develop friendships~~

I want to have my fierrochase but I also know that Rick originally planned only 3 books and if he makes it canon in the next book it might be too rushed and underdeveloped and I’d rather have slow burn fierrochase moments that develop their friendship/possible romance but never actually have them together than have it become canon right away

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Are you interested in Inuyasha and Kagome pairings outside of InuKag?

To be quite honest, ‘Nony — no. I’m not a multi-shipper at all. It’s cool that other people enjoy multi-shipping, it just isn’t my bag. For me, it’s InuKag or bust. 

This is largely because I genuinely think Inuyasha and Kagome are perfectly suited for each other, and I have a hard time imagining them with anyone else (especially once they’ve met and started developing a friendship). Their temperaments, their characters, the things they value—they’re a match for each other. 

Inuyasha needs someone like Kagome: someone totally free of his era’s prejudices, someone who sees and values him as a person first and foremost; someone kind and patient enough to see beyond his gruff puppy act—to uncover and understand who he truly is—but also someone with the spunk and attitude to go toe-to-toe with him, someone whom he can’t steamroll with his temper or formidable will. An equal, a partner in everything, and someone who will treat him as such. And, maybe most importantly, someone to show him that other people can be worth the risk, that truly trusting someone can enrich one’s life in untold ways. Kagome is that for him (and a whole lot more, really, but I’m trying not to make this an essay). 

Kagome needs someone like Inuyasha: someone whose strength of will matches her own, someone who challenges and inspires her (one of the reasons I think Hojo never had a chance: he’s way too mellow, Kagome needs someone with a spirit equal to hers); someone with a kindness that complements her own, buried though it is beneath layers of defense mechanisms, someone who does his best to protect and take care of people; someone who will have her back, who will put her well-being before his every time; someone who will be honest and upfront with her, someone ultimately undaunted by her moods and temper and insecurities, who will be there for her through them all, a rock and support; someone who cherishes and respects her for exactly who she is, not for their idea or expectation of her. Inuyasha is that for her, and a whole heck of a lot more. 

In summary: InuKag is the OTP and I ain’t even sorry.    

I Can’t Save Her: Part 32

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, References of Death

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1251

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.

Author’s Notes: If you were hoping things would get better after part 31… well… you’re going to be disappointed. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ PART 31 – MAJOR SPOILERS.

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There is nothing beautiful about inching your way towards death. When it is slow – we call it life. When it is quick – we call it sickness or an emergency. The reality is – we all die – even the heroes. If we’re lucky we get the happy ending – the normal life – for a few years before… but more times than not we run to death with open arms, because you can only protect so much before sacrificing yourself. As I stared into the darkness I knew I wasn’t dead yet. There was still a little spark left in me, but I was so tired… I longed for it to end. I just wanted to float into oblivion.

“Just let it end,” I whispered into the void.

“What end?” I heard a familiar voice as I felt a warmth presence envelope my hand. I suddenly became aware of the sound of machinery near me as I fought to open my eyes. I was being pulled out of the fog and darkness and back into the world. I blinked several times before recognizing the person sitting beside me.

“Tony?” I croaked softly as my eyes adjusted to the light. I was becoming increasingly aware of the pain that throbbed in my stomach and arm. “Where… where am I?” I asked. I couldn’t remember much of what had led me to being here.

“You’re at Clint’s. We set up a quasi-medical room in one of his extra bedrooms. You’re safe,” Tony added with a soft squeeze of my hand.

Scenes of blood and screams flashed through my mind. I couldn’t remember what was real and what were dreams anymore. “What…what happened to me?” I asked as my eyes flitted to my bandaged abdomen. I struggled to sit up before the fiery pain overtook me and my head fell helplessly back onto the pillow.

“Take it easy, kid. You’ve lost a lot of blood. You were attacked on your way into the courthouse,” Tony answered hesitantly. His answer gripped inside of me as I felt myself starting to shake. Bits and pieces of my memories were slowly starting to surface.

“Where is Steve?” I asked frantically, bolting upright despite the crippling pain.

“Y/N! You need to lay back down… you can’t…”

“Where is Steve?!” I demanded again as my vision clouded with tears. I wasn’t sure which pain was worse – the physical pain or the pain of knowing what Tony would say next.

Tony sighed sadly as he gently helped me lay back down. “He didn’t…” his voice cracked as his eyes glistened with tears. “He didn’t make it.” I bit the inside of my cheek to stifle my cry as tears pricked at my eyes. It hurt to cry – it hurt to do breathe, and all the pain reminded me of was the fact that I was alive and Steve was dead. Tony gently wiped the tears away. “You need to rest, kid. You need to heal. F.R.I.D.A.Y. call in the doctor to see if it’s time for Y/N’s medication. Please let him know that she is awake.” Tony proceeded to stand up and walk to the doors.

“Tony?” I whispered through tears as he turned to look at me with his hand on the doorknob.

“Yeah, kid?”

“You should have let me die,” I whispered before closing my eyes and praying that I would fall back into oblivion.

“Tony?” I asked tiredly as I forced my eyes to open slowly.

“Yeah kid?” he answered wearily. It had been a few days since I had woken up the first time. Before that I had been asleep for three days. Even now I fought to maintain consciousness. As desperately as I hated being awake I just as desperately held onto it until I couldn’t anymore. I needed to know what happened. I needed to know why two of the people I loved were not there with me.

