develop of jack frost


alright. i’ve been thinking about this idea since last week and I can’t keep working wituouht putting it on paper. so here’s the thing:

Howl’s Moving Castle AU

jack frost turns into an old man because of a spell put by warlock Pitch, he finds wizard Toothiana, who might or might not help him and her apprentice Jamie… and her amazing Moving-Tooth-Palace!

cast in development~~~

He stops abruptly, wind halting suddenly beneath him, and he lands on the ice (wait, he is pretty sure he didn’t cause these winter conditions, it would be ahead of schedule) rather clumsily. However, as he stumbles on his feet, trying to steady himself and balance, his eyes search for thing that stopped him in the first place; they stop on the mountain side. His eyes widen slightly as he watches a beautiful girl produce snow and ice from her fingertips, and he is in awe. His heart is beating faster and his mouth is dry. He stays there, standing on the ice he didn’t create, whilst her masterpiece of an ice sculpture develops.


Jack Frost Week–Day 2: Favorite Quote

“No, they'll fear both of us. And that's not what I want. Now for the last time, leave me alone.”