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The Wishgranter has been GREENLIT on Steam!

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped spread the word. Couldn’t have done it without you!

So what’s next?
To be honest I was not expecting the Wishgranter to get greenlit so soon so I have a pretty big List of Features, Bugs and Pending changes that I am going through at the moment and that I plan to clear before releasing the first alpha.

While I want to get the game out to you guys to play it as soon as possible I also don’t want to rush it and deliver something broken. Even if the game will release as a Beta/Early Access title I still want it to be playable, functional and have a decent amount of content.

For the time being, keep up to date with the project here or on Twitter. When there will be something to announce, I will announce it here for sure!

Thanks again to all of you who have been supporting The Wishgranter!

anonymous asked:

Do u think the way the AAA industry is currently doing things is sustainable? Though u have explained in other posts about why Day One DLC, microtransactions, and other frowned upon practices exist and how they help developers do u think it's good long term? Also what are your thoughts on how the indie scene is doing financially?

Do I think the AAA industry is sustainable?

At the moment, sure. We’ve seen costs go way up, but we’ve also seen some really large growth in terms of revenue as well. I think that the AAA industry is going to have to evolve and change as time goes on, and I think that there’s definitely going to be some limitations appearing on the big tentpole blockbuster type games, but I also think that publishers are generally savvy enough to change with the times. Those who don’t will die like THQ, Acclaim, and all the others.

Do I think Day 1 DLC, microtransactions, and other “frowned upon” practices are good long term?

Sure. Paid DLC has been a major and consistent source of revenue for as long as iPhones have existed. I view DLC and microtransactions as value proposals. Here is something you might want, and here is a cost to you associated with it. That cost might be “pay $5″, “subscribe to a monthly service”, “preorder and buy this product new from a specific retailer”, “post this to your social media account”, or any of a number of other things. You get to make the choice as to whether the value is worth the cost you pay. If there aren’t enough people willing to pay the costs, then the product fails. The only reason that Day 1 DLC, microtransactions, the season passes, preorder bonuses, etc. are still happening today is because they are still earning money. They exist because there are enough people out there who might not be you are willing to spend their money on these products. I’m cool with other people spending their own money how they see fit. When I work on that kind of stuff, I do my best to make sure that the content they’ll get is worth the money they put in. I recognize that not everybody is going to love it, but almost nothing is universally loved anyway. As long as enough people out there feel like there’s value in paid additional content, I’m cool with it.

What are my thoughts on how the indie scene is doing financially?

I think that the sudden and enormous growth of the indie development scene is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the fantastic availability of tools and technology is empowering people of all stripes to make games and that’s fantastic to me. The more people who try, the more that will succeed, and gamers everywhere will be better for it. We can get more new and fantastic experiences from fresh and innovative designers who aren’t necessarily bogged down by “conventional wisdom”, and I think that’s great for everybody.

Unfortunately, there’s some serious growing pains as well. The biggest issue with such explosive growth is that there really hasn’t been a way to curate and spread the word on most of these new offerings and experiences, which means that millions of players miss out on a hundreds or thousands of possibly great titles. For every Shovel Knight or Darkest Dungeon, there’s hundreds of good to great titles that languish in relative obscurity. I know that we developers would love to believe that our titles managed to succeed entirely (or even mostly) because of our hard work and skill, but the truth of the matter is that a lot of that success stems from being in the right place at the right time to get some lucky promotion somewhere. 

That said, these are good problems to have. It incentivizes the platforms out there to come up with better and more robust solutions for curation, and results in more people getting to find and play more great games. It means that there’s so many great games out there that people are having trouble finding them all. It’s certainly preferable to “indie devs can’t make a living and are dropping like flies.”

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Dev Entry #008

Finally getting somewhere with the UI. I still have to design Ray’s and Abby’s bust graphic, but the basic setup and style is there. Because my rpg is a short game, I’m not planning on having a leveling system and so the stats will be fixed. Instead I would like to force the player to utilize each characters’ strengths and skills along with finite item usage. Because of this I was able to make custom graphics for the stats (they are not dynamic).



At the time of recording, some animations are not in their final state and will be very rough in appearance.

Modeled and animated in Blender 2.78
Compiled in Unreal Engine 4.14

More Unusual Questions for your Muse

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🙊- How good are they at keeping secrets?
🎖- Is your muse the “forgive and forget” type or do they hold grudges?
⚖️- If your muse had superpowers, what would they be?
📐- Did your muse get an education? What was their best subject in their studies?
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📕- What “Banned Books” could you see your muse reading?
🔖- When they shop, does the price or product matter more?
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👒- If your muse were to take someone on a first date, where would they go and how would they behave?
💥- if Your muse wakes up with complete amnesia, how would they react? How scared would they be? What caused it?
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