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Soooo I love photography, it’s awesome, and it’s my life, which means of course I have a ton to say about Whizzer possibly being a photographer. All of these are real struggles I have to deal with everyday when developing photos, so it was fun basically inserting my own life into Whizzer’s. So enjoy the HCs, falsettos friends! (Stick around for the sad ending!)

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On 22 October, 2003, 26-year-old Christina Mae Watson from Helena, Alabama, died under suspicious circumstances while scuba diving on her honeymoon with new husband, David Gabriel Watson, in Queensland, Australia. David had told authorities that the current was too strong and had noticed that she had  a look of worry on her face before she accidentally knocked his mask off. He claimed that when he placed his mask back on, Christina was sinking to the bottom of the ocean. He also reported that he had an ear issue which prevented him from swimming down and helping her. 

Another diver, Dr Stanley Stutz told authorities that he had witnessed David giving Christina a “bear hug” as she was flailing in the water, clearly distressed, before he saw David reappear at the surface as Christina sunk to the bottom. Another diver, Gary Stempler, snapped the disturbing above photograph which shows Christina lying on the bottom of the ocean. The photos were developed a few weeks after her death. Due to the inconsistencies in David’s story as to what had occurred, he was tried for her murder. It was argued that he had turned her air supply off before tightly holding her as she fell unconscious. During his trial it was revealed that he had told 16 separate stories as to what had taken place on that fateful day and not one matched any of the witnesses versions of events. He was acquitted due to lack of evidence.

Fresh Air producer Sam Briger talked to writer Maria Semple about her new comic novel, Today Will Be Different. It’s about a stressed-out wife and mother, whose career is stalled. She starts each day with a mantra. Part of that mantra includes, “Today I will take pride in my appearance. I’ll shower, get dressed in proper clothes, and only change into yoga clothes for yoga, which today I will actually attend…”

Maria Semple wrote for Mad About You and Arrested Development. 

Hear this conversation.

Photo Cred. Raquel Zaldivar / NPR

Philkas/Sheadenbeck prompt ideas

1. After they leave the club, Lukas asks Philip more questions about his life in the city, his mom and the extent of his sexual experience.

2. Lukas assumed Philip had been camping before when he said he’d slept outside a few times but turns out he’s never been camping. Lukas takes Philip camping.

3. Philip starts dodging Lukas but he ends up tracking him down to find him hiding in the dark room with a black eye. He asks him about it and Philip shows him how to develop photos.

4. Philip gets invited to a party as a prank and they spike his drink. Lukas has to help him through being drugged. Philip tells him some things about growing up with an addict.

5. When Philip doesn’t show up at school for a week, Lukas hears a rumor that he went back to the city with his mom. He goes to the house to in a panic and surprisingly finds Philip.

6. Lukas finds out the hard way that Philip doesn’t know how to swim so to make it up to him, he teaches him how.

7. After a bad snowstorm, the boys get stuck at Lukas’ house. Bo and Helen tell them to stay put until it thaws so they get to spend the weekend together until some of the snow melts.

8. The anniversary of Lukas’ mom’s death comes up and Philip tries to be there for him. Lukas shows him pictures and tells him about his mom.

9. Lukas goes to a party where everyone is talking about Philip and he gets drunk trying to escape them, ends up breaking up with Rose and leaves the party drunk. Philip has to either pick him up or Lucas shows up at the house.

10. Lucas gets hurt in a competition and breaks something. Philip keeps him company and tries to take care of him until his dad comes home from a hunting trip.

11. When rumors fly about Philip and Lukas, he has sex with Rose and embarrasses Philip in the cafeteria. Philip tells him off and avoids him at all costs. Lukas sees Philip being jumped and steps in to save him.

12. Lukas wants to try some things with Philip but doesn’t know how to ask him. Philip thinks of a game that helps Lukas open up about what he wants.

13. Gabe walks in on Philip having phone sex with Lukas and asks him about being safe while Lukas stays on the line trying not to laugh.

14. Philip spends the first few weeks hiding out around school so he doesn’t have to deal with people but no matter where he hides, he runs into Lukas.

15. Lukas tells Philip that he’s going to try to make his old life work without him and starts avoiding him until Rose accuses Philip of making a pass at her in front of everyone so Lukas beats him up. He finds Philip and tries to apologize but he tells him he’s done with him. Lukas struggles to let go.

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In the moment kiss pleaseeeee with cherries on top!

