Please everyone, contact congress, your representatives, the FCC and possibly the supreme court. (if this proposal passes and Congress does not intervene) December 14th is the day the FCC commissioners will vote.

Ajit Pai
Mignon Clyburn
Brendan Carr
Michael O'Rielly
Jessica Rosenworcel

These individuals shall decide the fate of net neutrality. Contact your constituents, fight harder than ever before. We cannot let this stand. And after we bat another attempt to target net neutrality, we need to implement legislative protections to ensure the FCC or any other body can tamper with or try to remove net neutrality in the future. I have had enough. I also think to send a message consumers ought to boycott or reduce their consumption of services and products by Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and so forth to put them in their place. Reminding them of the public’s opinion, will and the true power of the consumer.

If you wish to file a comment with the FCC please visit the official website and enter this proceeding: 17-108.

i saw a post on @omegastation‘s blog about miranda becoming an alliance doctor post-me3 in order to reconstruct shepard after her fall from the crucible, and i liked that, because it’s 100% what i would like to happen as well.

when miranda first sees her, shepard is broken.

she is little more than charred skin and shattered, distorted limbs; almost every bone in her body is broken, each cybernetic implant little more than ashes after her fall from orbit, her left arm blasted to pieces inside her armour from when it exploded after she hit the stratosphere. they wheeled her in on a gurney, the surgeons to afraid to remove her hardsuit in case shepard fell to pieces in their arms. but to miranda this is the strangest sense of de-ja vu: she’d seen this before, back after the sr-1 had been destroyed, after shepard had fallen victim to the vacuum of space.

when miranda first sees her, shepard is almost dead. not quite. almost. never really, truly dead - shepard has the odd talent of slipping beneath the grim reaper’s scythe time and time again, of surviving when nobody else could. the surgeons are still too afraid, so miranda does it for them, operating the theatre like she used to for cerberus. she does not sleep. she barely eats. her primary focus is shepard. only shepard.

miranda extracts each frazzled circuit, each fried wire, each shattered titanium plate. she replaces them with perfect precision, and the surgeons can only watch, entranced by the speed and precision with which she worked. nothing phases her. she tells shepard it will all be okay, even though she knows shepard can’t hear her. she stitches shepard’s skin back together until sweat blinds her and her hands begin to shake from exhaustion.

this, miranda realises, is nothing like cerberus. she has no resources, no credits. all she has is her dedication and her love, her admiration, her utter devotion to the woman she’d come to call family. with cerberus, shepard had been a weapon. something miranda wanted to install a black box into; the thought still makes her skin crawl.

when miranda next sees her, shepard is breathing. she’s sleeping, a patchwork doll of black sutures and newly-installed cybernetics that might just keep her alive. and miranda cries, because she could never have forseen that her carefull-engineered weapon could become someone she cared for so deeply, or who mattered to her as much as her sister did. she sits by shepard’s bedside for days. barely sleeps. barely eats.

and shepard sleeps. breathes. until one day, when miranda lies exhausted and hopeless at her bedside, the fingers clasped between her squeeze.


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codelyokohistory  asked:

Advice for INTJs developing their auxiliary (Te), tertiary (Fi), and inferior (Se) functions

Te: focus on finding comprehensive research and facts to back up and inform your conclusions, learn how to clearly and specifically articulate exactly what you mean (Ni-doms are prone to generalizations and/or metaphors, so others may misunderstand them; to avoid this, you must learn how to communicate on a clear, efficient, tactical level), and focus on professionalism in the workplace and maintaining your own schedule so as to maximize results for the amount of effort you put into your work / school / projects / etc.

Fi: spend some time evaluating yourself and your values, discerning what they are (independent of society or upbringing) and in knowing what you will and will not “put up with” in your relationships. At the same time, focus on learning to respect others of differing opinions and/or not devalue them because you perceive them as being more emotional or less intelligent than you are. A helpful trick is to remember: you will get more done if people like you.

Se: do not just look for evidence to support your Ni-dom worldview, conclusion, or hypothesis (Ni/Se imbalance) – open yourself up to all objective information. Spend time focusing on developing personal sensory preferences – your own style. Look for products of worth that will last, rather than splurging your money under stress on momentary pleasures. Devote some time each day to sensory pursuits of some kind, in an effort to ‘ground’ you in the present. Try to practice living in the moment when you are having fun (instead of thinking ahead).

- ENFP Mod

Christ consciousness is bigger than you and me. This is something that can only exist with in all. We are the Universe. The Universe is consciousness, but it is only Christ, if everything in the universe works in harmony with its purpose