OC spotlight on Rylen Masuda! And Batman cameo! (sort of)

Anyway, Rylen is Kai’s best friend and former partner. He looks much younger than his age which gives him a bit of grief (“They still card me for R-rated movies!”). Loves games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. He and Kai also have an ongoing competition on who is better at what video games; so far, Kai excels at first-person shooters and Rylen slays in fighting games. Rylen’s actually a pretty intuitive guy which is probably why Kai feels so comfortable around him.

So we go from this…


To this, in the exact same chapter…


Up to this in later chapters…


And 100 chapters into the series, we reached this point…


I’m so proud of Izuku, honestly. He’s more and more becoming the hero that he always wanted to be. That does NOT mean that he becomes exactly like All Might, though! He just has All Might as an idol, he is not becoming a second All Might – and that’s what makes this all the better for me. =D

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Hi Gamedev, something that came up when i thought about Steam the other day: Steam takes a 30% cut of all sales. That seems like a huge margin to take out of profits, especially for smaller games that sell the game on other platforms too. Is Steams 30% comparably huge or is this adjusted for a "the biggest margin is taken" case so if i'd buy the game at another place, the developer would get more money?

Steam doesn’t take 30% of the profits. Steam takes 30% of the revenue. Platform taking 30% is pretty much industry standard. Google and Apple take similar cuts for sales from Google Play and the App Store respectively. GOG, Origin, and Steam all take around a 30% cut for publishing/distributing on their platforms. For console manufacturers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, they even charge a certification fee to third party publishers and developers - in addition to their 30% cut of the revenues - that can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That also doesn’t cover the thousands of dollars it costs us to buy development kits and software licenses either.

If you really want to give the game’s developer more of your money, buy DLC. We developers get a higher percentage cut from that because we don’t have to share it with brick and mortar retailers. If you want to know how your money is divided up after you buy a game for $60, [click here].

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Seasonal Employees Play Important Role in BLM Mission Work

Each year it happens. Summer rolls around and there are new faces in the BLM Idaho field offices. Their days can be long as they cover nearly 4 million acres monitoring range transects, capturing Habitat Assessment Framework inventory, collecting seeds for future rehabilitation projects or taking thermograph readings in a Wild and Scenic Rivers corridor.  

We recently caught up with two of the Jarbidge Field Office employees to find out more about their experiences in the field.

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