In The Moment Kiss - Maybe it’s in the middle of an argument or you just looked to damn beautiful not to kiss, but their lips were hot against yours and it felt too good to stop.

There was always something comforting about her dark room. The funky smell that would eventually not even be noticiable, the silence, the red light that covered everything in an ominous tint, developing photos was a catharsis even when there was a deadline just creeping around the corner, poking at her anxieties and making her concious of exactly how slow the whole process of developing film was.

Knock. Knock “Therese, can I come in?” Carol whispered through the door.

Therese chuckled and went to open the door just a crack so Carol could slide in without letting too much light into the room. Therese closed the door and let Carol wander around the room and look at her photos.

“Everything okay?” Therese asked as she turned around.

Carol had her arms behind her and she stood impossibly straight, scanning photos with such respect as if she had been given orders.

“Yes. I just got bored, alone in the living room so I decided to come watch you work.” Carol said.

Therese watched as she perched herself on an empty spot by the sink, running her fingers through her hair once. The red light complimented her pale skin, her complexion was warm and the cold lighting made it seem like she had a glow. It cast shadows on all the contours of her face, the hollow of her cheek looked was almost solid black, her eyes were also hidden in the shadows only and the grey sparkled through it, the shadow around her eyes ran along her nose, the curve of her supple bottom lip was even more prominent, shadows danced in her golden hair and sat beautifully in her curls. She looked like a movie, a film noir where the detective meets the femme fatale only to fall madly for her. Therese walked up to her, her fingers reaching out to touch the fabric of her skirt. 

“Is that okay?” Carol asked. 

Therese replied with an impassioned kiss. She felt Carol shudder against her mouth and take her by the waist. Their arms wrapped around each other, tangled in hair or bunching up clothing, as simple firm kisses grew hot with their desire. They rocked back and forth, both lips in a silent dual to taste more of the other, to feel more of the other, to claim, to bruise. The pucker of their kisses and the slurp of their tongues echoed off the walls, a sound so obscene it felt like sacrilege to the usual quiet of the dark room. Therese felt her lungs burn for air but she kept kissing as if Carol’s lips were a substitute for oxygen. Yet surely they broke for air, Therese slid her hands from Carol’s hair to her chest and felt her beating heart and heaving chest under her palm.

“I don’t know if I am going to be able to work with you here.” Therese said. Carol laughed, tugging Therese’s waist and pressing her closer. 

“Then how about you keep me company in the bedroom?” 

Therese missed a deadline for the first time in her career.

Episode 85, part 3: the blimp is haunted by a jerk

(part 1 is here, part 2 is here)

Shadi has shown up in Yugi’s room to tell him the heartwarming story of unfounded trust and colonialist desecration that led to Pegasus and his buddies finding the ancient carvings of the God Cards upon which he would base the three most powerful cards in Duel Monsters. 

And they all lived happily ever after.


And then I was like “Shadi you absolute conniving piece of shit” and THEN I was like “I wonder how they died, probably like, just dropped dead mysteriously, right?” and then YGO was like…


This guy was developing photos (#theancientpast - how many of you remember having to have photos developed??) he took of the carved stone tablet and Obelisk just casually summons themselves and fucking fliNGS HIM OUT A FUCKING SKYSCRAPER WINDOW

meanwhile, in another skyscraper, yer man with the video camera gets a visit from THIS ASSHOLE


like DAMN what a way to go

But Shadi BROUGHT THEM THERE. He could SO EASILY have just brought Pegasus, they didn’t use or need the other two at all except to take some reference photos for Pegs to use later and Pegasus def knows how to operate a fucking camera. 

HOW HARD WOULD IT HAVE BEEN for Shadi to go “oh btw there is a chance that disturbing the rest of the ancient gods will rouse their vengeful and deadly wrath so, like, only come if you’re cool with that”??


Because Shadi’s objective would still have been completed since this idiot would have still come:

dude really fucking loves his card game

So yeah, after the string of mysterious and improbably violent deaths, Pegasus decides to complete the God Cards himself and heads off to his studio to paint the card art, making, I must say, some very astute guesses to so accurately represent the Gods forms from the fairly undetailed carvings…

Like look at his reference picture?? That’s just an angry chicken with hands. But, as his terrifying hallucination then proves, his renditions are really accurate!

What terrifying hallucination?

He dozes off while painting Ra and has a vision of a world burning in an orgy of destruction while the Gods wreak terrible destruction through the flames. 

It doesn’t deter him.

