Be kind and soft and powerful. Be the version of yourself you dreamed of being as a kid. Be the kind of person this world needs. Be confidently lost. Be astonishingly yourself. Walk the tightrope and know that you may fall, but the sky will not. Speak nectar when you can, and fire when you must. Be sad when you need to be. Feel. Flourish again, each and every spring. Be the rose amongst the thorns. Be the thorns protecting the rose. Be true. Be exactly who you are in this moment. Trust yourself. Bring magic into this world. 

Alex refuses to take Kara to any human bars because every time they go out Kara will go to the bathroom and never come back, and when Alex goes to investigate she’ll find Kara sitting on the counter surrounded by drunk girls and they’re all just complimenting and validating the shit out of each other and basically every drunk girl that Kara meets immediately clings to her like velcro and its just one big validation fest and honestly it becomes a fire hazard with all those girls in there

What does self-love mean to you?

To me, self-love means self-acceptance & self-compassion.

It means being AWARE of your thoughts, words, actions & reactions.

It means REALIZING that you are human.

It means knowing that you are NOT what happened to you.

It means LETTING GO of the idea of perfection.

It means being able to FORGIVE yourself.

It means trusting in yourself & your abilities.

It means being able to recognize your worth and your value.

It means being grateful for what you DO have.

It means showing up in your life and being FULLY interested. (no half ass anything)

Self-love means being AUTHENTICALLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY you.

But know that the journey of self-love is Not an overnight process.

You must go through pain, darkness, self-doubt, shame, guilt, loneliness, solitude, obscurity & many unpleasant feelings before you discover your own beauty.

Don’t go looking for love outside of yourself. It’s already within you!