“Steve… he’s,” I muttered tiredly. I could tell by Tony’s tired sigh that I repeated this like a mantra every time I woke. “He’s dead, isn’t he?” I asked quietly.

“Yes – yes, he is,” Tony answered just as quietly.

“Where’s Bucky?” I asked through tears. I hadn’t ever managed to verbalize this question before. I couldn’t deal with the pain of losing Steve alone.

Tony’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Y/N, I need to tell you something, but first you have to promise me something,” he whispered as his thumb traced the veins on the back of my hand.

“What?” I asked wearily. I felt like I couldn’t promise anything – not honestly.

“No matter what happens next you have to promise me you won’t give up kid. You’re part of our…. You’re part of my family, and I’ve lost enough family for a lifetime. Deal?” he asked as his eyes gleamed with tears.

It was as I looked into Tony’s eyes and saw the deep sorrow that he usually hid so well that I understood. This wasn’t about me anymore. I could give up – I could never get out of this bed again. It would be the easiest option. It would be the most selfish. I looked at Tony and I saw a man that had lost more than one family – a man living through his past trauma, but trying his best to be strong for those that were still here. I looked into his eyes and I knew I had to make that promise, and I had to honor it. “I promise,” I whispered as a tear slid down my cheek. Tony cleared his throat uncomfortably as he shifted his eyes away from me. The anxiety that followed his movements was almost crippling. “Please – just tell me.”

“Fury kept his promise. Barnes was in D.C. at the time of the attack. Of course, if we had known you were going to be attacked… well it may have been better if he had been here,” Tony sighed to himself as he hung his head in his hands.

“What?” I managed to choke out. I could feel the hysteria trying to desperately claw its way out of me. I was afraid if it broke free I would never be able to control it again. “Tony, what?” I demanded impatiently.

Tony looked up at me again and grimaced. “Everyone thinks you’re dead,” he explained matter-of-factly.

“Excuse me?” I asked in alarm as I struggled to sit up. Tony’s firm hand on my shoulder prevented me from getting far.

“Y/N, we don’t know who is responsible for this attack, and we don’t know if they were targeting you or Steve,” Tony tried to explain calmly.

“You don’t know? You don’t fucking know? Are you kidding me Tony? You know exactly who is responsible! You know they were going after me! Where the fuck is Bucky?!” I yelled frantically. In my mind I could see Bucky – alone – thinking the two people he cared about the most were dead.

“Barnes is M.I.A. Fury is doing everything he can to find him, but it’s like he’s vanished into thin air after the attack. We think that there’s a possibility…” Tony’s words halted as his face contorted with pain.

“What? There’s a possibility that what?” I demanded.

“There’s a possibility that Bucky could have been involved,” Tony replied.

And just like that – my hysteria burst through every defense I had and I floated into a dark cloud of misery. I never thought I would long for the feeling of inching towards my demise – God, I was wrong.


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My thoughts on the new episode

The newest episode is just gold, for both older and newer fans of Samurai Jack. I yelled “YES” multiple times when the episode was over, THANK YOU GENNDY.

I was having a decent day until I had a mental breakdown and an argument with my mother, I was so upset until this episode. I laughed and cried, I’m so happy that Genndy still loves his older characters and gave them a history and development. I’m extremely excited for next week episode, I now want to see more of Jacks development and how the friendship with Ashi will develop.

……..I’m still not over the fact that there was a Penis joke, I burst out laughing because I wasn’t expecting that joke.

This episode made my whole day so much better, I wish I could thank Genndy Tartakovsky for the joy he gave me tonight.

the bake sale part 1

concept: poptarts is hosting a bake sale and is getting the other former district nine elders to help him out.

characters: christopher ‘poptarts’ thomas, kevin price, connor mckinley, arnold cunningham, james church, joseph schrader, david davis, jason neeley, alex zelder and john michaels.
this wasn’t supposed to be in different parts yet here we are

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clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #8 - farkle minkus & riley matthews 

you’ve always been riley, that’s your permanent record. // you’re farkle and it’s a state of being. there’s only one. 

Dear Evan Hansen AU in which Connor didn’t commit suicide but rather he ran from home, leaving Evan’s letter behind. So pretty much the story of the musical still plays out. But then Connor ends up coming back, half because he wants to kick Evan’s ass for pretending to have been his friend, half because he caught wind of the Connor Project and… He was glad?
I mean, they were all hypocrites by the support and memorials… It got to Connor and after calling Evan a dick he held out his hand like “I’m the real Connor. Thanks for making them remember. Now get ready to deal with me and clear all these lies up.”

Hey so uuuuuuuuuh that new taz episode gave me a dumb idea for a dumb au

So it’s modern au and the red robes are Aliens from different planets (like they’re technically aliens in canon but I mean Legit aliens) and they’re escaping an apocalyptic event that plagued their old galaxy. They end up crash landing on earth, all in different areas, and struggle to find each other

Meanwhile, Normal Human Guy Kravitz has the house to himself when he hears a loud CRASH in his backyard and finds and injured alien unconscious in his mom’s demolished petunia bush

Idk dksjsb I just love aliens and weird aus

  • pokemon: going on an adventure with a team of creatures you bond with and grow along with as they become more powerful!
  • digimon: going an an adventure with your partner, a magical creature you can communicate with and develop a friendship with!
  • yo-kai watch: throwing $160 cuts of tuna into a river to catch snot nosed duck ghosts so you can give them to a weird old man who lives alone in his house with a bunch of bird ghosts