…. Is it ever explained why Pegasus is so stubbornly determined to create this fucking trading card game that he perseveres in the face of vivid visions of a hellish future of death, the actual deaths of multiple colleagues, and the loss of his own eyeball? Like?? At no point did he go, I think this unrelenting parade of loss and death might be a sign that the card game is a bad idea???

I mean, I know he was destined to do it and whatever, but jeez.

Anyway in a brief moment of sanity, Pegasus does get the idea that the God Cards might be a little bit fatal.

And somehow contacts Isis (or, more likely, is contacted by Isis) who I guess is out of the Tombkeepers now? This timeline is SO CONFUSED. Malik must have already killed his father, since Isis doesn’t take up the Necklace until he does. So did that happen, like, last week? Or did it happen BEFORE Pegasus showed up at Tombkeeper Village? Or did the production of the God Cards take like, a really long time? #so-many-questions #so-few-answers

Storytime over, Shadi goes to give Yugi a message for the Pharaoh, and Yami - never one to miss a dramatic entrance - dramatically appears in Yugi’s place.

lol good luck buddy. “Shadi” and “direct” aren’t exactly compatible concepts.

(also DAMN BOY how is he this attractive????)

Ooh, so Bakura’s still got the Eye in a pocket somewhere (#hygenic) and Shadi also brought everyone’s favourite least-memorable Item, the Scales.

Brilliant! The war will be over by Christmas, I’m sure! #WWIcallback #thosearerare #thosearealsogrim #idk #Ihadalongday

Then Shadi vanishes again, like a jerk. 

And goes to bother Isis, like a jerk.


He interrupts Isis’s angsty musing time, and without even saying hi, she tells him, apropos of nothing,


but also her eyes are so pretty damn girl


he was so cute in her bizarrely-coloured memories - I suppose her memories are coloured according to her emotions? this memory is bittersweet, so the flowers are still colourful, because at the time she was delighted with them, but Malik and her home are blue-grey because she’s currently sad and afraid about her family

(If you remember from episode 74, Kaiba’s memories were in full colour and “video”, but sharp and static-y, which I took to mean an eidetic memory. Yami’s (recent) memories were sepia toned and came in a series of still images with voice laid over, like his memory is focused on people and important details, with extraneous details lost)

Anyway Shadi fucks off to haunt somewhere else, checking in on his other Items while doing nothing to help anyone

… do you suppose we can read into the fact that Shadi’s normal day-to-day eyes are the same terrifying blank discs that possessed!Anzu’s eyes are? 

hey! so! what if Shadi isn’t a person but is just an empty simulacrum of a person, and the empty shell is actively possessed at all times by one or more of the Items? probably the Scales, let’s be honest, since he uses the Key and we never see the Scales. The Scales named themself after their ancient wielder, Shaada, and they have a driving need to push the destined events forward so they and their siblings can fulfill their fate and be laid to rest, but no understanding or compassion for actual people since they’re not a person but are, in fact, a semi-sentient lump of golden corpse dust. 

… Not sure if this helps to explain why/how Shadi is able to walk through walls. But I guess if he’s just a magic simulacrum of a person, the Items were under no compulsion to give him the common human weakness of being unable to phase out of reality at will.

Anyway speaking of his ability to freak people the fuck out, Honda and Otogi are telling Jou and Shizuka about their ghostly rescuer (records do not show whether or not they told the truth about why they needed to be rescued in the first place…)

Otogi is going cross-eyed with uncertainty about the identity of the “ghost” and guess who’s getting freaked out by mentions of potentially occult doings and who’s trolling her easily-spooked older brother?






Ten Art Journal Prompts to Improve Your Creativity.

These journal prompts are designed to train your creative ability. Art is a holistic study with several components. Each of these journal prompts isolates one of those components and explores its contributions to creative development.

1) Cut a photo out of a magazine and paste it on one side of your journal. On the other side, replicate the picture. (can be stylised) then, using sharpie or other bold marker, alter the original picture so it better looks like your drawing. This prompt highlights differences between reality and the way you interpret it.

2) String together nonsense words so that they roll perfectly off the tongue. Think ‘incoherent poetry’. Pay attention to syllables and rhyme. This prompt focuses on what language sounds like rather than what it communicates.

3) Dip various objects in paint and lay them across the page. Elastic bands, erasers, paper clips, combs, etc. This prompt experiments with texture and the effect of mixed media.

4) Draw a self portrait (from a mirror or photograph), and then choose a feature on your face. Draw another portrait from a different angle or with a different expression over top of the original that uses the original drawing of that feature. Can be done with animals if you’re not good at drawing people. This prompt highlights angle, pose, and position.

