or suggest info you think people should know. Otherwise, happy to introduce the new addition to the “dontneeda” family. 

You know, with all the ORAS hype, everyone has forgotten about something that Gen 3 has: Wally. The first game to have multiple rivals but not just get the third starter. Wally, the sniveling little dork that you had to catch a Ralts for so he could grow up. And what does he do? Fucking mans up, goes on an adventure and then targets you. The very person to give him his first Pokemon. He goes from the biggest baby about how to take control of his life to owning the fuck out of it and pushing the boundaries of what he could barely think of doing a week ago. If that isn’t the best character development in any of the Pokemon games, I don’t know what is. 

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You and Michael have been best friends for years you practically did everything together and because you both lived right next door to each other all you had to do was look out of your bedroom window and see his room across from you. When you were 10 years old you two always wrote little notes to each other and held them up to read from across your two bedrooms until it nearly became a regular thing.

You both were 17 years old and you’ve always tried your hardest to get rid of the feelings you had developed for him over the years because you just knew that he would never feel the same way. While he had multiple girlfriends you on the other hand didn’t have any luck with guys. Yes you’ve been on different dates with different guys but you just never had the same feelings basically those guys were not Michael. They never made you effortlessly laugh like he could do or they just were not your type at all.

It was Saturday night when Michael texted you to come stay over at his house which didn’t happen as much as it used too since he started going out with Jessica who made it very clear to you that she didn’t like you at all and threaten you to say away from Michael. You didn’t care about her so you agreed anyway and quickly got changed into some comfy clothes and packed a bag and went next door. When you walked through the front door all you could see was the back of Michael’s dyed blonde head setting up a game of mario kart for you two to play since he knew how terrible you were at playing any other game he had. As you walked into the room, throwing your bag down onto the floor, you took the space beside him and grabbed the controller.

“Ready for me so completely wipe your ass with this game?” he asked you looking at you with his signature smirk. “Pssff…you wish… game on, loser” you told him smirking right back at him. You both were in the middle of a really intense game Michael was currently in the lead but you were close behind him and you got the chance to use your red shell making him spin out of control and your car raced past crossing the finishing line.

You jumped up and did a little happy dance rubbing it into Michael’s face that you beat him. The next thing you knew he grabbed you by the hips and pulled you down on top of him and quickly pressed his soft lips to yours. You were in complete shock that before you went to deepen the kiss he broke apart. He just stared deeply into your eyes until he finally spoke up “I’ve always wanted to do that” with a cute smile on his face. You still looked at him in shock - was this really happening?!- then you eventually found your voice “But what about Jessica?” You question him with a look of confusion on your face.

“I broke up with her yesterday as soon as I heard her threatening you. I can’t believe I wasted my time with her when I could have had you all along” Pulling you into another gentle kiss this time you got the chance to kiss him back and it was incredible you felt butterflies in your stomach and all that stuff that your suppose to feel. He pulled apart from you again and asked you the question that you’ve wanted to hear coming out of his mouth “Will you be mine?”

I work on a school thing with this guy who’s just the most garbage developer. He does a ton of things that are like, pretty bad but also forgivable because sometimes you do dumb things you know? but he just does… so many. 

  • making a pull request with merge conflict artifacts still in it (not that there was a merge conflict, but that he tried to resolve it but didn’t actually do anything so there’s <<<<<<<<=======>>>>>>>> everywhere)
  • doing that multiple times even after I’ve pointed it out to him
  • committing his private key
  • arguing with me that that wasn’t that bad
  • writing “tests” that I know for a fact he didn’t run because in all of the json he used = instead of : 
  • always acts so surprised when I tell him he did something wrong. like, “huh, I have no idea how that happened”. look friend, we both know exactly how that happened.  
  • always acts like he’s doing me a favor when I ask him to fix things that he messed up

And just so, so many more. And it’s frustrating because I pull him aside and like, explain merging (or whatever he just did wrong) to him and he like he already gets it and he’s just humoring me by letting me explain it to him and I just want to yell NO! you DON’T get it! if you got it you’d have done it right the first time! it’s fine to not get things but by pretending you will inevitably fuck everything up and waste both our time

OUAT 3 x 4, Strange Case
  • Rumpel’s ears look cold!
  • Yeah, you just can’t kill half of yourself. 
  • Fuck Hyde. 
  • “Why are you here?” Well, maybe, Belle, BECAUSE HE’S YOUR HUSBAND AND HE LOVES YOU AND YOUR CHILD? WHAT DO YOU THINK? THE BETTER QUESTION IS WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE DOING ON THE SHIP OF THE MAN WHO TRIED TO MURDER BOTH YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND? Putting it in the past is one thing, but going for a sleepover on his ship?? Seriously???
  • I swear we’ve had pod person!Belle ever since the fake dagger debacle. Maybe she developed multiple personality disorder. It would explain a lot. She has turned into such a fucking bitch, without any reason. Because I’m typing this up late, I’ve seen people mentioning that this cold, angry behaviour from her would have made sense if this had occurred in 4B – then she had reason to be furious at him for lying about the dagger and making her feel like a fool. This kind of fighting would have been a hell of a lot better than her banishing him. Now, what’s he done? He wanted to start a new life with her when he was free from the dark curse; she walked away. He’s done everything he could to protect her and the baby, whom she endangered by putting herself under a sleeping curse. He was willing to sacrifice his powers to kiss her awake when her douchebag dad didn’t give a shit if she stayed asleep forever. He tried multiple times; she stopped him when it started to work. But one fucking word from the brainless bundle of cells in her womb and she’s condemning Rumpel for things he hasn’t even done yet? Real!Belle might have made mistakes due to her reckless nature, but she had compassion to balance it out. This has gone beyond OOC actions; I don’t even recognise the character on my screen. :(
  • I’d be ready to ship Shareen (? didn’t quite catch the name) with Rumpel, but I suspect she’s not simply a new teacher’s aide for Snow.
  • Graduating from birdhouses to science, things are a bit more difficult, eh,Snow?
  • completely baffled by why Jekyll showed up on the ship?
  • Ew, Mary, don’t kiss Hyde.
  • Oh damn, stabbing Hyde backfired horribly. SHIT SHIT SHIT
  • Oh, poor Jekyll. I don’t blame him for Mary’s death; it was a tragic accident. If he had just been man enough to tell of his feelings to start with…
  • Thank god for Killian, and thank god for the end of Jekyll and Hyde; I never did like the book. 
  • Or, y’know, Regina, if you don’t want to die to get rid of the EQ, you could take her back into yourself so you can control her, the same as Rumpel took the DO back into himself because it was the safest thing for everyone. 
  • Yep, thought it might be Jasmine. 
  • So we’re just left to guess for myself why Rumpel cut his hair? Well, that was an anti-climax. *sigh*