5) On black paper, use white pencil or pastel to draw something using only highlights. Paste this into your journal. On the opposite white page, draw the same thing using only shadows. This prompt pays attention to contrast and light source.

6) Create a list of the colours you assign to letters, numbers, musical notes, and people. Draw a few of these things in the colours you’ve listed. This prompt draws connections between how something looks and how something feels.

7) Swipe wet paint across the bottom of the page, turn the book and let the paint drip down the page. When it dries, create an image using the lines created by the drips. For example, the lines could be flower stems, could support words or letters, could be fence posts or tree trunks or telephone poles. This prompt asks you to incorporate an obstacle into your work.

8) Create a drawing using a felt-tip pen. Then, using water and a small paint brush, smear the lines of your drawing so that the shading becomes more like water-color. This prompt transforms the original media and requires pre-planning.

9) Using acrylic, paint something using only vertical lines. All forms in this painting must be suggested only by colour, as no outlines are permitted. This prompt teaches the importance colour when representing a form.

10) Cut words out of an old dictionary and paste them into your journal. Then, devise ways in which those words may be used that are not listed in the dictionary. Verbs are easiest. For example, the word 'stumble’ might be used to describe paper fluttering in the wind, or puffins in flight, despite not being defined in the dictionary that way. Write your new sentences beside the words.

To break in my new journal, I will be doing all of these prompts this week. If you do them, tag them 'artjournalprompts’ and I’ll reblog your work!

Wolfstar Polaroid camera

•Sirius gets a magical polaroid camera . From the lupin family on his first Christmas after running away from his family •So it looks like a muggle Polaroid camera but once the photo develops it moves giving a little clip of what was happening in the photo. And he gets an upgrade so he magically has endless photo paper. •And Sirius loves it. His first photo is of remus laughing at something his nan said.
And from then on he would take photos of every event. Though as Remus and Sirius started dating they became more and more photos of him and Remus .

•Group photos




•There graduation

•silly selfies

•Photos of James and pregnant Lilly

•Little baby harry photos

•photos of Remus dressed up in punk clothes Sirius put him in for a night out

•Photos of the James and Sirius prancing and getting up to no good.

•Couple photos.

•Photos of him and Remus kissing

•Photos of when Remus is trying to be sexy and Sirius spoils the moment by getting his camera out to capture the moments.

•More risky photos that Remus said no one els should ever see or he will kill him

•Sleeping photos.

•So when Sirius goes to prison for a murder he didn’t do. Remus is left alone. feeling betrayed and heart broken with hundreds of magic photos that he can’t bring himself to bin it so he sticks it in his valet at Greengots with his camera and leaves it for 12 years

•so the prisoner of azkiban happens and Remus realises his innocent . And when Sirius get grimald place and gives it to the order Remus is able to see Sirius again and they try pick up were they left off.

•They keep quiet about it. It’s not that the Others don’t know they just don’t bring it up

•Remus goes gets sirouses camera and photos. Sirius is over the moon to have them back but cuts peter out of all of them.

•So Sirius is stuck back in the house he hates, so he pins all of his photos up in his old room. •All of them right up to the first one of Remus laughing at his first Christmas at the lipins.

•And it makes him feel better that things are different . He’s stuck in the house but not under his mother and fathers dictatorship. He can do good now.

•Remus lives there whenever he’s not working for the order.

•Sirius makes shore Remus is well looked after and wile he’s there he gets more photos for his wall.

•Remus cooking .

•Remus reading.

•Remus dozing off in random places after the full moon •Remus and him curled up together on the sofa .

•Remus yelling at him to get out. that he’s in the shower and it’s no place for taking photos.

•Then harry stars living at the order HQ. who has no idea that his godfather and his old professor are an item.

•one day harry walks into sirouses room to ask Sirius something and sees all of these photos .

•When harry asked Sirius jumps up happily showing him the more embarrassing photos of Remus and James even baby photos of harry.

•Remus hears Sirius and harry talking from the kitchen ( wolf hearing) and dives in there to get harry away from the photos absolutely mortified.

•Sirius laughs saying that it was only the funny ones

•Remus plans to strangle him because he also knows that ‘those’ photos were on the wall too.

•Harry can see the photos of his parents and them at school but only when there taken off the wall and Remus approves that there aloud to leave the room.

•Sirius says he’s a kill joy

•Remus says he’s confiscating that camera .